Chapter 120: Vision’s Great Road to Surprises
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  “And then? What happened to the eating contest in Yorem?”

  “It was a big win for Slow-sama. I think there is no one in this world who can beat him when it comes to eating, Princess Karina. Believe it or not, I seriously believe that Slow-sama has two stomachs, maybe three? Or maybe even four.”

  “Oh my! He’s amazing after all! But still, Vision-san. Looks like you’re close friends with him. Then, do you have any idea where he is now? We’ve posted a wanted list all over the south, but there’s still no credible information!”

  Karina who was so absorbed in listening about the things involving Slow didn’t seem to notice that he was glancing in a certain direction.

  As the princess tiptoed, her breasts bounced around which made him distracted. She seemed to have forgotten about where her father had gone to.

  Ah! Her chest was bouncing! God-!

  Uwaa! It’s bouncing again!

  Her fluffy blonde hair smoothly followed as she bounced around. Her pale skin and droopy eyes combined created a calm atmosphere around her. She looked like a weak little animal that induced that desire from within him to protect her.

  In addition, he heard a couple of hearsays around.

  The reason why Princess Karina didn’t attend royal balls and banquet!

  But, he was sure of one thing!

  If her chest kept on bouncing around during a dance in a ball, she would be subjected to all sorts of ridiculous eyes. If that happened, that would be very shameful!

  Just like they said, no, there was more to what they said!

  The God of Dalis was really here!

  “Yes, Slow-sama and I are close friends. Un, I think Slow-sama is playing around somewhere… Everyone praised him as a hero, but that person is quite a player deep inside. Otherwise, he won’t be called the worst troublemaker in the history of Kurush Magic Academy… Ah, now that you mention it, Slow-sama once said something along those lines.”

  “Hundred petals of white flower, white lily. When I get back, I will go visit the beautiful white petals of white lily in your hometown.”

  Hundred petals of white lily, hundred petals of white lily, the place that I am always thinking of—

  “Do you have any idea, Sir Vision?”

  “Yes, maybe.”

  “Well then, I want to ask a favor!”

  He felt like he was in heaven the moment she grabbed his hand.

  She was different from ordinary girls.

  She was very different from the different girls I met in the town of Yorem. That evil b*tch…She extorted about 70,000 from me back then… uhh, thinking about that day felt like I’m going crazy…

  No, I don’t care about that girl anymore.

  After all, I’m honored with the presence of Princess Karina!

  …Slow-sama, aah, Slow-sama, I really glad to have met you…

  I couldn’t believe that I could talk closely like this with Princess Karina, the princess of Dalis.

  Moreover, I could enjoy the sight of her chest bouncing around closely like this…

  N-no! This is disrespectful! To have such malicious intent towards the next Queen of Dalis!

  Princess Karina called me because she needed me for something!

  As a member of Dalis nobility, it was very disrespectful to glace at Princess Karina’s chest, no… it’s a crime equivalent to death!

  Okay, let’s calm down.

  But…Princess Karina was sitting defenseless on the opposite side of the desk, uhhh…

  Is this torture?

  “E-ehto, then, what favor do you want to ask from me? What favor do you want to ask from the servant of Slow Denning, the Hero of the South, the Dragon Slayer, and also his dearest friend?”

  “Well, Vision-san. You’re really reliable!”

  “No-no, I am just a life-long friend of Slow Denning. Please do tell me what you want, Princess Karina. Why are you so eager to see him?”

  “That…you know, h-he is m-my first kiss!

  “I see! It’s because he is your first kiss!… eh?”


  N? …wait a minute.

  Why do I feel like I heard something horrible…?

  “E-ehto? Excuse me. I must’ve misheard what you said. Who did you say you had your first kiss with?”

  “Well! Vision-san, let me say it again. I-I can’t believe you’re making me say it again… What a bad man…But, uhm, I’ll tell you…fi-fi-first kiss! Ah, that’s not right! Vision-san… please keep this a secret from Maldini and the royal knights… I-I don’t want them to think that I’m a dirty woman! Because, because, it was inevitable. We had a fateful meeting back in the town of Yorem, haa—”

  “Gohon, gohon, gohon! Wait! Let me sort out my thoughts! Princess!”

  Fi-fi-first kiss?

  Who did the princess have her first kiss with?


  Who did the angel-like princess had her first kiss with?


  Ah, Princess Karina nodded her head.


  Slow-sama and Princess Karina, fi-fif-first kiss, FIRST KISS?!

  Slow-sama? Wa? What? Haa? HAAA??

  “Vision-san! What on earth is going on with you?!”

  I completely understand.

  Right, I understand it perfectly!

  But why was a low-ranking noble, such as the likes of my rank, personally be asked and escorted back in the palace!

  This was more disrespectful than having malicious thoughts towards the Princess’ chest!

  “This Great Road of Vision. I now understood why our beautiful princess called me. I now understand. So that’s why Captain Maldini and the Royal Knights had bitter expressions. Right, this is definitely our country’s dilemma. Yes, that’s why please don’t stop me, Princess of Dalis, Princess Karina. For the sake of the Dalis’s future, I’m going to enact the punishment to the best of my abilities to the cancer of the nation, to that barbarian knight, that pig-!”

  Uhh, Slow-sama…?

  Even I that was called a Prince Charming haven’t had my first kiss yet.

  What is this? Getting ahead and stepping into the world of the adults?

  And, what are you doing in the town of Yorem? You-?!

  “—No, you’re wrong, Vision-san, it’s me, I—”