Inevitable Road To Divinity
Chapter 1 Another World
Chapter 2 First encounter with Goddess
Chapter 3 To break a World and its barrier
Chapter 4 First night in another world
Chapter 5 Endrun, the vampire
Chapter 6 My Divine Path
Chapter 7 Her name is Yue
Chapter 8 Progress
Chapter 9 Bluedawn City
Chapter 10 Inside the city
Chapter 11 Medium World
Chapter 12 Recruitment
Chapter 13 Beating the third young master
Chapter 14 The class
Chapter 15 First mission
Chapter 16 Killing
Chapter 17 Art
Chapter 18 Conquer her
Chapter 19 You are my first
Chapter 20 Devour her! The city in the night
Chapter 21 The lewder, the more!
Chapter 22 Little Adventure
Chapter 23 Gathering around the mountain
Chapter 24 The main desires and conviction
Chapter 25 Instinct of beast and madness of human
Chapter 26 Cute golem and Dark energy
Chapter 27 He has broken through!
Chapter 28 Sin of Greed, Avaritia!
Chapter 29 Sin of Pride, Superbia!
Chapter 30 The contract! Lie on your man
Chapter 31 Kneel
Chapter 32 Di Xun’s worry
Chapter 33 Li Rong, you!
Chapter 34 Don’t fall for me, okay?
Chapter 35 Sibling Love and Parental Love
Chapter 36 Superbia touches herself
Chapter 37 Miss Di goes wild
Chapter 38 Superbia’s influence
Chapter 39 Someone more abnormal
Chapter 40 I will definitely remember you!
Chapter 41 Little Xun is jealous
Chapter 42 Little Ren got bolder
Chapter 43 From Behind
Chapter 44 Her Highness
Chapter 45 She already has someone
Chapter 46 How much?
Chapter 47 Little Black Commander Sho Yue
Chapter 48 Li Fang, Mr. Second!
Chapter 49 Li Zhan’s decision
Chapter 50 Come out, brat...
Chapter 51 Against the former Divinity
Chapter 52 Former Sex God
Chapter 53 Do you want to ravage me?
Chapter 54 You have been watching adult videos
Chapter 55 I am S-S-Sex God
Chapter 56 Miss Di with hearts in her eyes
Chapter 57 The progress during pleasant time
Chapter 58 New techniques of Sex God
Chapter 59 Reincarnation is truly mysterious thing
Chapter 60 Cheering Di Xun up
Chapter 61 Let’s go to the Riveriam City!
Chapter 62 The road of harem
Chapter 63 Duan Qiu goes against the elder!
Chapter 64 The set of clothes
Chapter 65 The high elder lost to a brat
Chapter 66 Let me massage you
Chapter 67 You are strong, Duan Qiu
Chapter 68 Two perverts
Chapter 69 Too much lust, thus too much white energy
Chapter 70 Sex God influence
Chapter 71 Miss Di on the way
Chapter 72 Drugged monsters and vampires
Chapter 73 He is a bully
Chapter 74 I am vampire
Chapter 75 You can only suck my blood
Chapter 76 Are you ready to become headless?
Chapter 77 You old shit!
Chapter 78 Sister Qiu, how about you join us?
Chapter 79 First created divine technique
Chapter 80 Passing down a technique
Chapter 81 Greedy Darling
Chapter 82 As vampire
Chapter 83 First Death
Chapter 84 Final Memories - First Throne
Chapter 85 First and Last, Xue Ren
Chapter 86 Original Blood Art
Chapter 87 Reversed Destiny
Chapter 88 Leaving
Chapter 89 Divine Grace
Chapter 90 Duan Qiu wants to train
Chapter 91 Conquer her! Snow Beauty
Chapter 92 Xue Ren, The butler
Chapter 93 Fuck your princess
Chapter 94 Duan Qiu’s master
Chapter 95 One day, you will grab the monster with-
Chapter 96 E-E-E-E-E-E-Eleonora
Chapter 97 I challenge you
Chapter 98 Awakening of The Second
Chapter 99 Kuzan
Chapter 100 The monolith
Chapter 101 Kuzan’s bloodline
Chapter 102 I told her she can step on me
Chapter 103 Vampire Beauty
Chapter 104 Sex God! Save me!
