Chapter 262 - The Cultivation Technique of the Seven Phoenixes Sect (3)
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  Of course, there were also some people who did not understand.

  For example, in the wilderness, a group of women were chattering and discussing.

  “Wow! This human has so many cultivation techniques!”

  “Sis, did you see it? There are so many grade SSS cultivation techniques!”

  “I really want it. In our clan, the highest cultivation technique is only grade S!”

  “That’s right, clan leader, let’s go and destroy this sect. The sect leader is only at the ninth level of the Golden Core stage!”

  “Ninth level of the Golden Core stage? So weak!”

  The women chattered.

  This group of women all had pretty faces and long tails behind them.

  “Big Sis! Shall we go?”

  The big sister they were talking about was an extremely beautiful woman.

  Behind her, five tails were swaying.

  She was the current clan leader of the Heavenly Fox clan……

  Compared to ordinary demon clans, these demon foxes liked some human things even more.

  For example, cosmetics, bags, and clothes.

  However, because of the tense relationship between humans and demons, it was not easy to obtain these things.

  The risk of them entering a human city was too high. Once they were exposed, their lives would be in danger.

  However, they were not completely helpless. Sometimes, they would use charm as a means to control some humans and buy things.

  At this moment, the leading demon fox’s heart was also burning with passion.

  Her name was Bai Xiangxiang, and she was the current clan leader of the Heavenly Fox clan.

  Her cultivation level was at the eighth level of the Earth immortal stage.

  In comparison, she was even stronger than the strongest cultivator of the human race.

  However, among the demon race, it was difficult to call her the strongest.

  In fact, many of the current experts of the demon race on Fengming Planet had the cultivation level of the Heaven Immortal stage.

  However, the higher the cultivation level, the more they wanted to continue climbing.

  They didn’t care about the battles between ordinary demons and humans.

  To most demons, humans were their enemies, but the demons of different races were also their enemies.

  The Heavenly Fox race wasn’t an overly powerful race among the demons. There weren’t many of them either.

  In fact, compared to humans, most of the demons were much rarer.

  That was because those half-demons that did not transform could not be called half-demons.

  They were just demonic beasts.

  Only after they transformed and cultivated their bodies would they be recognized as half-demons.

  The descendants of the half-demons would also directly have the ability to transform.

  Between the two, there was a qualitative leap.

  And to them, the cultivation techniques of the human race could also be cultivated.

  A group of women surrounded Bai Xiangxiang and chirped, “Big Sis, let’s go and destroy this human sect! Qingzhou is very close to us. If we don’t go, others might get there first.”

  “That’s right. If we don’t go, others might get there first, and the cultivation techniques might be gone.”

  “This guy’s Scripture Pavilion has nine floors. There might be a cultivation technique that can be useful to you.”

  The group of people basically wanted to destroy the Seven Phoenixes sect.

  Bai Xiangxiang sneered, “Do you really think this man is a fool?”

  Hearing her words, everyone was stunned.

  “Don’t you think about it? So many people have already warned him, yet he’s still so confident. Could it be that he really doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeves?”

  It was obvious that she was still maintaining her calm!

  Bai Xiangxiang said in a low voice, “I don’t think he came here for nothing to be so confident. With what he did, there will definitely be people who won’t be able to resist making a move. When the time comes, let’s wait and see!”

  “Then what if the cultivation techniques are snatched away by someone?”

  “That’s right…… It’s better to strike first.”

  “Let’s go and snatch them.”

  Seeing that everyone was eager to try, Bai Xiangxiang’s face turned stiff, she angrily rebuked, “All of you, shut up! If I say no, then it’s no good. Without my orders, you’re not allowed to attack this so-called Seven Phoenixes sect!”

  Seeing her angry, the other demon foxes shut their mouths……

  Bai Xiangxiang thought so, but it didn’t mean that other people would think so.