Chapter 643: The End
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  "Why the hell are we playing the chess?"

  "Cus we are the old and useless."


  Kuzan and Peler were playing the chess in the outskirts.

  This world was medium world, the world where Xue Ren first landed after the earth got taken over. It was one of the worlds mostly visited by him while in cover. The cover was naturally of that normal human without much energies.

  And as someone like that, Xue Ren had his family here too.

  It was family with Di Xun who was also sealing her powers to become the normal human. Her family was also living here, but they had to cover themselves too if they wished to see the fluffs without energies!

  A lot of Xue Ren women began enjoying this kind of life causing him to build up a lot of normal families throughout the universe. Of course, it's not like Xue Ren doesn't have a lot of his children filled with magic and other energies.

  But they were all full aware of what is going on and practised and fought between each other in his universe.

  "Uncle Kuzan! Do you want to play with me? Let's play football!"

  "No, I am playing the chess."



  The fluff pouted, then threw the ball at Kuzan's face! It rebounced then as the energetic fluff grabbed the ball, he turned around and escaped from angry Kuzan's eyes. Yes, it was a boy who can continue Xue Ren's lineage, albeit, without any energies.

  And he had a lot of 'normal children' with both genders.

  "Kuzan, we can become real living beings…… It's no problem for Ren to create real legendary races with his bloodline…… The elven queen then would resurrect us and……"

  "And what? I don't feel like living at all."

  Kuzan tapped the board with his pawn, then looked around.

  "In the end, everything is human like. Hah!"


  And Peler could only smile wryly. Both of them were uncles for the normal children and as for the oens who had energies…… Let's say, it was diverse. The reincarnations played the chess, then Kuzan felt like he has to explain more.

  "As his divine equipment, I can come back to him at wish. You know what happened after all the years?"


  "That fool began losing the control of his divinity yet again! Back to the fucking origins! Haha!"

  "Hah? You mean he has to diddle another, new woman?"

  "Yeahhhh~~ If not, then his women can be the only one to keep his body in one place! But how can he be a 'normal' father then? Hahaha! This is why I am still here. This fool is going to keep me entertained for the rest of my life!"

  The fifth yet again shook his head.

  At least Sex Goddess could be kept in one house with that strong weapon of sex god! He thought about it for a while, then laughed along with Kuzan. The reincarnations were enjoying their time, then some friends came over.

  It was Rure with his sister.

  Both of them were known to be vampires and friends. The normal family couldn't know that the sister is also woman of their father! Apparently, there is some party tonight! More and more people began to gather including Rure's wife, Eagle Empress and even Zhi Shendra came who was already enjoying his long life.

  "Welcome, everyone."

  Xue Ren came with Di Xun.

  All of them were keeping human like looks. It was time only with a little friends and people exactly for this medium world, so Di Xun's family was also here. Then, a few ladies of Xue Ren in cover came too!

  "Hi~~ It's been a while."


  "Ahaha~~ The lovely parents are finally here."

  "They can't get more human like."

  "What's up with such comment?"

  Of course, Xue Ren needed to have a job, so that their children can look forward to adult life and know about responsibilities. He has been trying a lot of stuff in each world, but sometimes, Xue Ren himself was becoming 'housewife' and his ladies were the working ones.

  Such lifestyle was also funny and enjoyable.

  And now, the party was here to relish their peaceful lives and just enjoy some time surrounded by the fluffiness and happiness!

  Xue Ren looked at his lady, his friends and children.

  He instantly let out a smile like an idiot, then snatched the food of Kuzan.

  "Hey, what the fuck?"

  "Not so human like~~ What's up with such speed, are you perhaps a snail?"


  The End.