Path of Medicine With a System
Chapter 1: Zhang Fan lacks money
Chapter 2: No clue what to do
Chapter 3: Receiving a System! Could it be that the heavens have finally started to favor him?
Chapter 4: Zhang Fan is overwhelmed
Chapter 5: Busy little doctor
Chapter 6: Are all students from top schools this ridiculous? So unreasonable!
Chapter 7: For anything regarding orthopedic surgery, contact Little Zhang Fan first
Chapter 8: Winter snowfall
Chapter 9: People start referring to Zhang Fan as Doctor
Chapter 10: Leveling up sutures
Chapter 11: First countryside doctor visit
Chapter 12: Praise, and newcomers’ arrival
Chapter 13: A demon! Buddha, please take him away!
Chapter 14: Invitation
Chapter 15: Duel between experts
Chapter 16: Trying to headhunt
Chapter 17: Anxious Old Batu
Chapter 18: Is this the taste of power?
Chapter 19: I’m sorry, I tried my very best
Chapter 20: Being a doctor isn’t only a job
Chapter 21: Promotion through the wife route
Chapter 22: Travelling expenses
Chapter 23: Early New Year’s well-wishing
Chapter 24: Then let’s compete in connections
Chapter 25: Like a fish in water, Zhang Fan gets to go all out
Chapter 26: Leveling up
Chapter 27: He’s in the operating room, he’s still in the operating room
Chapter 28: Come be my personal master’s degree student
Chapter 29: Don’t be too greedy
Chapter 30: Study program’s end
Chapter 31: Zhang Fan gets bullied
Chapter 32: Isolated cultivation
Chapter 33: Pitfalls are everywhere
Chapter 34: Medical license exam and hospital recruitment exam
Chapter 35: Teacher Zhang, my wife’s cooking is delicious
Chapter 36: A new place!
Chapter 37: First time showing off in the new place
Chapter 38: The young woman who wants to be a surgeon
Chapter 39: Rich person
Chapter 40: Children who practice sports
Chapter 41: The rich are all the same
Chapter 42: Please maintain kindness in your heart
Chapter 43: So exhausted that it’s impossible to act cool
Chapter 44: It costs 30,000 yuan
Chapter 45: Another winter
Chapter 46: Do you know how to play Double Rise
Chapter 47: That bastard
Chapter 48: So passionate
Chapter 49: New superintendent
Chapter 50: Three Years
Chapter 51: Memorial
Chapter 52: New rules
Chapter 53: Good at Double Rise
Chapter 54: You try doing it if you’re so good
Chapter 55: High score
Chapter 56: So many arranged dates
Chapter 57: Senior
Chapter 58: Scourge of humanity
Chapter 59: New Year’s
Chapter 60: Causing trouble
Chapter 61: Grinding with such a big pitfall in general surgery
Chapter 62: Shao Hua
Chapter 63: Shoulder periarthritis
Chapter 64: Call in the middle of the night
Chapter 65: Cardiovascular department
Chapter 66: Four in a single night
Chapter 67: Medical patches
Chapter 68: The insignificance of life
Chapter 69: Mega cleaning
Chapter 70: A man needs his own home! Money is the most important!
Chapter 71: Buy immediately
Chapter 72: Parasite extermination squad
Chapter 73: Team
Chapter 74: Too old to be a doctor
Chapter 75: Medical malpractice
Chapter 76: Ruckus
Chapter 77: The hell with that!
Chapter 78: Wash your mouth 20 times
Chapter 79: Time to pay what he owes
Chapter 80: You’re not the director
Chapter 81: Legal now
Chapter 82: Pitfalls! Pitfalls! Pitfalls!
Chapter 83: Getting old
Chapter 84: Study program for Li Liang
Chapter 85: Has spring arrived?
Chapter 86: Would you be my girlfriend?
Chapter 87: Don’t you leave!
Chapter 88: Call the police!
Chapter 89: Waterfall
Chapter 90: Wang Yanan’s first surgery
Chapter 91: His liver hurts!
Chapter 92: Beautiful female patient, but!
Chapter 93: Come, enoki mushrooms!
Chapter 94: Shameless Zhang Fan
Chapter 95: Losing sleep
Chapter 96: Observing one’s character after being drunk
Chapter 97: Patient runs off without paying!
Chapter 98: Friends
Chapter 99: Please maintain this weakness
Chapter 100: Author’s thanks to the readers!
Chapter 101: Shamelessly taking any opportunity!
