Chapter 112: The End
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  Three months later, at the Lofty Cloudy Sect of the Immortal Realm.

  Standing in the air above the sect, Mu Chen lowered his head overlooking the view while a personal feeling rose up from the bottom of his heart. After all, Lofty Cloudy Sect was someplace irreplaceable for him although Ronggu Peak had the same structures and buildings as Lofty Cloudy Sect.

  The forces were slack in Lofty Cloudy Sect, so before the disciple was sent to the borderline of the two realms, Lofty Cloudy Sect had launched the Guard Formation. Besides, only the one who had the unique waist tag could enter the sect.

  While Mu Dong was wondering why there was nobody coming to pick them, why the door was closed and how they could get in, Mu Chen who was standing in front of him landed and raised his leg kicking the boundary with no hesitation.

  A shining bright light rebounded from the boundary. Mu Chen raised his hand and put forth his strength to swat the spirit power down. Soon, another bright light attacked back and Mu Chen swatted it again and again until a big breach appeared in the boundary. Then, Mu Chen caught the edges of the split and tore up the boundary.

  "Now, let’s go." Mu Chen said calmly with a poker face, and then he entered at first.

  Mu Dong covered his mouth with his hand. His eyes brightened out of worship, "Cool!!!!!!"

  Noticing Mu Dong’s cute look, Gu Yunjue pinched Mu Dong’s face smilingly while he was thinking an ’evil’ idea secretly that Mu Dong might be trained as a second ’Mu Chen’, so in the future the brothers with the same character would definitely give Mu Qing a lot ’sufferings’. That would be so interesting!

  At this time, the people inside of course had known that the boundary was attacked by someone. Several elders in Lofty Cloudy Sect came out and checked around but found nothing abnormal. Then they immediately went back and told Yue Mingze everything. When Yue Mingze was about to send someone else to go out and check again, Mu Chen’s cold emotionless voice sounded, "Never bother. It’s me."

  Instantly, Yue Mingze felt that all his hair stood up.

  "Humph!" Mu Chen snorted and looked at Yue Mingze’s gutless look with his eyebrows furrowed together. Before he came, he thought Yue Mingze would be different.

  Yue Mingze realized something and asked delightfully, "How come Martial Uncle comes back so early. If you had informed me, I would have send people to pick you up."

  "No need." Mu Chen sat randomly somewhere. Moments later, Gu Yunjue showed up together with Mu Dong, greeting to Yue Mingze smilingly, "Chief Martial Brother, long time no see."

  Seeing Gu Yunjue, Yue Mingze paused a while, his face frozen, before he replied, "How dare you come?! It’s too bold of you!"

  Gu Yunjue smiled carelessly and looked at Mu Chen. His emotion could speak for itself: he would follow wherever Mu Chen went.

  "Who is this kid?" Yue Mingze said out of shock and glanced at Mu Chen. ’So resembling are you!’

  Mu Dong was very pretty, with red lips and white teeth, looking incredibly smart in a white little robe that was also similar to that of Mu Chen’s, both in style and in fabrics. He was exactly a younger version of Mu Chen when he was not smiling. And when he did smile, his eyes would curve into a crescent-moon shape, looking exactly like Gu Yunjue when he was a kid. If it weren’t for two men couldn’t have children, Yue Mingze would almost suspect that Mu Dong was Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue’s child.

  Mu Chen felt a bit headache at the mention of this, "It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it next time." He had already sent a letter to Mu Qing to ask him to come and pick up Mu Dong. But it had no echo since then like a stone sunk in the sea. This made him a bit frustrated: was it because the Mu’s had something going wrong in their family? Or was it because Mu Qing himself had something going wrong?

  Mu Dong was looking around the place, frowning his brows confusedly.

  "I feel like I’ve been here before." He took another look at Yue Mingze, "I think I’ve met him as well."

  Yue Mingze glanced at Mu Chen in surprise and asked, "When?"

  Gu Yunjue hit on an idea and asked, "When was that?"

  Mu Dong shook his head, indicating that he couldn’t remember.

  "Think it over."

  "Hm……" Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Mu Dong thought for a long time as if suffering from constipation and suddenly said, "I want some marshmallows."

  Mu Chen, "……" He felt exhausted.

