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Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts   Author:平凡魔术师
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Long Chen, a crippled youth who cannot cultivate, is constantly targeted and bullied by his fellow noble heirs. After a particularly vicious beating, he wakes up and realizes a Pill God’s soul has somehow merged with him, giving him some additional memories. Within those memories is the mysterious Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a cultivation technique that even he can train in, but whose secrets and origin are still a mystery to him. Relying on his improved instincts as he finally begins to cultivate, he realizes a huge conspiracy is underfoot within the Phoenix Cry Empire, one involving his father, members of the imperial family, and even the Emperor himself. In order to solve the mysteries around him, he must rely on his new alchemy techniques and the powerful but baffling Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Countless enemies block him as he attempts to climb to the peak of the cultivation world. Fate destined him to be only a chess piece, but he would not bow to the will of the Heavens.
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Chapter 2861 Sisters in Trouble

  “Brother San, how do you know?” asked Mu Qingyun.

  “I can sense the auras of other people,” said Long Chen.

  The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was very sensitive to these auras. Although his abilities had been limited after entering the immortal world, he could still sense this.

  Was someone else also after the Heavenly Flame seed? Long Chen started to have a bad feeling. He had found this information from one of the historical texts he had read.

  That book hadn’t been..











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