Chapter 1100 - A Primitive Tribe!
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  Arabb Republic of Egyptt was also known as Egyptt.

  Located in the northeast of Africo, it was the communications hub connecting Europa, Asiia, and Africo and a shortcut among the sea lanes between the Paciffic Ocean and Indane Ocean.

  After saying goodbye to Jiang Miaoyu, Fang Qiu immediately got in the helicopter arranged for him by the president of Comores.

  Actually, the only function of the helicopter was to send Fang Qiu away from Comores.

  The helicopter crossed the sea and sent Fang Qiu to a coastal city called Moncha in Danzon, Africo, adjacent to the sea.

  For the president of Comores, it was too much of a waste to send Fang Qiu directly to Egyptt with a helicopter. Comores was very short of oil, so he would never do such a thing. Therefore, he chose to book a plane ticket to Egyptt for Fang Qiu in Moncha.

  Of course, Fang Qiu didn’t force him.

  He knew that it was almost impossible for the president of Comores to send him directly to Egyptt. After all, Africo was too vast. If he wanted to go from Comores to Egyptt, he would have to cross at least three countries!

  Flying over the territory of another country by helicopter was obviously not allowed.

  As soon as Fang Qiu arrived at Moncha, the helicopter returned.

  After getting the ticket, he quickly got on the plane to Egyptt.

  He traveled through three countries.

  It took him more than ten hours to finally arrive at Kairo, the capital of Egyptt.

  Kairo was the largest city in Africo and even the Arabb world. It spanned across the Nille and was located in the northeast of Egyptt.

  As soon as Fang Qiu got off the plane, he took out his phone and clicked open the map.

  He clearly remembered that the four herbs recorded in that book, as well as the prescription that could cure malaria, were located in the north of Egyptt, near the Sahhara.

  There was a savage tribe there!

  Out of the airport, Fang Qiu directly used the navigation system on his phone to buy a cheap second-hand car in Kairo. Then, he drove all the way to the tribe.

  More than an hour later, he finally arrived at his destination.

  He saw the yellow sand dancing in the fierce wind on the horizon from a distance.

  Not far from the yellow sand, there were some shades of green, which were cactuses in the desert and some trees similar to leaf trees. Among these trees, there were semicircle houses piled up with stones, which looked like caves.

  “Here it is!”

  Seeing those houses, Fang Qiu was instantly sure that this tribe was the savage tribe recorded in that book.

  He sped up.

  A few minutes later, he stopped about 50 meters away from the tribe.

  Since the book stated that this was a savage tribe and everything here looked primitive, he was afraid that he would arouse the hostility of the tribesmen if he broke in straight.

  Therefore, he chose to stop the car and then quickly walked in.

  “Hmm? I smell something fishy.”

  Fang Qiu had just taken a few steps when a gust of hot wind blew over. So he smelt a trace of blood.

  He continued to walk forward about 30 meters. When he was about to enter the tribe, as expected, he saw some dried bloodstains on the ground.


  At the same time, sorrowful wails could be heard from within the tribe.

  Fang Qiu looked in the direction of the sound and found that in front of one of the stone houses of the tribe, there were several people kneel-sitting at the door, crying around a body that had not been moved away.

  “What’s going on?”

  Fang Qiu was slightly shocked. He walked over quickly, puzzled.


  But just as he reached the tribe’s entrance, those men who found him and were naked with only a string of leaves tied to their waists immediately stood up and roared with great anger.

  In their hands were stone hammers made of wooden clubs and stone, crude stone axes made from stone, and even homemade bows and arrows!

  Roaring crazily, those who looked pretty much like primitive men instantly brandished the weapons in their hands and rushed toward Fang Qiu with red eyes. Without saying a word, they directly smashed toward his head.

  There were also some people who didn’t rush over. They took out long arrows stained with snake venom and shot them at Fang Qiu!

  “I guess I came at the wrong time.”

  Fang Qiu gave a wry smile and quickly moved his feet to dodge all the attacks. At the same time, he grabbed two arrows shooting at him.

  “Even the arrowheads are made of stone and are smeared with snake venom…… This tribe is really primitive.”

  Fang Qiu ran quickly to a tree so big that only a man could hold it with his arms and threw the arrows in his hand to the ground. When the crazy primitive tribesmen attacked again, he waved his right hand and directly punched the big tree beside him.


  A loud bang rang out.

  All the primitive tribesmen were shocked.

  When they looked at Fang Qiu and the big tree beside him, their expressions changed instantly.

  Because they saw that the tree, which was so big that only a man could hold it with his arms, was actually broken by Fang Qiu’s punch!

  Under the shocked gazes of all the primitive tribesmen, the tree fell to the ground with a loud crash!

