Chapter 1736 - The Beast Deity World That Belonged To Her.
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  Gu Mengmeng hung from Lea’s arms. Out of habit, Lea handed over his large tail to her.

  She has a serious fetish for fur. Under Lea’s ‘deliberate cultivation’, this fetish had become even more serious.

  She knew that, but she never declined.

  Lea was the one who lacked a sense of security the most among her four partners.

  His childhood had determined his personality. Even after a thousand years, once some qualities are fixed, it would be difficult to change them.

  In the family, he was not the first partner like Elvis, someone indispensable.

  He was not like Snake, imprinted on her chest in the most special way.

  He could only comfort himself with her doting love, but now that Gregory this ‘young, handsome man’ had joined the family, he would naturally be afraid that she would despise him.

  So her fur fetish became the greatest source of sense of security for him.

  Regardless of how, she would always like her tail.

  Stroking the pure white and soft large tail, it was unimaginable how enjoyable the look on Gu Mengmeng’s face was.

  “Lea, why are you not a nine-tailed fox? If you are, you would have nine tails…… Ah, just the thought of it is so blissful.”

  “Are you despising me?”

  When Lea said this, he pretended to retract his tail.

  But Gu Mengmeng was enjoying herself so much, how would she let him retract it?

  “No no, one is enough. We cannot be greedy as humans. I am contented, I am contented.”

  Lea smiled very gloatingly, yet it was also lovingly.

  In fact, he gave in to her fur fetish not just because of his insecurity.

  More so because he loved her look of enjoyment.

  If she liked it, she should be satisfied.

  Elvis turned around and looked at Gregory, asking, “Then what about you? Do you have something to say about the position of the first partner?”

  Gregory shook his head and looked at Gu Mengmeng’s look of enjoyment from playing with Lea’s tail.

  “Now that I have a status, I can stay by her side openly, I am already satisfied with this. Right from the start, I never dared to dream about the position as the first partner.”

  Elvis nodded and said, “Alright, since that is the case, then as the first partner, I announce the three family rules that we have: one, do not let Xiao Meng cry; two, do not swear an oath; three, do not tell a legend.”

  “Yes,” the remaining three people answered unanimously.

  After their response, the world started to quake.

  Gu Mengmeng was stunned and confused.

  Elvis quickly placed Gu Mengmeng back in his arms and looked at Snake.

  He was the most familiar with everything in the dream realm.

  Snake sighed helplessly and said, “The dream realm is really just a realm, it cannot hold up the power from four Beast Kings.”

  As such, Gu Mengmeng watched in a daze as this world gradually disappeared before her eyes like an oil painting with fading colours.

  Then, the scene before her was replaced by a boundless grassland.

  She returned to the Beast Deity World once again.

  Except that it was different from the time she went to the dream realm.

  The grassland had another mountain, that shape……


  Snake laughed softly and stroked Gu Mengmeng’s head, saying, “Go in, there’s a surprise.”

  Gu Mengmeng did not understand but still signaled to Elvis her intention to enter.

  Without further words, Elvis transformed into a wolf and carried Gu Mengmeng on his back into Motou.

  When they entered, she saw a little stream that was clear and cold, like flowing ice with reflections.

  On one side of the stream, there was a group of people. When she looked over, there were the 16 valued females, Snow Fox Clan, 16 tribes, Saint Nazaire……

  In the lead was a fat little bear bun. When she saw Gu Mengmeng, she immediately stood up and gestured to Gu Mengmeng, saying, “Girl, you are back, we have waited for you for a long time!”


  Gu Mengmeng’s voice was choking as she felt touched for no reason.

  Two of them ran and hugged each other. They were so agitated that they could not speak.

  The four males looked at each other and smiled. Even though it was difficult for them to hold up a world using the power of a Beast King, but being able to make Gu Mengmeng this happy, their fatigue was all worth it.

  The three of them had tried many times and failed in the past, but now with Gregory involved, the four Beast Kings held up each corner of the Beast Deity World and finally activated the complete mode to the Beast Deity World.

  After their death, the kind orcs would all return to the Beast Deity’s embrace.

  In the Beast Deity World, there was no suffering, no differential treatment, no enemies and only limitless warmth and bliss.

  They would exist with the Beast Deity in that world.

  So this legend was indeed not a lie.