Chapter 105 Usual pattern
Chapter 107 She says hug me, but is that enough to calm down this desire coming from the Sex God Div
Chapter 108 Dominating Superbia/Dominating Xue Ren
Chapter 109 Reward
Chapter 110 K-Kuzan!
Chapter 111 Pandemonium
Chapter 112 F-fire love juices...
Chapter 113 The real one is going to be definitely better
Chapter 114 One sentence
Chapter 115 Vampire race’s progress and Little Dragons
Chapter 116 Do you really want to kill me?
Chapter 117 Face slapping unknowingly
Chapter 118 Brothel’s Boss
Chapter 119 Is he sane?
Chapter 120 Reappearance of Devour
Chapter 121 Poor ladies can not sit properly now
Chapter 122 True rank
Chapter 123 Closed worlds
Chapter 124 She knows
Chapter 125 Letter full of love
Chapter 126 Shy snow woman
Chapter 127 Fire Eleonora with scales is good! Umu! Umu!
Chapter 128 Different kind of warmth
Chapter 129 Kuzan goes kya kya!
Chapter 130 Outsmarted by trees
Chapter 131 Good control means good alchemis
Chapter 132 The nerd is brave one indeed
Chapter 133 I am always looking at you
Chapter 134 She found out
Chapter 135 One kissu and she faints... It wasn’t bad though!
Chapter 136 Endrun! Run!
Chapter 137 Time to try a new thing
Chapter 138 God Of Fire can suck my D
Chapter 139 He... he will eat?
Chapter 140 Moving worlds
Chapter 141 Passing down technique for Snow Beauty
Chapter 142 Can’t get enough of second garden~~ Break the bottom! Slap! Slap! Kyaaa! Mhnnhnhn~~ Ohhh
Chapter 143 Bath with Snow Beauty
Chapter 143 v2 26
Chapter 144 Looking down on Lord Kuzan? Xue Ren, fuck him!
Chapter 145 Kuzan delivers
Chapter 146 Sex God’s ability - Domination!
Chapter 147 True and the only, the greatest aphrodisiac - Blood of Sex God!
Chapter 148 Pushing the bitch into Sex God
Chapter 149 Be gentle and keep it healthy~~
Chapter 150 Because of you
Chapter 151 Stained? So I am, let’s go! Oh, by the way, who are you?
Chapter 152 All the way... to the core! AhHAhah!
Chapter 153 So it’s puppy again?
Chapter 154 Kuzan found cigarettes! Demonic race true objective
Chapter 155 Divine Moon Tigress abilities
Chapter 156 I am Ruler here
Chapter 157 Real dragons
Chapter 158 Damn cow
Chapter 159 I don’t feel like drinking
Chapter 161 Like fairy in the air... Wait? Do Fairies do it mid-air? Hmmm~~ I guess they do! Ahahahh
Chapter 162 Everyone has forgotten about her~~ Is she dangerous or not?
Chapter 164 So I need resources after all... Special ones...
Chapter 165 Emperor has small D, that’s for sure
Chapter 166 You can’t be my sister, but you can be Paranoid’s granddaugther. Never! Eh? Why?
Chapter 167 Dude, it’s Palace Of Three Thousands Beauties, not Zoo...
Chapter 168 So small she can do it while standing? Oh my fucken god
Chapter 169 Letter of challenge. Death battle on the way yooo~~
Chapter 170 Sad Qiu Qiu? Give me this motherfucker, Grandpa Paranoid will take care.
Chapter 172 Xue Ren - Paranoid’s great grandson = GG
Chapter 173 Break and DiE
Chapter 174 Rank 1... Hmmm... Not bad, grandson.
