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Book name New chapter Author Update Status
SURPRISE! THE SUPPOSED TALENT SHOW WAS ACTUALLY Chapter Ch238.4 - Extra – Parallel World yan.baibai 2022-07-05 End
I am overlord Chapter 1652: Shouldering the Hope 24 Hearts 2022-06-23 Ongoing
I DON’T WANT TO DEFY THE HEAVENS Chapter 660: Life Goes On xin.feng 2022-06-28 Ongoing
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Chapter 2490 Mini scene: Shameless Competition Jiong Jiong You Yao 2022-06-28 Ongoing
THE UNRIVALED Chapter 904: Fury of the Goddess of Death 2022-06-28 End
THE NINE CAULDRONS Chapter 620: The White Horse Lake (Ending Part Two) xi.hong.shi 2022-06-28 End
TO MY DEAR MR. HUO Chapter 892: Chapter 078: the ending of the whole novel 2022-07-04 End
JOY OF LIFE Chapter 735: No Lake That A Garden Shall Not Reclaim (2) 2022-06-28 End
DEMON WANG'S GOLDEN FAVORITE FEI Chapter 209 (Part 2) Love is in sky of affection (8) 2022-06-28 Ongoing
NO HERO Chapter 9: SCIP;NC yu.wo 2022-06-30 End
A STEP INTO THE PAST Chapter 13 - United States of China huang.yi 2022-06-28 End
THE ATYPICAL YOUNG LADY HAS RETURNED Chapter 583: A Huge Wedding (The End) li.xuan 2022-06-28 End
IMMORTAL MARTIAL GOD Chapter 1157 Good Fortune Palace 2022-06-28 End
THE LEGEND OF CHU QIAO Chapter 292: Chapter 292 xiao.xiang 2022-06-28 End
EVIL PRINCE COME PLAY WITH ME Chapter 1144: Side Story (End) luo.ri 2022-07-05 End
GOD OF SOUL SYSTEM Chapter 709 (END) - I’m The Soul King (The End!!) admin 2022-06-30 End
MASTER OF THE END TIMES Chapter 1087: New Future! 2022-06-28 End
GODDESS MEDICAL DOCTOR Chapter 13 yu.sheng 2022-06-28 End
I CAN PLUNDER PASSIVE SKILLS Chapter 239: End 8k 2022-06-30 End
DATING THE STRONGEST BOSS Chapter 94 - Bixian xiao.bai.lian 2022-06-28 End
MY DISCIPLE DIED YET AGAIN Chapter 347: Heaven or Hell, Look for My Disciple I Shall you.qian 2022-06-30 Ongoing
TRANSMIGRATING INTO A FEMALE SIDE CHARACTER AS A P Chapter 216: Quantum Storm Ideal Belly 2022-07-04 End
pocket-hunting Chapter 1331 Singularity (Finale) dimension 2022-07-06 End
THE DREAMER IN THE SPRING BOUDOIR Chapter 510 – Author’s Note 2022-06-30 Ongoing
ONLINE GAME MY HEALTH POINT HAS NO LIMITS Chapter 277: The Grand Ending That Isn’t the Ending Foreign Region King 2022-07-06 End
I'LL COME CLEAN! I AM THE KING OF LOLAN! Chapter 138: The Great Ending Black Fighter Jet 2022-07-06 End
MASTER HONG'S LUCKY BRIDE Chapter 110: A Match Made in Heaven Nico 2022-07-06 End
THE DAYS OF BEING IN A FAKE MARRIAGE WITH THE CEO Chapter 1170: Untitled tao.hua 2022-06-30 End
I CHOOSE TO BECOME THE GENERAL'S WIFE Chapter 398: Headed Towards The Future Together bao 2022-07-06 End