Chapter 813 – Rank Three Pill?
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  As time passed, Huan Chuyou’s expression changed a bit. Baili Hongzhuang had indeed been refining pills for a long time.

  Although Baili Hongzhuang hadn’t finished the second rank alchemist exam in the Alchemist Association, he believed that Baili Hongzhuang had already reached the level of a second rank alchemist.

  Merely, most of the time required to refine a rank two pill was about the same. It was a bit strange that Baili Hongzhuang hadn’t finished refining it for so long.

  The smile on Cang Hongxi’s face grew deeper and deeper. Liu Qinyue was already destined to be Wei Hanyun’s defeat. As for Baili Hongzhuang, she probably wouldn’t even be able to complete it, let alone surpassing Wei Hanyun.

  “Old Huan, your academy’s Baili Hongzhuang seems to be a bit of a thunderous person.”

  Cang Hongxi’s voice was filled with ridicule and complacency. It was because he felt nervous because of Baili Hongzhuang’s appearance earlier.

  From the looks of it, all his worries were unnecessary.

  Even if Azure Water School had achieved good results in the first two matches, so what?

  The most important thing for an alchemist was refining pills. What use was Baili Hongzhuang’s ability to distinguish and refine medicinal ingredients?

  The more eye-catching the previous performance, the worse the results of the third round would be!

  No matter how much the Azure Water School wanted to achieve good results in this exchange competition, it was all in vain.

  Jian Qingqiu’s face also revealed a smile. Although the Alchemy Competition’s Spirit Concealment Academy was probably the last place, the Alchemy Competition had never been an important event for the Academy.

  As long as Nangong Aochen defeated all his opponents tomorrow, the Spirit Concealment Academy would still be a glorious place.

  “Hongzhuang’s pills haven’t been refined yet. What should we do?”

  Xia Zhiqing couldn’t help but cross her hands, her eyes filled with worry. Hongzhuang was now the only hope of Azure Water School.

  “Could it be that something unexpected happened during the process of refining pills?”

  Bai Junyu frowned. If Baili Hongzhuang did not succeed at the last moment, that would be terrible.

  “I don’t even know the ending until the last moment.”

  Gong Shaoqing slowly spoke. His usually cold and expressionless face was now faintly stained with a trace of bigotry.

  From the moment they arrived at Lingyin College, it had already been a bitter battle. Until the last moment, they would not admit defeat.

  Chu Jiyou and the other two exchanged glances. Surprise appeared in their eyes.

  According to their senses, there seemed to be no problem with the pills in Baili Hongzhuang’s pill furnace. As for Baili Hongzhuang, she didn’t make any mistakes in the process of refining.

  As such, it could only be said that Baili Hongzhuang needed a long time to refine the pill.

  “Amongst rank two medicinal pills, there are not many medicinal pills that require such a long time.”

  Lin Hao frowned slightly. This amount of time was comparable to the time required to refine a tier 3 medicinal pill.

  “Could this girl be refining a tier three medicinal pill?”Hearing Lin Hao’s words, Bai Jingtian could not help but ask.

  He did not know anything about pill refinement techniques. However, if Baili Hongzhuang were to truly refine a rank three pill, it would be truly heaven-defying.

  This way, it would be even more difficult for him to snatch Baili Hongzhuang from the Inscription Association.

  Chu Jiyou shook his head slightly. With a light smile, he said,” No, judging from the fluctuations, Baili Hongzhuang is refining a rank two pill.”