Chapter 175 Break... her core! Hihihihihi~~ ’Shut the fuck up Paranoid!’ Okay, okay~~
Chapter 176 If I don’t know who you are, then how are you supposed to know who are you? Wait, you kn
Chapter 177 He is tastier.... Ayaya! You damn weeb! Mr. Paranoid is sorry!
Chapter 178 Daily life with beauties
Chapter 179 Eagle Beauty in his arms
Chapter 180 Then fly, my little eagle
Chapter 181 Rure, the prince fells
Chapter 182 What a pity indeed
Chapter 183 Oh, how fucking sad
Chapter 184 Everyone is a bitch, whore and fucker
Chapter 185 Xue Ren, the stalker. Vampire’s prodigy, Leynib
Chapter 186 Eleonora comes to visit. Divine Connection reaches Xue Ren
Chapter 187 Sex Goddess is fluffy and if someone tells me otherwise then I will unleash my excalibur
Chapter 188 Sex Goddess is fluffy and if someone tells me otherwise then I will unleash my excalibur
Chapter 189 Sex Goddess is fluffy and if someone tells me otherwise then I will unleash my excalibur
Chapter 190 Good time to train some spearmanship
Chapter 191 Stupid woman listens obediently
Chapter 192 It’s for my and his future
Chapter 193 Divine Equipmen
Chapter 194 Connection thickens, then disappears
Chapter 195 Third is awakening
Chapter 196 Five thrones above the universe
Chapter 197 Dragon’s skin alive like a demon
Chapter 198 Brother of Sword God - The number two
Chapter 199 Seven Weapon’s Qi
Chapter 200 Cursus Arc End - Onward to Corrum Continen
Chapter 201 New continent, new beauties! Power of morning coffee, release the dragon!
Chapter 202 Dragon Goddess escapes! Where the destiny *The young Paranoid* is going to lead her?
Chapter 204 She is being born! My Goddess, you are finally here. Let me, destiny *The young Paranoid
Chapter 206 Oh.... My Goddess Of Fluffiness is finally here! Finally... The fluffiness now shall top
Chapter 207 Moonrose Junior? Someone please kill this motherfucker before I unleash my excalibur
Chapter 208 General Uris! How cool~~ Kyaa~~ Heartless Swordsman? Buahahahahh! Cringe!
Chapter 215 Betrayals are common, even more if you suck. - Is that so... Okay, okay! Think properly,
Chapter 218 The time has come to fight! / Excalibur! Come here! I must help as Fluffy King! Break th
Chapter 219 Greatest Achievement
Chapter 220 Who are you?
Chapter 221 Kuzan, The Paranoid’s Grandson.
Chapter 222 Kuzan and beauties - the new path of the cigarette perver
Chapter 223 One of the keys
Chapter 224 Do you like my present, grandson?! - Kill yourself
Chapter 225 Violae Miya
Chapter 226 Sealing the other one
Chapter 227 Forming a contract
Chapter 228 Kuzan is crying
Chapter 229 Fluffy evaluation
Chapter 230 Hell’s pillars
Chapter 231 Moonrose must share her fluffiness with her
Chapter 232 Battle for the thrones
Chapter 233 Miya’s resolution
Chapter 234 Xue Ren’s Cold Dragon
Chapter 235 Fluffy snowballs deals more damage
Chapter 236 Cadere Clan
Chapter 237 Let it out loud
Chapter 238 You are beautiful
Chapter 239 Let me become your maid
Chapter 240 Clan Head left, so the time has come! We are plundering baby! OhhohohO~~
Chapter 241 Path
Chapter 242 When I was 13
Chapter 243 Meeting of four clans
Chapter 244 What’s your worth?
Chapter 245 Every chest is a stage
Chapter 246 Mid-air fluffy rolling - 13 years old version
Chapter 247 Time for new technique
Chapter 248 Hehe~~ Wifey needs more love
Chapter 249 Fourth Throne trembles
Chapter 250 I am Virgin Bitch!