  Everything in Yanyang Palace was running in order under Guan Shan’s management. The Palace well maintained its original appearance when they left. Mu Chen thought there was no need to disturb others since they came back unannounced. So he brought Mu Dong back to Yanyang Palace and went straight to the cave at the back of the mountain where he put the hut built by Yanyangzi into the space of Protection Soul Bell.

  After others left, Mu Dong look warily right and left before he whispered beside Mu Chen’s ears, "I recalled something just now."

  Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, "What?"

  "But with outsiders around, I couldn’t tell it aboveboard." Mu Dong continued, "Treasures can only be shared with intimate people, since benefits should always be kept for the ones you trust."

  Mu Chen was speechless. Such a child should have known so many idioms. "What have you thought about?"

  "I remembered that a man smashed a pillar with something like this." Saying that, Mu Dong flicked the earth with his bare fingers and dug out a bone-like stick which was a little freakish with the two ends being specially large.

  Hearing that, Mu Chen recognized that it was the image that Natural Law left in Mu Dong’t memory. Even though it hadn’t been completely merged with Mu Dong, he was still slightly influenced. Nevertheless, as to this "bone", he found no clue.

  Gu Yunjue took out a jade Ruyi (an S-shaped ornamental object,usually,made of jade,formerly a symbol of good luck) and asked Mu Dong, "Does it look like this?"

  Mu Dong nodded surprisedly, "Yes, it is! But it’s larger, with some cloud thing around here as well." With that, he drew a circle around the "bone".

  Mu Chen felt speechless, ’The kid really needs to practice well on painting. That won’t be promising if he only sees some comic books left by Jing Ming.’

  "Since you remembered how it was broken, can you call to mind how to repair it?" Gu Yunjue took out a bag of candy and coaxed him.

  "Repair it the way it is broken." Mu Dong glanced at Mu Chen with a pair of poor eyes, as if asking, ’Can I have the candy?’

  Mu Chen nodded while reaching out one finger.

  Mu Dong had to take only one of them and put it into his pocket, planning to save enough candies until the pocket is full and eat them all.

  Gu Yunjue twitched the corner of his mouth and restrained himself from laughing, thinking if he asked master to confiscate all the candies Mu Dong accumulated by then, it would be very funny to see the expressions on this child’s face.

  "Repair it in the way it is broken." After hearing that, Mu Chen had a thoughtful expression on his face with one eyebrow cocked. That was to say, if he wanted to restore the Devil Suppression Pillar, he needed to find out the Jade Ruyi. Thinking of this, he immediately sent a message to Yue Mingze and asked if he had ever seen these such thing before.

  After receiving the message, Yue MingZe went to search personally, and swore to dig three feet deep to find it out.

  Two days later, Yue Mingze came with a jade Ruyi and asked excitedly, "Is it?"

  Mu Chen brought it to Mu Dong, when the child was still asleep. He got up in a daze and looked at it, nodding, "It looks like it."

  Mu Chen picked him up and shook him like he was a scarecrow. Yue Mingze took a step back nervously and touched his neck subconsciously. Fortunately, Mu Chen now has more common sense than before. Mu Dong was directly awaken up because of Mu Chen’s great strength. He rubbed his eyes, yawned and sat up.

  "How does this work?" Mo Chen asked him.

  Mu Dong shook his head as he couldn’t remember clearly.

  Gu Yunjue snapped and held up Mu Dong directly, suggesting, "Let’s go and have a look together."

  When they arrived at the forbidden area, all people saw Mu Chen with strange eyes.

  Mu Dong became energetic. He looked around and then ran to the broken magic pillar. He reached out his little hand and touched it, laughing, "This can be repaired. Brother can!"

  As soon as this sentence came out, everyone’s eyes fell on Mu Chen. Gu Yunyue instantly turned cold and became murderous.

  After Mu Chen sensing it, he quickly reached out and grabbed Gu to help him suppress the evil spirit in his body. He could fix it, but it was not necessarily to turn himself into reincarnation pearl. Now, people should be calm.

  Mu Dong ran back and handed the Jade Ruyi to Mu Chen. He didn’t know how to do next.

  Mu Chen frowned and took it over, without a clue for a moment.

