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Book name New chapter Author Update Status
Praise the Orc! Chapter 228 - EPILOGUE (2) Lee Jungmin 2022-07-27 Ongoing
Reverend Insanity Chapter 2333 - Three? ?Venerables? ?Attack? ?Heavenly? ?Court!? ?? Gu Zhen Ren 2022-07-26 Ongoing
Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 1736 - The Beast Deity World That Belonged To Her. Su Yunjin 2022-08-22 Ongoing
GALACTIC DARK NET Chapter 470: Final Alliance 秒速九光年 2022-07-11 Ongoing
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 590 Celebration and Budgets (END) Smoke Is A Path 2022-07-25 Ongoing
The Highest Bounty Chapter 259 - The Plan To Get Close To Elizabeth 酒煮核弹头 2022-07-22 Ongoing
The CEO's Villainess Childhood Friend Chapter 230–End - Finale (6)–End. Zhuge Jin 2022-08-10 Ongoing
RELEASE THAT MAN Chapter 509: Ending Dancing Water Sleeves 2022-07-19 Ongoing
The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turn Chapter 112: The End 黑猫睨睨 2022-08-10 Ongoing
Super Gene Chapter 3462 Epilogue Twelve Winged Dark Burning An 2022-07-25 Ongoing
When A Mage Revolts Chapter 942: Ten Years in the Kingdom Yin Si 2022-07-20 Ongoing
Number One Zombie Wife Chapter 376: Reality (The END) 金元宝 2022-08-16 Ongoing
My Pick Up Artist System Chapter 342: Always have a backup Samsarawithwords 2022-08-16 Ongoing
God Of Soul System Chapter 709 (END) - I’m The Soul King (The End!!) Ye Nan Ting Feng 2022-08-19 Ongoing
My Online Girlfriend Is The Nine Heaven Divine Pho Chapter 262 - The Cultivation Technique of the Seven Phoenixes Sect (3) My Daughter is too Cute 2022-08-16 Ongoing
Inevitable Road To Divinity Chapter 643: The End InsanelyParanoid 2022-08-17 Ongoing
Overgeared Chapter 1658 Park Saenal 2022-07-28 Ongoing
Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death Chapter 287 (END) - Domineering Man Under the Setting Sun Twenty-Eight Peanuts 2022-08-17 Ongoing
I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Supe Chapter 870 - could never be read enough in a lifetime Yu Qijiu 2022-08-17 Ongoing
Emperor of Solo Play Chapter 191 – Epilogue ??? 2022-08-22 Ongoing
Path of Medicine With a System Chapter 315: Simple yet complex Chinese work society Blessed And Benevolent Life 2022-08-16 Ongoing
Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 1438 - A unique pastry Convention Cat Who Cooks 2022-08-19 Ongoing
Mystical Journey Chapter 1375 - Endless Reincarnation (END) Get Lost 2022-08-16 Ongoing
My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 272(END) - The End 草莓胖次酱 2022-08-16 Ongoing
God Level Summoner Chapter 394 (END) 蝶之灵 2022-08-19 Ongoing
Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 1442 (END) - Never Alone 骷髅精灵 2022-07-25 Ongoing
The Devil's Sleeping Beauty Chapter 279 - Lu familys ancient house Berriapplepi 2022-08-10 Ongoing
Poison Genius Consort Chapter 1346: [10Year] Going away Jie Mo 2022-07-27 Ongoing
Galactic Dark Net Chapter 470: Final Alliance 秒速九光年 2022-08-19 Ongoing
Sovereign of Judgment Chapter 209: Lee Jinhee and... ???? 2022-07-19 Ongoing