Chapter 251 Dude, I am straigh
Chapter 252 Don’t you dare to ignore the fluffiness itself
Chapter 253 Moonrose wants kissuu! How cute~~
Chapter 254 Xue Ren vs The Lord 1/5 World’s core
Chapter 255 Xue Ren vs The Lord 2/5 Curses’ go wild
Chapter 256: Xue Ren vs The Lord 3/5 Hell’s Pillars
Chapter 257: Xue Ren vs The Lord 4/5 Seven Stairs Towards Eternity
Chapter 258: Xue Ren vs The Lord 5/5 Break and fall, Demon.
Chapter 259: Do you kiss everyone like that too?
Chapter 260: The demon ain’t nice
Chapter 261: Better? Better
Chapter 262: The Emperor is back
Chapter 263: What a scum
Chapter 264: Their snowman
Chapter 265: I am sorry guys - Paranoid, Yours Younger Brother...
Chapter 266: Burden
Chapter 267: Once again going to Six Path Realm
Chapter 268: Steel Giant’s souls
Chapter 269: You can’t become bad man!
Chapter 270: At least till she is virgin bitch
Chapter 271: No! Little Daddy!
Chapter 272: Alise feels the powah
Chapter 273: I greet Your Highness
Chapter 274: Meeting of nobles
Chapter 275: Sex God Divinity works on bloodline as well, bruh.
Chapter 276: Devour is cursed
Chapter 277: Avaras Yher
Chapter 278: More than one hundred
Chapter 279: Xue Ren says hi
Chapter 280: Bloodline’s curse
Chapter 281: Bathe in their blood from now on
Chapter 282: I refuse to believe that my reincarnation is this evil
Chapter 283: Feel the anger, son.
Chapter 284: Chosen by the world
Chapter 285: Xue Ren’s influence
Chapter 286: Corrum Arc End! Volume 2 End! Time to relax!
Chapter 287 M-m-my-my d-d-d-d-daughter
Chapter 288 Insulting Lord Kuzan? He got this!
Chapter 289 One day we will visit another worlds together
Chapter 290 Heavenly Touch finally advances for Xue Ren
Chapter 291 Harem splitting into factions is inevitable
Chapter 292 First wife candidates~~
Chapter 293 I am sorry
Chapter 294 Everything is clear
Chapter 295 Exterminating the bad vampires
Chapter 296 Truly becoming one
Chapter 297: I am father... I am fucking father.
Chapter 298: I am back
Chapter 299: Awakening The Wild Eleonora
Chapter 300: Breaking her elegant side
Chapter 301: Xue Ren likes having his rod slapped by tail! Holy...
Chapter 302: Moonrose’s turn
Chapter 303: Moonrose feels the rod
Chapter 304: Two alchemists
Chapter 305: Dionnes and Miya’s spicy alchemy ends with satisfaction
Chapter 306: Adrana’s bed adventures... And Di Xun joins in!
Chapter 307: Di Xun and Adrana’s close night
Chapter 308: Divinity descends - The surrendering world.
Chapter 309: If I kill this pregnant woman... will you be able to escape my grasp?
Chapter 310 Leaving the world
Chapter 311: Their new destinies... Moonrose meets the father!
Chapter 312: Xue Ren’s tears
Chapter 313: Small stroll
Chapter 314: Take those young boys
Chapter 315: Chaotic energy
Chapter 316: That’s how he can survive after Sex Goddess’ assault.
Chapter 317: It was so cold, Maria...
Chapter 318: Superbia’s past.
Chapter 319: One winged divinity
Chapter 320: Two winged divinity - GG
Chapter 321: Divine Avatar - Volume 3 END
Chapter 322: Xue Ren’s divine equipment is finally used.
Chapter 323: The two abilities of Sex God’s divine bed.
Chapter 324: Entering the academy.
Chapter 325: Golden Lightning Palace
Chapter 326: Elder and Miss
Chapter 327: Miss Delis’ gentle lightning
Chapter 328: Xue Yu
Chapter 329: She slaps everyone
Chapter 330: Concepts are quite dangerous hoh!
