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Closed Beta That Only I Played   Author:basso77
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“Game user confirmation.” -Currently game user : 1 “…….” The 1 person the system mentions is me. That is how I could tell that this game will fail as well……. Juyeong Hong enjoys playing games more than anyone else, and is captivated by one which yields as much as the effort he puts into it, unlike his studies, where he has made no progress no matter the effort. Juyeong has bet nearly his entire life on the game and applies to be a beta tester. He is accepted for the game “Forgotten Legend” which has not been officially launched. Juyeong played with more effort than anyone and had a lot of fun, but there were seemingly no other players who had enjoyed it, so the game disappeared without a trace. Only three closed beta tests had been done ……. Moreover, the last closed beta test involved Juyeong Hong only. Then one day, the game returned, under a new title “Revival Legend.” Then suddenly, for some unknown reason, top companies around the world begin wanting to own the rights …
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Chapter 500 - Juyoung Hong (27)

  In the Korean stock market at the time.

  The market had yet to close, so it was still active.

  Then some stocks started to surge all of a sudden.

  They were the stocks of the Myongjin Group, Myongjin Oil Refinery, and other Myongjin subsidiaries.

  In particular, the prices of Myongjin Oil Refinery stocks, which had dipped tremendously along with the other oil refining stocks a little while ago, reversed, and surged as high as the daily limit of 30% in only 10 minute..











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