Chapter 102: Vacation planning
Chapter 103: Embracing without letting go
Chapter 104: Cough! Cough! Cough!
Chapter 105: Picked up a treasure?
Chapter 106: Money is the best motivator!
Chapter 107: Silly girl
Chapter 108: Zhu Qianqian knows what’s good for her?
Chapter 109: Emergency military request
Chapter 110: Challenge the god of death
Chapter 111: The orthopedic surgeon student of a general surgery expert!
Chapter 112: Competing over recruiting Zhang Fan
Chapter 113: You want money?
Chapter 114: Reminisce
Chapter 115: Patient’s revenge
Chapter 116: Single
Chapter 117: Journey
Chapter 118: Home, and Little Rock!
Chapter 119: Good appetite!
Chapter 120: Melon! So sweet!
Chapter 121: Buying a new home
Chapter 122: Return to Chasu City
Chapter 123: Drip!
Chapter 124: So it was you!
Chapter 125: Amazing!
Chapter 126: The P of VIP
Chapter 127: Swift hand!
Chapter 128: Ma Wentao
Chapter 129: Communication
Chapter 130: How to get along with others!
Chapter 131: Zhang Fan shamelessly takes all surgeries!
Chapter 132: Pediatrics
Chapter 133: Daily life in pediatrics
Chapter 134: A strong body can’t compare to violence
Chapter 135: Gynecology and obstetrics
Chapter 136: Crying sounds so wonderful!
Chapter 137: Girls, please treat yourselves well
Chapter 138: Silly child, why won’t you cry!
Chapter 139: Going off to college!
Chapter 140: Girls need to have older brothers!
Chapter 141: Traffic accident!
Chapter 142: Surgery!
Chapter 143: Circumcision
Chapter 144: Whistleblowing
Chapter 145: How to run a hospital
Chapter 146: Trade of requests (Please quit smoking!)
Chapter 147: Agreed!
Chapter 148: Chen Qifa loves money
Chapter 149: Sadness
Chapter 150: Surgery
Chapter 151: Meal
Chapter 152: Marriage
Chapter 153: Husband and wife
Chapter 154: Human hearts can be so evil!
Chapter 155: Slap!
Chapter 156: Nurses’ resting area!
Chapter 157: Flashy!
Chapter 158: The food of the rich comes from the bones of the poor
Chapter 159: Having a virtuous wife will mean less disasters for the husband
Chapter 160: A phone call from Kang Hua!
Chapter 161: Goosebumps
Chapter 162: You’re not from the Bureau of Health
Chapter 163: What a braggart! Keep bragging! I’ll watch to see you fail!
Chapter 164: Guess I’ll hold the mirrors
Chapter 165: Compensation
Chapter 166: Benefits
Chapter 167: Viagra
Chapter 168: Three drunk men
Chapter 169: Won’t lose social status just from a few drinks
Chapter 170: Aunt who keeps up with the times
Chapter 171: Free time, and soon
Chapter 172: Advantage
Chapter 173: Man’s pride
Chapter 174: Young female doctor, you’re still inexperienced
Chapter 175: Alpaca stampede!
Chapter 176: The special nature of doctors
Chapter 177: Realm of geniuses
Chapter 178: Men get out! Women come in!
Chapter 179: Little Plump Sheep Hospital
Chapter 180: Ambulance siren
Chapter 181: Stunned!
Chapter 182: Diabetes
Chapter 183: Human body is difficult!
Chapter 184: Micro vs. macro, my legs hurt!
Chapter 185: Tears streaming down
Chapter 186: Freezing Superintendent Ouyang
Chapter 187: Multiple severe injuries
Chapter 188: Goodbye, Brother!
Chapter 189: Hard to understand, but sounds amazing?
Chapter 190: Major district manager and country bumpkin doctor
Chapter 191: We’re all different!
Chapter 192: Sorry, I need to go perform a surgery!
Chapter 193: The heavens are watching!
Chapter 194: Humble Superintendent Ouyang
Chapter 195: New high-speed railway
Chapter 196: Old and Young
Chapter 197: Losing weight
Chapter 198: Headhunting
Chapter 199: Respectable elder!
Chapter 200: The importance of safety measures!
Chapter 201: Electrocution is painful
Chapter 202: Almost! Who invented the phone?
Chapter 203: Law of the jungle
Chapter 204: New orthopedics department
Chapter 205: Alcohol tolerance
Chapter 206: Unavoidable
Chapter 207: Moving
Chapter 208: Pressure
Chapter 209: No shortcuts in gaining skills
Chapter 210: Dragon and snake
Chapter 211: Roundabout!