Chapter 331: Mother Gravei
Chapter 332: Naughty mother
Chapter 333: I have a candy! Slap! Slap!
Chapter 334: Fifth throne is awakening slowly
Chapter 335: Lightning ladies
Chapter 336: X-Xun... Oh my lord!
Chapter 337: Going for Golden Lightning Palace
Chapter 338: Unpredicted effect
Chapter 339: First reprimand
Chapter 340: My size
Chapter 341: They don’t like potatoes
Chapter 342: Corrupted beast
Chapter 343: Miss Delis kiss
Chapter 344: Fuck you, Kuzan! Slap! Close your mouth, Kuzan! Slap!
Chapter 345: Miss Delis boom boom boom
Chapter 346: Good job, I like.
Chapter 347: The Fifth Throne awakens
Chapter 348: Incestuous Duo
Chapter 349: Ladies go for some blood, then beauty appears.
Chapter 350: Another one! And another one!
Chapter 351: The same as me
Chapter 352: Wonders. S. Elzer
Chapter 353: The usual
Chapter 354: I felt like touching your hand, darling.
Chapter 355 - Your lightning is not scary
Chapter 356 - Through your eyes
Chapter 357 - 32nd Pillar
Chapter 358 - You have done well
Chapter 359 - Higher race
Chapter 360 - Bitch Slap Cigarette
Chapter 361 - Relics of the past
Chapter 362 - Fall of the family
Chapter 363 - Fifteen years old Xue Yu
Chapter 364 - The young mother’s worries
Chapter 365: Fluffy Rolling with daughter
Chapter 366: Divine Prophet’s disciple
Chapter 367: Hidden spots
Chapter 368: Found it
Chapter 369: Xun’er wants to change the schedule a little
Chapter 370: Hidden World
Chapter 371: Dragon Lightning God
Chapter 372: Mutated Vampires?
Chapter 373: Feeling their thoughts thoroughly
Chapter 374: It’s her time now
Chapter 375: Good Sex God
Chapter 376: All lined up
Chapter 377: Second Princess
Chapter 378: Silver by the moon
Chapter 379: Shhhh~~
Chapter 380: Xue Yu loses herself
Chapter 381: I love mortals
Chapter 382: Can I sleep with you tonight?
Chapter 383: Going for Rank A already! Hoh!
Chapter 384: Milady Yusa
Chapter 385: Cedae Yusa - stopping evolution
Chapter 386: Dragon Lightning Golden Bow
Chapter 387: Other forces
Chapter 388: Red Lightning Dimension
Chapter 389: Very well, let’s team up.
Chapter 390: Death Aura
Chapter 391: What do they do with their women?
Chapter 392: Serptes Bloodline - Rushai’s death curse.
Chapter 393: Blue fire
Chapter 394: Xue Yu helps her mother.
Chapter 395: Earth Card
Chapter 396: Birthday party - The presents
Chapter 397: That’s inevitable
Chapter 398: Lewd eyes
Chapter 399: New tag added
Chapter 400: Little Julia
Chapter 401: Little Julia draws
Chapter 402: One Winged Vampire Queen
Chapter 403: Going for lightning dragons
Chapter 404: Black Divinity
Chapter 405: Ruler’s Divinity
Chapter 406: Victorious Wives
Chapter 407: Fuck her when she grows up and you will get Shadow Divinity.
Chapter 408: Little Julia gets new sister.
Chapter 409: Lightning Marriage - Volume 4 END
Chapter 410: Another journey, another fluff. Let’s go, gentlemen.
Chapter 411: Oh, so this is elf.
Chapter 412: Death Researcher
Chapter 413: Partial Bloodline Ignition
Chapter 414: You have to spend more time with me.
Chapter 415: Harillia learns arrow qi.
Chapter 416: Fluff
Chapter 417: Xue Ren becomes an elf.
Chapter 418: Piss
Chapter 419: Daughter works hard for her daddy.
