Chapter 394 (END)
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  If the Characters Were Made into a Card

  [Star Card Master X E-Sports Gods Series Linkage]

  If the characters were made into a card:

  There are many distinctive characters in the e-sports trilogy, the Strongest God, God Level Summoner and the King’s Return. If they one day became battle cards in the Star Card Master game, what type of skills will they have.

  Thus, a number of character gods were designed.

  The first is naturally the biggest winner of the male gods series, Liu Chuan.

  In the beginning, he led the Dragon Song team to win the championship and created the Dragon Song e-sports club. After signing Li Cangyu, Cat God led the team to fight the great gods in the professional league. After winning the domestic championship, they also won the world championship. As a result, Cat God’s apprentice and Qin Mo emerged and signed to the Dragon Song Club.

  Liu Chuan smiled and said: It doesn’t matter what you do, the championship belongs to my club.

  Everyone: Get out of here!

  [Liu Chuan

  Card Level: 70

  Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

  Skill 1: Taunt with your face (Liu Chuan smiles and taunts all hostile targets in range to attack himself).

  Skill 2: Invincible mouth (Liu Chuan enters a rapid fire mouth gun mode, attacking enemy players in range and causing 300% sonic damage to the targets).

  Skill 3: The ultimate winner (Liu takes out the championship trophies of the three teams Dragon Song, Canglan and Mojue. The golden light of the trophies illuminates the whole game, improving the combat power of allies by 200% and increasing the hatred of all enemy forces by 500%).

  After the card production was finished, Liu Chuan was very confused. “I like the ultimate winner skill but why does it increase the enemy’s hatred?”

  Everyone else, “What did you say?”

  Liu Chuan spoke innocently, “Perhaps my Dragon Song Club is a treasure land of feng shui. Every team that enters or club are champions. Ah, we won too many prizes and there is almost no place left to leave the trophies.”

  Everyone, “…Join forces to destroy him!”]

  Liu Chuan came out so there naturally needs to be his CP, Wu Zewen.

  [Wu Zewen

  Card Level: 70

  Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

  Skill 1: School tyrant’s database (automatically analyze all card data on the field and generate the best attack scenario).

  Skill 2: Map expert (if the field map is complex, Wu Zewen can automatically find the best attack location).

  Skill 3: Pets with 10,000 poisons (summons snakes, spiders and other poisonous pets to cause 300% group damage to targets within range).

  Wu Zewen pushed up his glasses and said, “If you need me to design a 3D labyrinth for the game, you can ask me to work part-time.”

  The school tyrant would never refuse part-time work to make money.]


  Next is the protagonist of God Level Summoner, LI Cangyu.

  Cat God is an upright Cat God. He isn’t as shameless as Liu Chuan and wasn’t contaminated by the shameless toxins of the Dragon Song Club. After experiencing a downturn in the Wulin period, Cat God returned to Miracle to stop the gods. He used the protagonist mode to go all the world to the World Competition, winning it.

  The upright Cat God has card skills that are slightly less upright.

  [Li Cangyu

  Card Level: 70

  Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

  Skill 1: Loves to eat fish (if there are fish on the field, Li Cangyu’s basic combat power will increase by 300% after eating fish).

  Skill 2: National team captain (Li Cangyu has an impact on all cards from the Miracle Professional League and will absorb 10% of the attack power of the Miracle League’s national team character cards.)

  Skill 3: Cataclysm (Summons the water, fire, wind and thunder spirits and instantly explode them, inflicting 300% group damage to all targets in range).

  Li Cangyu smiled. “The skill of eating fish is designed very well. If you feed me more fish, my combat effectiveness can double again.”

  Ling Xuefeng, “Of course, I have to feed you.”]

  [Ling Xuefeng

  Card Level: 70

  Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

  Skill 1: Fish expert (Can make steamed bass, braised fish, squirrel mandarin fish, west lake vinegar fish and other fish dishes. If the game has the Li Cangyu card on the field, feed Li Cangyu to increase his combat effectiveness. If there is no Li Cangyu card, throw the fish to attack the opponent).

  Skill 2: Ling Xuefeng’s gaze (if the opponent as the Qin Mo card, stare at Qin Mo and made Qin Mo enter the ‘Master is watching me’ fear state and he will take the initiative to surrender. If there is no Qin Mo, stare at the designated opponent and the opponent will fall into a weakened state and be unable to attack).

  Skill 3: Demon God’s rage (summon the skeleton infantry, banshee and other demon pets and instantly explode them, causing 300% group damage to all enemies in range).

  Ling Xuefeng spoke calmly, “Cat God’s fish has been contracted by me and I intend to open a fish store for him. As for Qin Mo, don’t be afraid of me.”

  Qin Mo, “…”

  Being afraid of his master was a conditioned reflex and he couldn’t get rid of it.]


  Finally, the protagonist of the third book, King’s Return.

  [Qin Mo

  Card Level: 70

  Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

  Skill 1: Proud summoner (transform to the 16 year old Qin Mo and enter the proud state. Combat power will increase by 300%, defense will be reduced by 10%. Vampire bats will be summoned to attack all targets in range, causing blood-sucking group damage).

  Skill 2: Calm swordsman (transform to the 21 year old Qin Mo. Attack and defense will be balanced. Summon a large number of sword rain and cause physical damage to all targets within range).

  Skill 3: Top of the food chain (when encountering Xiao Han, Qin Mo is at the top of the food chain and can give instructions to Xiao Han).

  Qin Mo asked, “Can I instruct Xiao Han to block my master’s gaze?”

  Xiao Han smiled. “Of course, if my wife says so.”

  Qin Mo, “Don’t use words indiscriminately. Who is your wife?”

  Xiao Han, “Good husband.”

  Qin Mo, “…….”

  Then what skills should Xiao Han’s card have?

  Xiao Han

  Card Level: 70

  Evolution Star: ★★★★★★★

  Skill 1: Mixed race child’s misunderstanding (transform into a young version of Xiao Han and attack enemies with chaotic idioms).

  Skill 2: Stealth pursuit (in an invisible state, strike the specified target with the dagger and deal 500% critical damage).

  Skill 3: Bottom of the food chain (when encountering Li Cangyu, follow Master’s instructions. When encountering Qin Mo, follow Qin Mo’s instructions. When encountering Ling Xuefeng, actively blocked Ling Xuefeng who is staring at Qin Mo.)

  Xiao Han, “Who should I listen to at the bottom of the food chain?”

  Li Cangyu asked, “If I have a dispute with Qin Mo one day, will you help Master or Xiao Mo?”

  Xiao Han, “…”

  This was simply a difficult question.

  The mixed-race child thought for a moment before answering, “Master is God Ling’s lover and Qin Mo is my lover. I will help Qin Mo while God Ling will help Master.”

  Li Cangyu, “…”

  A perfect answer!]