  At this moment, all of the primitive tribesmen kept quiet out of fear.

  None of them dared to move anymore. As they kept retreating, they put away the weapons in their hands and looked at Fang Qiu as if they were looking at God. They didn’t dare to offend him at all.

  “Does anyone speak English?” Fang Qiu asked as he looked indifferently at these primitive tribesmen.

  The primitive tribesmen couldn’t understand him at all.

  They felt as if God was punishing them for their mistakes. All of them were so terrified that they were about to kneel down.

  “I, I do.”

  At this point, an old man with a crutch came out of the stone house and said as he walked toward Fang Qiu, “I can speak a little English.”


  Fang Qiu was surprised.

  This was a savage tribe. How could anyone understand English?

  “I am the patriarch.”

  As if seeing through Fang Qiu’s doubt, the old man spoke and then waved his hand at those primitive tribesmen. The primitive tribesmen immediately retreated to the door of the stone house, squatted together, and stopped talking.


  Fang Qiu was even more curious.

  “That’s right.”

  The old man nodded affirmatively and added, “This is the rule of our tribe. Every generation, there must be one person who goes out to be exposed to the outside world and then bring back the technologies to develop our tribe. But no matter what, our tribe is not allowed to accept any gift from the outside world. We can only rely on our own efforts to develop and evolve. I am the only person who has come into contact with the outside world. Although I know English, I can’t teach them, nor will they learn it. Although I have technologies, without the support of resources from the city, we can do nothing, so our tribe doesn’t develop!”

  “Oh, I see.”

  Fang Qiu nodded with understanding.

  In his opinion, the old man really could speak English, but there were some words that he could not pronounce decently. He was not proficient in English, but as long as he could be understood, it was fine.

  “What’s going on?”

  Fang Qiu pointed at the body surrounded by the group of people and asked, “I’ve just arrived here. Why did they attack me? How did that person die?”

  “Before you arrived, a group of people came to our tribe. Not only did they kill my tribesmen, but they also snatched a few of my tribesmen to be guides for them to hunt large animals.”

  The old man explained with a worried look on his face before continuing, “My tribesmen thought you were with the group earlier, so they attacked you, blinded by hatred. I apologize to you on their behalf. I’m sorry.”

  “No need.”

  Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I’m not injured. You don’t need to apologize, but I have a reason to come here. I want to ask you something.”

  “What is it?”

  The old man was puzzled.

  Fang Qiu did not hesitate. He directly took out an ancient prescription, handed it to the old man, and asked, “Does this prescription belong to you?”

  The old man took the prescription and looked at it before saying, “Yes, the previous generation of our tribe has used this prescription, but sometimes it works, and sometimes, it doesn’t.”

  Fang Qiu asked, “Now, do you still have the herbs mentioned on the prescription?”

  The old man nodded and said, “Yes. These medicinal materials can still be found now, and there are a lot of them. But one of them is very special and crucial. Without my guidance, no one can find that kind of medicinal material.”

  “What do you want?” Asked Fang Qiu directly.

  “I don’t want money, nor do I want anything from you. The power you just displayed is great, so I want you to help me save my tribesmen. If you succeed, I’ll help you.”

  The old man looked straight into Fang Qiu’s eyes with a pleading look.


  Fang Qiu didn’t think much about it. He nodded directly and promised the old man. “I need to know which direction they went,” he said.

  “Over there.”

  The old man raised the crutch in his hand and pointed to the north.

  “Wait for me.”

  Fang Qiu nodded knowingly. Then, he moved and quickly chased in the direction that the old man pointed.

  As soon as Fang Qiu left, the tribesmen ran to the old man and surrounded him, emotionally speaking a language that outsiders couldn’t understand.

  The old man consoled them one by one.

  Others might not understand it, but he heard them clearly.

  Everyone in the tribe was worried.

  They were afraid that Fang Qiu was a bad person like the previous group and might hurt the tribesmen or even the tribe.

  “He is very powerful. Only he is capable of saving our tribesmen. According to my experience, he seems to be a good person. Everyone, don’t worry. Let’s wait till he saves our tribesmen.”

  The old man kept comforting his tribesmen.

  Fang Qiu was very fast.

  This time, he did not drive.

  Anyway, there was no one in the desert, and the other party should not have gone far. If he drove there, he would alert them. So he simply walked there.

  He chased them for several kilometers and finally saw an unusual situation in front of him.

  It was an especially desolate and vast red soil land that hadn’t become desert yet up ahead. There was a stream of water, some yellowish flowers, and some trees that didn’t seem to have that much vitality.

  At this point, on the red soil land, what Fang Qiu saw was a strong and agile lion that was chasing crazily after the tribesmen of the primitive tribe.

  In the distance, the poachers had aimed at the lion but were reluctant to fire early.