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Book name New chapter Author Update Status
The Alpha's Bride Chapter 686 Three ceremonies (2) [Bonus chapter] RedSonia 2022-07-25 Ongoing
Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want Chapter 1158 - Excitement, Surprise Young Master Yunsi 2022-08-09 Ongoing
I DON’T WANT TO DEFY THE HEAVENS Chapter 660: Life Goes On xin.feng 2022-06-28 Ongoing
I am the Monarch Chapter 334: The Great Warring Period (15) Cheol Jonggeum 2022-08-18 Ongoing
THE NINE CAULDRONS Chapter 620: The White Horse Lake (Ending Part Two) xi.hong.shi 2022-06-28 End
JOY OF LIFE Chapter 735: No Lake That A Garden Shall Not Reclaim (2) 2022-06-28 End
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Chapter 2490 Mini scene: Shameless Competition Jiong Jiong You Yao 2022-06-28 Ongoing
Monster Integration Chapter 2586: Hole In The Mirror Gate Anwan 2022-07-29 Ongoing
I Am The Young Master Chapter 163 - Please Reconsider Amiro0o 2022-07-26 Ongoing
Valhalla Saga Chapter 261 (END) ?? 2022-07-20 Ongoing
DATING THE STRONGEST BOSS Chapter 94 - Bixian xiao.bai.lian 2022-06-28 End
Praise the Orc! Chapter 228 - EPILOGUE (2) Lee Jungmin 2022-07-27 Ongoing
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 590 Celebration and Budgets (END) Smoke Is A Path 2022-07-25 Ongoing
Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a F Chapter 600 (END) - I Would Be An Eternal In A Thousand Years (End) Oof 2022-08-22 Ongoing
I'm the King Of Technology Chapter 1508: True Power! Lumydee 2022-07-27 End
The 5000-year Chapter 159 – Division strategy…? old Herbivorous Dragon 2022-07-25 Ongoing
The Resplendent Farming Apothecary Chapter 136 – Bulk Purchase Qi Qingyu 2022-08-05 Ongoing
Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 1094 - Disdain! chen.feng 2022-07-15 End
Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation Chapter 499 Eternal youth SHIVAM_Chouksey 2022-08-22 Ongoing
FFF Chapter 442: [Extra] SSS-Class Barbarian (4) Class Trashero 2022-08-22 Ongoing
She's My Sleeping Pill Chapter 608 - PRESENCE OF DANGER _frieyaVida 2022-08-15 Ongoing
A Wild Last Boss Appeared Chapter 191 Firehead 2022-07-14 End
Demoness's Art of Vengeance Chapter 401: The Final Battle (End) [Grand Finale] Meditation Rock 2022-07-21 Ongoing
Martial God Asura Chapter 5175: The Sectmaster’s Confidence 善良的蜜蜂 2022-08-16 Ongoing
You've Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale Chapter 106 — It Started With Pengornises, And It Also Ends With Pengornises (End) Hei Dan Bai ;黑蛋白 2022-08-05 Ongoing
Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 1260 - Could he be your illegitimate child?! 囧囧有妖 2022-08-17 Ongoing
Forge of Destiny Chapter 209-Epilogue Yrsillar 2022-08-19 Ongoing
Immortal Path to Heaven Chapter 1360End - The Grand Finale Cang Tian Bai He 2022-07-27 Ongoing
THE ATYPICAL YOUNG LADY HAS RETURNED Chapter 583: A Huge Wedding (The End) li.xuan 2022-06-28 End
SWORD AMONG US Chapter 1268: Created for Love, Dying for Life Black Swordsman Online 2022-07-14 Ongoing