Chapter 212: Weapon
Chapter 213: The difficulties of having a hand cut off
Chapter 214: The female doctor who was convinced to give up!
Chapter 215: A dark cloud upon humanity
Chapter 216: Scary near-death experience
Chapter 217: Heavens!
Chapter 218: Instant fame
Chapter 219: Fortune tellers
Chapter 220 Generous, so generous!
Chapter 221: Elders’ wisdom
Chapter 222: Life
Chapter 223: Jingshu’s arrival!
Chapter 224: Motherly sister-in-law
Chapter 225: Former classmates
Chapter 226: The director changing his wife
Chapter 227: New, but not tender
Chapter 228: Zhang Fan’s first outpatient service
Chapter 229: Old people and health scams!
Chapter 230: Beautiful female patients with different styles!
Chapter 231: Professionalism and self-restraint
Chapter 232: Snip!
Chapter 233: Unwritten rules?
Chapter 234: Constantly learning!
Chapter 235: Doctors’ ecosystem
Chapter 236: The plight of those in the Chinese medical field
Chapter 237: You must stand even if you receive a heavy blow!
Chapter 238: Nice words feel warm and fuzzy
Chapter 239: Asking for support
Chapter 240: Pre-surgery preparation
Chapter 241: Cutting out the entire anus
Chapter 242: The desire to live!
Chapter 243: Ma Wentao is quitting
Chapter 244: Shamelessly asking to borrow money!
Chapter 245: President Shao!
Chapter 246: Valuable advice from elders
Chapter 247: Medicine isn’t candy
Chapter 248: Clash of two powerful women!
Chapter 249: Special department
Chapter 250: One king and three queens will result in death!
Chapter 251: Do what you are capable of
Chapter 252: Exploding right in the hand!
Chapter 253: Planning for the long term
Chapter 254: One glance, 30 seconds!
Chapter 255: Monkey blood makes sex more stimulating!
Chapter 256: Friends and relatives
Chapter 257: Mutton and tapeworms
Chapter 258: A new year
Chapter 259: Just him is enough
Chapter 260: Life, death, and life being worse than death!
Chapter 261: There are no do overs in life
Chapter 262: Spring sandstorm
Chapter 263: The patient’s life or death doesn’t matter!
Chapter 264: Who will do it? I will!
Chapter 265: Unintended impact
Chapter 266: Money can do so much!
Chapter 267: Perverted disease!
Chapter 268: Depressing department
Chapter 269: Can’t even compare to a beast
Chapter 270: Broom blown away by the wind
Chapter 271: Scene of slaughter
Chapter 272: Never declining to shoulder responsibility
Chapter 273: Looked down upon for being too young
Chapter 274: Whoa! The System knows how to talk!
Chapter 275: Spring rain
Chapter 276: Difficult surgery
Chapter 277: Face like a demon’s and endless regret
Chapter 278: Warm hand
Chapter 279: Blissful Little Rock
Chapter 280: Experienced Vice President Chen
Chapter 281: Extravagant hope
Chapter 282: The greatest pity is losing hope
Chapter 283: Cold world
Chapter 284: Dam about to collapse
Chapter 285: Spring’s arrival with pear blossoms!
Chapter 286: Handsomest guy
Chapter 287: Love filling the world
Chapter 288: All the rheumatism diseases
Chapter 289: Another type of exercise
Chapter 290: Terrible tragedy
Chapter 291: Korean cars vs. Chinese cars
Chapter 292: Police car with a loudspeaker
Chapter 293: Black thread bracelet
Chapter 294: Teacher Ouyang!
Chapter 295: Vacations are just a lie!
Chapter 296: Three blood vessel brothers
Chapter 297: Forcing someone to remain alive until death
Chapter 298: Greatest pains in life
Chapter 299: End of Zhang Fan’s rotations!
Chapter 300: The doctors’ permanent assignments
Chapter 301: Return of the king
Chapter 302: Preparations
Chapter 303: Zhang Fan is too scary
Chapter 304: Third option
Chapter 305: Gentle sigh
Chapter 306: Not letting him sew
Chapter 307: Requesting Zhang Fan
Chapter 308: I’ll pay for all your meals
Chapter 309: Eat what you need to replenish
Chapter 310: Take off her high heels
Chapter 311: Using connections already
Chapter 312: Outside support
Chapter 313: Good things take time
Chapter 314: Believe in yourself
Chapter 315: Simple yet complex Chinese work society