Chapter 420: The Elven Village
Chapter 421: Bloodline Library
Chapter 422: An enemy is already inside.
Chapter 423: 82 Rank - Divine Death Commander Mr. Koroe~~
Chapter 424: Ruler ran away from the responsibilites
Chapter 425: Bone cross
Chapter 426: The Bone Ship flies away
Chapter 427: The preparations are going good. In both worlds~~
Chapter 428: Kuzan destroys the tail of Xue Yu! Little Julia has a problem!
Chapter 429: Little Julia’s problem is solved. The fluff is ready to get stronger!
Chapter 430: The world’s core of the vampire world awakens.
Chapter 431: Divine Blood Art - Cute Demoness Dress.
Chapter 432: The Elven Queen - Aria
Chapter 433: Aria’s wish
Chapter 434: All thoughts come out under the relaxing moonlight
Chapter 435: Xue Ren’s daily life in the elven forest - The wild daughter appears! She wants to eat!
Chapter 436: Surrounded by the divinities
Chapter 437: Yellow Tiger God, Grystar~~
Chapter 438: The dark forest
Chapter 439: Take him to my room
Chapter 440: I want to resurrect her.
Chapter 441: Meeke and Moonrose
Chapter 442: The bird helps
Chapter 443: Fucking stickman
Chapter 444: Lollipop please
Chapter 445: Lollipop disappears *Sad*
Chapter 446: Miss Redla struggles in the white sea
Chapter 447: Xue Ren and Juliet
Chapter 448: The progress in the elven queen world
Chapter 449: The huge molten world
Chapter 450: The Humanity Divine Fire
Chapter 451: Vermillion Birds spotted! Attention! Attention!
Chapter 452: Oya, someone is curious.
Chapter 453: Sightseeing is the beauty
Chapter 454: The lady has drunk a little too much!
Chapter 455: Thus, he became the vermillion bird
Chapter 456: Piss v1
Chapter 457: The technique from the Vermillion Bird’s bloodline library
Chapter 458: No way I am losing this!
Chapter 459: Fire Call: Vermillion Bird’s Dive
Chapter 460: Suck me, daddy~~
Chapter 461: Julia chews the weapon
Chapter 462: Xue Ren’s second divine equipment
Chapter 463: Vermillion Bird’s Tail Spear
Chapter 464: Depends which one
Chapter 465: Life Bloodline’s ability
Chapter 466: I am from Xue Household, sexy girl.
Chapter 467: I will be the strongest
Chapter 468: Vermillion’s Red Vision - The training continues
Chapter 469: Time to move
Chapter 470: The first city in the molten world
Chapter 471: Xue Ren enters the city
Chapter 472: Xue Ren vs Mr. City Leader
Chapter 473: The city has been taken!
Chapter 474: I am smarter than all of you
Chapter 475: The Potion!
Chapter 476: Master is here.
Chapter 477: Volcanoes erupting! Vermillion Bird’s Tears~~
Chapter 478: The master falls! Xue Ren’s fire of humanity.
Chapter 479: They aren’t really your daughters.
Chapter 480: The lovely bath
Chapter 481: Team up with me
Chapter 482: I won’t let you take my place!
Chapter 483: Daria uses Fire Call on herself
Chapter 484: Is it the time? Yes, it is!
Chapter 485: Daria loses her purity - The growth is unstoppable!
Chapter 486: Fire Woodlands
Chapter 487: Xue Ren, Daria and Kuzan - The powerful combination!
Chapter 488: Against the horde
Chapter 489: Scary Vermillion Bird
Chapter 490: Good sides
Chapter 491: The vermillion bird’s skeleton
Chapter 492: Vermillion Bird’s Bloodline is mixing up with life itself.
Chapter 493: Coldness out of nowhere
Chapter 494: I want to meet the elven queen
Chapter 495: Xue Ren and Aria - The elven’s queen room.
