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Book name New chapter Author Update Status
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 2380 Epilogue 5 : How Fragrant Was This Flower? Moon Like Fire 2022-07-27 End
Beloved Little Treasure Chapter 211 Yuan Gun Gun 2022-08-22 Ongoing
Imperial God Emperor Chapter 1384 - The Grand Finale of Imperial God Emperorvip Warrying Blade 2022-07-27 End
Because I've Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, Chapter 120: Vision’s Great Road to Surprises Guruguru Ma 2022-08-22 Ongoing
She's My Sleeping Pill Chapter 608 - PRESENCE OF DANGER _frieyaVida 2022-08-15 Ongoing
The Gate Of Good Fortune (1) Chapter 1019 Goose Five 2022-08-04 Ongoing
Tensei Shite Inaka de Slowlife wo Okuritai Chapter 227: The Importance of Communication with Father Renkinou 2022-08-15 Ongoing
The Human Emperor Chapter 2467 (END) - Side Story Chapter 40: The Sage Emperor of the Great Tang! Huangfu Qi 2022-07-22 Ongoing
The Law of Attraction Chapter 727: Epilogue (2) Eustoma_Reyna 2022-08-09 Ongoing
Undefeatable – League of Legends Chapter 532: Beautiful Assistant Luan 2022-07-20 Ongoing
Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 356 - Grand Finale Yao Yao Yue 2022-08-09 End
THE NINE CAULDRONS Chapter 620: The White Horse Lake (Ending Part Two) xi.hong.shi 2022-06-28 End
Immortal Path to Heaven Chapter 1360End - The Grand Finale Cang Tian Bai He 2022-07-27 Ongoing
I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Supe Chapter 870 - could never be read enough in a lifetime Yu Qijiu 2022-08-17 Ongoing
Hidden Marriage Chapter 2165 (END) - My Little Heart 囧囧有妖 2022-08-18 Ongoing
Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Chapter 2291 - Why Do They All Like To Stay Under A Cliff?vip 2022-07-27 End
Ankoku Kishi Monogatari ~Yuusha wo Taosu Tameni Ma Chapter 92.1: Selkie’s Village Nezaki Takeru 2022-08-22 Ongoing
Rebirth of a Supermodel Chapter 237 (END) Mo Chen Huan 2022-08-15 Ongoing
Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 630 - What Should I Do With You? Coconut Fiber 2022-08-09 Ongoing
Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife Chapter 658: Birthday Banquet Xia Qingshan 2022-08-22 Ongoing
Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 841 (END) - Side Story 4 - A Simple Mission: Finding the Missing Mother Angry Squirrel 2022-07-25 End
Reverend Insanity Chapter 2333 - Three? ?Venerables? ?Attack? ?Heavenly? ?Court!? ?? Gu Zhen Ren 2022-07-26 Ongoing
I Am The Young Master Chapter 163 - Please Reconsider Amiro0o 2022-07-26 Ongoing
Keyboard Immortal Chapter 1131: Right Up to His Doorvip Monk Of The Six Illusions 2022-07-27 End
The Longest Day in Chang'an Chapter 100. Chouchu (01:00-01:59) Part 1 马伯庸 2022-08-09 Ongoing
The Achievement Junkie Chapter 736 - The Finalists... Thesilverquill 2022-07-25 Ongoing
Valhalla Saga Chapter 261 (END) ?? 2022-07-20 Ongoing
The Alpha's Bride Chapter 686 Three ceremonies (2) [Bonus chapter] RedSonia 2022-07-25 Ongoing
JOY OF LIFE Chapter 735: No Lake That A Garden Shall Not Reclaim (2) 2022-06-28 End
DATING THE STRONGEST BOSS Chapter 94 - Bixian xiao.bai.lian 2022-06-28 End