  Suddenly his shoulder was tapped. Mu Chen looked up and saw Gu Yunjue’s rare serious face. Gu Yunjue said, "Go with your feelings. Do whatever you want to do. Even if you smash it, we’ll just pay them one back."

  "Smash it?" Mu Chen repeated it silently in his heart, and nodded with understanding. If I were to go with my feelings, He thought, then he should…… Just smash it!

  He raised the jade Ruyi in his hand and threw it at the broken pillar. It was so fast, and other people were so far away, no one could stop him. With a click sound, the jade Ruyi which could stealthily break through the boundary around the forbidden ground, turned into white power. Mu Chen raised his sleeves and a strong wind blew them up before they finally fell down on the stones.

  A sudden silence, creepy silence. Everyone was looking at the stones that had shimmering with white light. Gradually, the ground started quivering. The stones suddenly gathered to the center, re-formed into a giant stone pillar in front of everyone in the glowing white light.

  "You really have to smash it!" Mu Chen was surprised with eyes wide open. He couldn’t believe it.

  Gu Yunjue was also surprised. He was just saying it. He only wanted Mu Chen to smash it, so then they could get the hell out of this awful place. Who would have known the pillar would truly be repaired?

  Yue Mingze covered his chest. In the recent couple of years, he had been trying to figure it out for so long. His efforts were meaningless comparing to Mu Chen’s smash. I really shouldn’t let Mu Chen go! If I had known it would end like this, I would have drag him back even it meant I have to cry and beg.

  At the same time, everyone looked at Mu Chen with fervent eyes. Gu Yunjue suddenly held Mu Chen around his waist with one hand and grabbed Mu Dong’s belt with the other. ’The hell with reminiscence! We are going home!’

  Right at this moment, Mu Qing was accompanying with a person in white in the air above Lofty Cloudy Sect and overlooking what had happened under their feet.

  Seeing the person had no intention to go down after helping Mu Chen repair Devil Suppression Pillar, Mu Qing asked again, "Uncle won’t see him, will you?"

  The person resembled Mu Chen a lot, with a pair of glittering eyes and a kind of amiable aura. He looked down at Mu Chen’s each movement smilingly and said in a soft voice, "No, it’s not the time. It’s already comforting to see him being so happy."

  Mu Qing shook his head helplessly. Since Natural Law lost its control toward his uncle, this person had woken up. The first thing he wanted to do was to see Mu Chen. Now he had helped Mu Chen repair Devil Suppression Pillar so that the immortal ream would owe him a favor. However, he wouldn’t show up in the end. What on earth was he thinking about?

  "Are you really going to the Ghost realm? You don’t want to see Grandpa?"

  "I’m going to pick up your mother. She must be waiting for me." Mu Luosheng, Mu Chen’s father, watched Gu Yunjue took Mu Chen away smilingly. His tone was still gentle, but the smile hung in his mouth seemed a little colder, "When you have time, help me beat this lad. He seems annoying."

  "You’re not glad for them being together? It’s too late. They had been bonded. I’ve checked it out. The contract they have was irrevocable. Mu Chen really keeps a close eye on him."

  "No. Chen’er likes him. So that’s it." This gentleman still had the mild smile, "But Chen’er can’t suppress him, which is not good."

  Mu Qing grinned, "Yes, I understand."

  The boundary between the immortal realm and the devil realm recovered only because of Mu Chen’s random smash. In this way, the four sects owe a big favor to Mu Chen. What was more, Mu Chen helped the two realms to avoid a great calamity.

  Gu Yunjue naturally took the opportunity to establish a good relation with the immortal realm and became the "friendliest Devil Lord".

  Fifty years later, Jing Ting retook the demon realm and moved the Demon Palace to the north to Ronggu Peak, which was right adjacent to Gu Yunjue’s Devil Palace.

  Gu Yunjin knew that Gu Yunjue was not a pushover and both the immortal realm and the demon realm had a good relation with Mu Chen, so he definitely wouldn’t dare to provoke Gu Yunjue and never went beyond his bounds.

  Later on, Mu Chen almost spent all his time together with Gu Yunjue in traveling around the three realms except for some time when he visited Lofty Cloudy Sect. people who had seen them all knew that they had a devil pet named "Heaven Egg" which is the most stupid one and of the lowest level.