Chapter 496: The flying elf
Chapter 497: Agni-da
Chapter 498: Xue Ren steps forward
Chapter 499: Ascension
Chapter 500: Agni-da loves Moonrose
Chapter 501: Bastard Brother - Yoras
Chapter 502: The fluffiness with a family soothes the pain - Xue Ren is ready to go!
Chapter 503: I can help the queen
Chapter 504: The Sex Goddess listens obediently
Chapter 505: After the divine connection, the beast awakens wild...
Chapter 506: Is he perhaps laughing at the flying elf?
Chapter 507: Black Vermillion Bird
Chapter 508: Xue Ren and Milliane - The lady no longer wants to be ignored.
Chapter 509: The third princess - Vermillion Hana
Chapter 510: Please, let her go.
Chapter 511: Straight to the main volcano
Chapter 512: Blue Phoenix
Chapter 513: The three divinities of the molten world
Chapter 514: The assault mission
Chapter 515: Another universe - The Ice World
Chapter 516: Why don’t I take your bloodline for myself?
Chapter 517: The Frozen Lake
Chapter 518: Gelida World
Chapter 519: Eleonora and Utilis meet the beauties! The reunion!
Chapter 520: Ice Beauties Trait
Chapter 521: The Ice Races slowly lose more and more.
Chapter 522: Third fluff is here! And there is also Madam Sovereign, Shini.
Chapter 523: Holy Place Of The Blue Phoenix Race
Chapter 524: Pure smile of an enjoyment
Chapter 525: It’s a place where everyone can live
Chapter 526: Fifty years
Chapter 527: So you have invaded my world, demons.
Chapter 528: Xue Ren vs Golden Crow Divinity - The battle of two rulers
Chapter 529: All golden, all divine, all for her
Chapter 530: Daria becomes the phoenix! Xue Ren and Aria’s common activity
Chapter 531: Xue Ren and God Of Fire - Ferre - The last fire origin
Chapter 532: Xue Ren vs God Of Fire - The beginning
Chapter 533: Xue Ren vs God Of Fire - Ferre - The end
Chapter 534: Sword God and Old Master - The Reason
Chapter 535: Don’t die
Chapter 536: Reincarnation... Outburst...
Chapter 537: Xue Ren vs Yoras - The beginning
Chapter 538: Xue Ren vs Yoras - The end
Chapter 539: Welcome to the Xue Household, Aria.
Chapter 540: Xue Ren and Aria fly together~~
Chapter 541: Welcome Back - Volume 5 END
Chapter 542: Xue Ren and Duan Qiu meet The War God’s descendant
Chapter 543: The divine sword shows the reaction!
Chapter 544: Ready to die from your own ancestor’s hand?
Chapter 545: The first weakness of the god of war and race divinities
Chapter 546: I haven’t forgotten
Chapter 547: The God Of War
Chapter 548: Sword Demoness - Shenyi
Chapter 549: Flying fluff elf - Anyia
Chapter 550: Xue Ren, Aria and Duan Qiu all lovely connected
Chapter 551: The Cloud Kingdom
Chapter 552: 28th Pillar - Serptes S. Xander~~
Chapter 553: The angels’ descent
Chapter 554: The heaven world’s circumstances
Chapter 555: Xue Ren achieves his little goal
Chapter 556: Heaven’s Paradise - First Cloud
Chapter 557: Darkness Silent Divine
Chapter 558: The curiousity takes over
Chapter 559: It means we can be a couple
Chapter 560: You know what to do! Daddddddyyyyyy!
Chapter 561: Two shadow powers within his body!
Chapter 562: More darkness groups fall
Chapter 563: The demons are here too! Who would’ve thought?
Chapter 564: Fasti Bloodline Of The Hell World
Chapter 565: This is only the beginning
Chapter 566: Eva begins a new life!
Chapter 567: I am Victorious
Chapter 568: Knife Divinity taken
Chapter 569: A shadow puppet
Chapter 570: Eva’s time
Chapter 571: Eva gets to know what it means to be a woman of the sex god
Chapter 572: What is a darkness?
