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Book name New chapter Author Update Status
Martial God Asura Chapter 5175: The Sectmaster’s Confidence 善良的蜜蜂 2022-08-16 Ongoing
Against the Gods Chapter 1929 - Real Dream huo.xing 2022-07-15 End
Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2861 Sisters in Trouble 平凡魔术师 2022-07-28 Ongoing
The Great Thief Chapter 1977 - The Final Chapter 泛舟填词 2022-07-22 Ongoing
Ancient Strengthening Technique Chapter 2492 - Final Chapter The End I Am Superfluous 2022-08-03 End
Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3243: The Martial Soul Mountain Sealed in Ice Xin Xing Xiao Yao 2022-07-20 End
Perfect World Chapter 2015 - Ruling All Ages Chen Dong 2022-07-27 Ongoing
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation Chapter 2380 Epilogue 5 : How Fragrant Was This Flower? Moon Like Fire 2022-07-27 End
Reverend Insanity Chapter 2333 - Three? ?Venerables? ?Attack? ?Heavenly? ?Court!? ?? Gu Zhen Ren 2022-07-26 Ongoing
Medical Master Chapter 1100 - A Primitive Tribe! 步行天下 2022-07-29 Ongoing
Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 2053 - Additional Tales: Legend of the Devilish Female (END) Jing Wu Hen 2022-08-03 Ongoing
Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 3020 - Heaven, Don’t Play With Me Like This! 风一色 2022-07-20 Ongoing
The Human Emperor Chapter 2467 (END) - Side Story Chapter 40: The Sage Emperor of the Great Tang! Huangfu Qi 2022-07-22 Ongoing
Legend of Swordsman Chapter 3642 - The Fourth Heaven Mr. Money 2022-08-01 Ongoing
Super Gene Chapter 3462 Epilogue Twelve Winged Dark Burning An 2022-07-25 Ongoing
The Magus Era Chapter 1901: Go on A Long Journey Xue Hong 2022-07-21 Ongoing
Sovereign of the Three Realms Chapter 2376: Outtake (END) Li Tian 2022-07-26 Ongoing
Almighty Sword Domain Chapter 2065 – I Like to Kill! qing.lun.feng 2022-07-18 End
Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2030 Qin Wen Xiong Mao Kuai Pao 2022-07-18 Ongoing
Gourmet of Another World Chapter 1851 (END) - Finale (The End) Li Hongtian 2022-08-19 Ongoing
Renegade Immortal Chapter 2088 - Suddenly Looking Back 耳根 2022-07-26 Ongoing
Versatile Mage Chapter 2685 - The Five Elders Work Hand-in-hand Chaos 2022-07-20 Ongoing
Warrior's Promise Chapter 2712 Strong Escort 百里龙虾 2022-07-20 Ongoing
Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1936 - Should I ridicule him the next time we meet? Legend Of The Paladin 2022-07-20 End
Castle of Black Iron Chapter 2015 (END) - The End Drunken Tiger 2022-07-20 End
Overgeared Chapter 1658 Park Saenal 2022-07-28 Ongoing
Peerless Martial God Chapter 2500 (END) - The End 净无痕 2022-07-27 Ongoing
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1882 ming.yu 2022-07-20 End
Refining the Mountains and Rivers Chapter 1366 – Do Not Be Affected! Canteen Buns 2022-07-27 Ongoing
Battle Through the Heavens Chapter 1648: The End Is Also A Beginning (End) tu.dou 2022-07-19 Ongoing