Chapter 342: Always have a backup
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  With Valentina's powerful legs wrapped around his neck like a python, the blood flow to Ben's brain was running low, bringing him to the brink of unconsciousness. However, he was a warrior. His determination for victory would never die so easily.

  Moreover, Ben was the type of dog to never unclench his jaws once he got a bite on his prey. Despite that, he was struggling. A dead dog was not a good dog.

  Despite Ben's awful situation, however, Valentina was even more desperate! If Ben continued with his wild attack for a little while longer, she would uncontrollably scream out in pleasure! After that, Valentina wouldn't dare to show her face again in this dojo. This was her family business.

  That would mean she was unemployed! That would mean she'd have no more funds to buy shoes! That would mean she'd even have to stop spending 40 dollars on Uber deliveries for 10 dollar meals!

  Valentina wasn't willing! As such, she gritted her teeth, both to keep herself quiet and to endure the painful decision she was about to make. Although she felt Ben wouldn't last much longer before going unconscious, she didn't dare to take the risk. Valentina would let him escape certain death!

  Narrowing her eyes, she glared at Ben in resentment as she snorted and released the grip of her thighs. 'Consider yourself lucky this time, but there won't be a next—'

  Yet, her thoughts got cut off, because right as she loosened her legs, about to let Ben out of the choke, something she'd never expected happened.

  Grabbing her pink gi on the outside of her legs with both his hands using a powerful grip, Ben held her legs in place! He wasn't going anywhere!

  Valentina's mouth gaped open. 'What the hell is he doing?!? He's about to go unconscious… If you want to die, go die, but don't drag me to hell with you!' However, just as Valentina was about to curse him, she saw Ben's eyes. They were halfway rolled to the back of his head.

  She blinked for a few seconds before she understood what was going on. 'He's…already unconscious?' Then, as she was trying to make sense of the situation… "Mhhm~" She quickly put a mouth on her hand to stifle the moan, pretending nothing happened as the students stared at her again.

  She didn't quite understand why Ben possessed a second life here… When most people went unconscious, their bodies would go limp. In Ben's case, it's like he went into some kind of terminator auto-pilot mode. Then, Valentina remembered something—a legend she'd heard from her grandfather about masters in martial arts. Once a true fighter practiced a certain move thousands, tens of thousands of times, or even more, their body's muscle memory would absorb it, becoming one with that move.

  Valentina cringed as she realized the implication. Ben's move that he was a master in, that reached the point of transcendence that even the world's great martial artists admired, was eating p*ssy?


  This was the closure of the loop of Ben's tongue circles…of fate's finger… It was the payoff for Ben's never-ending efforts of eating out the air like he did outside Miyuki's door that day…

  It wasn't that Miyuki's door was special. Ben gave that treatment to any door and to every door…… He had the lowest standards when it came to doors to practice his techniques in front of.

  In this regard, Valentina couldn't match Ben's dedic*ation. She was unprepared for such an opponent, and now, she would suffer the wrath of the wriggle…

  "Ann~" Though muffled through her hand, Valentina's body was becoming harder and harder to control. She squirmed left and right, trying to make distance from Ben, to escape his grasp, yet it was fruitless. He was too strong.

  To the students around them, it looked like Ben was putting up a fierce defense, deep inside Valentina's triangle choke, but at the brink of losing. In reality though, it was the opposite of what it appeared to be on the outside. In truth, the genuine battle was being fought on the inside, of Valentina's pants.

  And she was the one that was about to succumb…

  Valentina didn't know what to do. 'Do I tap?' Somehow, she wasn't tapping Ben but considering tapping herself. Yet, she realized it would be useless. Since he was unconscious, he wouldn't recognize her motion. Then how was she to escape? He wouldn't let her get up, and she didn't dare to stand even if she could, because then the rest of the class would see her unpresentable wet spot. 'How do I escape?'

  She thought back to what her grandfather said. He'd told her that when a master went unconscious, their muscle memory wouldn't stop their fighting spirit until they finished their technique.

  'Until he finishes his technique?'

  Valentina wanted to cry… How the hell would that be good? She needed another plan, and her eyes darted around for ideas, for something that could save her, any straw to grab…anything to grab.

  That's when she noticed the bulge in Ben's green gi pants, at the top of his leg. It was facing her, and unmistakable. 'Is that…'

  It was Ben's boner, his tag team partner…

  Valentina's face turned livid. 'He's half-dead yet he has time for such villainy?!?'

  If Ben had a chance to defend himself, he would straighten his tie and approach the jury, making a scientific case and stating the basic facts. Since blood wasn't flowing to his brain, it had to flow somewhere else, right?

  So where else would it flow besides for his body's second core module, his sex-life support system…

  With those arguments and photographic evidence, Ben would be confident that his d-fence would succeed. He'd get a hung jury…

  "HAaaaa~" Barely holding back another moan, Valentina knew that in any case, she needed to do something. In Ben's current state, there was no stopping him, and there was no negotiating with him. 'I need to wake him up!'

  Things couldn't continue this way, and Valentina was ready to do anything to get out of this situation! Moving on instinct, she reached one hand down towards Ben's leg, and grabbed the top of his little brother…

  Since one brain was choked unconscious, maybe it would do something if she choked the backup brain unconscious?

  In a desperate effort, Valentina thought to overstimulate Ben's sex-life support system!