Chapter 573: Xue Ren’s domination!
Chapter 574: The darkness world’s core taken! A broken piece!
Chapter 575: White Dude, Mirror and Ruler on the shoulder!
Chapter 576: Not even a crack or a scratch!
Chapter 577: Overlord Mayas
Chapter 578: At this rate, the whole universe will end up within his body.
Chapter 579: Schnee is a good daughter! The ice world of an ice divinities!
Chapter 580: The Ice Divinity needs power for an uncertain future! Eleonora’s mother is here.
Chapter 581: An appropriate treatment
Chapter 582: No one is too old for the fluffiness
Chapter 583: Xue Ren and Eleonora’s beautiful yet wild connection
Chapter 584: Xue Ren and the ladies unleash their own sculptures in the ice capital
Chapter 585: The Ice Divinities are wise
Chapter 586: I will give you a divinity.
Chapter 587: Snow Winged Divinities
Chapter 588: Goddess Of Fire
Chapter 589: A dragon form is nothing in front of The Ruler White Shadow
Chapter 590: Xue Ren sits and enjoy the dragon beauty
Chapter 591: It’s time to face Water Ruler
Chapter 592: Xue Divine Household
Chapter 593: Xue Ren and Water Ruler - A battle on the blue planet!
Chapter 594: Blue planet turns golden, then bah! Explosiooooon!
Chapter 595: What would be their next step?
Chapter 596: I will hold you tightly then
Chapter 597: Madam Sovereign’s body is soaked in her own cold drink.
Chapter 598: The sixth reincarnation - Taghank - Universal Conquest
Chapter 599: I want all of your roses
Chapter 600: At last, Xue Ren reunites with his family.
Chapter 601: Xue Mama meets Shenyi
Chapter 602: Divorce her
Chapter 603: The twins reunite with their master! Moonrose’s smile turns blissful!
Chapter 604: The dangerous moves that can be only done in such spaceship!
Chapter 605: Moonrose awakens her true dragon power!
Chapter 606: Apologize to my husband
Chapter 607: Xue Ren can solve most problems!
Chapter 608: The sun
Chapter 609: Xue Ren and Fotiae’s sweet night.
Chapter 610: The Sun Divine Alliance
Chapter 611: Xue Ren enjoys the sightseeing - Call your sister or mother!
Chapter 612: Sun Shuria - The Throne Of Time Possessor.
Chapter 613: Moonrose triggers evolution!
Chapter 614: Superbia is out from vacation.
Chapter 615: It looks like Mother Moon is the next.
Chapter 616: Divine Moon Empress’ offer
Chapter 617: Xue Ren with Mother Moon on his back
Chapter 618: Xue Ren, Mother Moon and Divine Moon Empress R-18
Chapter 619: Do you have problem with my children?
Chapter 620: The battleship’s scentists taken.
Chapter 621: Xue Ren and Aria sweet time in the world tree
Chapter 622: Harillia gets her adventure!
Chapter 623: The lesser demon races.
Chapter 624: There are priorities in life.
Chapter 625: The succubusses and an elf naked in the divine bed
Chapter 626: Xue Ren sends his forces, then goes for the lightning ruler!
Chapter 627: The alchemist ladies
Chapter 628: A nice talk by the hot table
Chapter 629: I enjoy
Chapter 630: The Dragon World!
Chapter 631: Universal Conquest
Chapter 632: The Hell World opens
Chapter 633: Demon’s tears
Chapter 634: Scream
Chapter 635: Delight
Chapter 636: The last reincarnation, Ruler. - (1/8 - The End)
Chapter 637: Another introduction - (2/8 - The End)
Chapter 638: Xue Ren and Sho Yue’s R-18 (3/8 - The End)
Chapter 639: Sex Gods battle (4/8 - The End)
Chapter 640: The primary target (5/8 - The End)
Chapter 641: Against Overlord - (6/8 - The End)
Chapter 642: We won (7/8 - The End)
Chapter 643: The End