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  Cayenne's gift to Stefan seemed ordinary to other people – a snow globe. What make it special was the house model inside the globe and the name engraved on the porch. It says, 'Stefan's home'. And the house was Cayenne's. It was obvious that his home was Cayenne. Although the house would change in the future. He just didn't inform her about it yet.

  Cayenne was really spent up after his lie for round two. She knew it. She has known it from a long time ago that a single round wouldn't be enough for her husband. She should have stopped him with all her might. But then, she liked it so, she could also be blamed partly for her exhaustion.

  When they went back inside, Stefan excused themselves and sent her to their bedroom. He showered her, dried her hair and changed her clothes before putting her to bed. "You can sleep ahead. I'll get to bed soon." He kissed her goodnight and went downstairs to entertain their guests.

  "Where's auntie Yen?" Jade asked when she saw Stefan coming down alone. "Is she sleeping already? How can she sleep before a kid does?"

  "Well, I did something that tires her out."

  "You are like daddy. Sometimes, he tires mommy out for no reason. Adults are really weird." Jade mumbled and walked away to play with Kath and Clarisse. She was already getting attached to these two ladies who will be part of the Ardolf family in the future. Hopefully, because he didn't want Luiz and Kyle to be hurt since their pain would surely affect Cayenne.

  "I know it's your birthday but you shouldn't have worn her out while Jade's still up. You know the kid loves to play with her." Travis commented on the side before taking a sip of his wine.

  "I tried. It just didn't work."

  Travis smirked but didn't say anything. Who was he to lecture Stefan when he couldn't do the same thing as well? He looked towards his wife and Jillyanna felt his gaze on her. She turned to meet his eyes and smiled. That knowing smile that would send butterflies in the pit of his stomach.

  "Excuse me, Stefan." Jackie stood beside him and handed him a flash drive. "I know that this is your birthday and that we should be happy and merry but at the same time, we should always be cautious. I have something here for you that you have to check for yourself."

  "Is this related to Napoleone?"

  "Yes. He's currently imprisoned in the Regional City Jail with Vincent monitoring on him. Two days ago, a man visited him. Based on the guards, there wasn't really wrong with their conversation but it felt off and didn't make sense at all. I told Vince to ask one of the guards to write down what the conversation was all about. I could hardly understand it but you might get some clues since he's your uncle."

  "Why didn't you give this to my father or grandfather?"

  Jackie frowned and looked straight to Stefan's eyes. "You didn't really spend time with them, do you?"

  "No, unless Ayen wanted to."

  "You are their direct blood family."

  Stefan pursed his lips and took the flash drive from her. "One's hatred cannot be changed overnight. Anyway, I'll take a look at the files."

  Stefan was about to leave but Jackie held his elbow to stop him. "Your grandpa, I'm not sure if he's keeping it a secret or you just didn't notice, he's got little time left. At most, a year or two. Shouldn't you make it up to him?"

  "Thank you for your concern but I will deal things myself."

  "Fine. I won't interfere with this matter but I hope you can keep Cayenne safe."

  "Hn. I will do my utmost to keep her safe."

  Travis didn't say anything and just gave his best friend a pat on his shoulder. Men don't express emotional words but little gestures were more than enough to express their lengthy messages.

  Around eleven in the evening, the party was finally over and everyone decided to go home and rest. Stefan didn't go back to their room immediately, making sure that everyone was sent home with bodyguards escorting them. With Napoleone's connection, he was afraid that someone would suddenly appear out of nowhere and attack the people close to him.

  'No. Not this time. I'll make sure that everyone's safe.' Stefan told himself and with that in mind, he was planning to ask Travis and Reuben to hire him more bodyguards. They have plenty of connections with the underground world compared to him. They'll be able to find more reliable people compared to him. That's something he admitted after Cayenne was kidnapped.

  Cayenne was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. She felt tired and she wanted to sleep but she felt a little restless without Stefan beside her. It felt like she was all alone again, like the time she was kidnapped and left alone most of the time in her room.

  She heard the light creak of the door being opened and her eyes immediately opened to see Stefan coming inside. "You are still awake?"

  "You expected me to sleep without you here?"

  "Well, I exhausted you so I thought it would be enough to send you to sleep. Looks like I didn't work that much."

  Cayenne just rolled her eyes upon hearing him and patted the space beside her. "Stop being delusional and get back here. It's late already. Did everyone go home already?"

  "Hn. Teacher Chan went home with her students in one car. Apparently, Luiz and her other students wanted to talk to her more."

  "It's a little sad that Chris isn't here to celebrate your birthday. He had been with you for quite some time."

  "He sent me a gift, though."

  "He did? That so thoughtful of him. I didn't know he'd have the time to choose the gift."

  "He bought it over a month ago when he got the chance to loiter around during his mission. Anyway, let's just talk more tomorrow. You have to sleep now."

  In P country, several miles and oceans apart from City B, a woman was busy with her experiments. She was given the task to create a deadly, colorless and odorless poison without any antidote. In exchange for this small vial of poison was the freedom of the man she loves – Simmon Summer.

  He was currently jailed inside the Regional City Jail and coincidentally, Napoleone was on the cell next to him. When someone visited Napoleon, Simmon happened to be talking with Jillyanna as well, who visited to check on him. It was purely coincidental but the man who visited Simmon owned a huge secret laboratory that makes different kinds of drugs, both legal and illegal. He caught sight of Simmon and with just a single glance, he knew that the man was the same person that his student admired for several years. She even kept a photograph of him.

  "I can help you deal with the Dumrique and the Ardolf families. I can include the Montefalco, too. But I have one condition. During your escape, you must bring that man with you." The man whispered while writing nonsense things on a paper. His eyes were looking at Simmon.

  "Deal……" Napoleone agreed without the slightest bit of hesitation.