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My Pick Up Artist System   Author:Samsarawithwords
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“With this system, I’ll become the world’s greatest seducer! If it doesn’t kill me first...” I was a nobody, a short fatty Otaku. Then a girl’s voice popped into my head: [Seduce a woman within a month or die.] “What the I’m an 18-year-old v.i.r.g.i.n...” [7+ looks only. No slam donkeys.] “You’re forcing me to die!” Facing annihilation, I had no choice but to join the international community of pick up artists. That’s how my boring student life became filled with debauchery and womanizing. I just had one problem: “Why are these guys all insane?” Pick Up Artist: One who uses specialized tactics to seduce women. Release schedule: 1 new chapter posted every day by 12 pm Est/12 am GMT+8. Bonus chapters don’t have a set time, but if there are some pending, on per day is posted for 2 chaps/day total. Warning: It’s not recommended to eat or drink while reading this as many readers have commented on spitting things out from laughter. I, the author, am not immune, and have also stepped on such landmines of my own placement when editing.
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Chapter 342: Always have a backup

  With Valentina's powerful legs wrapped around his neck like a python, the blood flow to Ben's brain was running low, bringing him to the brink of unconsciousness. However, he was a warrior. His determination for victory would never die so easily.

  Moreover, Ben was the type of dog to never unclench his jaws once he got a bite on his prey. Despite that, he was struggling. A dead dog was not a good dog.

  Despite Ben's awful situation, however, Valentina was even more desperate! I..











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