Chapter 1: Chapter 1- Ok then scram
Chapter 2: Chapter 2- Cultivation? So boring
Chapter 3: Chapter 3- Stop caring about the useless things
Chapter 4: Chapter 4- A smile that makes one feel perfunct
Chapter 6: Chapter 6- Kick her
Chapter 7: Chapter 7- It’s him, it’s him
Chapter 8: Chapter 8- I am a good person
Chapter 9: Chapter 9- This is an insult to me
Chapter 11: Chapter 11- Crazy probing
Chapter 12: Chapter 12- Well played, really well played
Chapter 13: Chapter 13- Opening up bones and tendons
Chapter 14: Chapter 14- So painful, eyes are swollen
Chapter 15: Chapter 15- Ate too full, nothing to do
Chapter 16: Chapter 16- Over after a beating
Chapter 17: Chapter 17- Widespread fame
Chapter 18: Chapter 18- Have to remove danger
Chapter 19: Chapter 19- Gossip with you
Chapter 20: Chapter 20- Nearly lost face
Chapter 21: Chapter 21- Annoying, really annoying
Chapter 22: Chapter 22- This person is a little interesting
Chapter 23: Chapter 23- Father is amazing
Chapter 24: Chapter 24- Luckily my reaction speed is quick
Chapter 25: Chapter 25- Drunk movement
Chapter 26: Chapter 26- Who did it
Chapter 27: Chapter 27- You forced me
Chapter 28: Chapter 28- Cousin let’s go
Chapter 29: Chapter 29- What a maniac
Chapter 31: Chapter 31- Cousin will take revenge for you
Chapter 32: Chapter 32- I am sorry, let me begin
Chapter 33: Chapter 33- If you have balls come in the day
Chapter 35: Chapter 35- He cried
Chapter 36: Chapter 36- I want to prove myself
Chapter 37: Chapter 37- Being helpless is so terrifying
Chapter 38: Chapter 38- This is interesting
Chapter 39: Chapter 39- Moved to tears
Chapter 40: Chapter 40- It was an accident the last time
Chapter 41: Chapter 41- Father, who won?
Chapter 42: Chapter 42- No need to fear
Chapter 43: Chapter 43- Not good, huge problem
Chapter 45: Chapter 45- Words can’t be wrongly said
Chapter 46: Chapter 46- Fight to dote
Chapter 47: Chapter 47- I am the victim
Chapter 48: Chapter 48- Again
Chapter 49: Chapter 49- For reals
Chapter 50: Chapter 50- I am a rice thief
Chapter 51: Chapter 51- Heart can be slain
Chapter 52- Depends on comprehension
Chapter 54: Chapter 54- Really makes sense
Chapter 55: Chapter 55- Me again
Chapter 56: Chapter 56- So you are such a person
Chapter 57: Chapter 57- What do you want
Chapter 58: Chapter 58- Wei River is dyed red
Chapter 59: Chapter 59- You City is still safe
Chapter 60: Chapter 60- Zhenxiang Theory
Chapter 61: Chapter 61- I really came to visit you
Chapter 62: Chapter 62- A vicious person
Chapter 63: Chapter 63- Wife, why do you feel so cold?
Chapter 65: Chapter 65- One more blade, I can take it
Chapter 66: Chapter 66- Take home to play
Chapter 67: Chapter 67- Those words make sense
Chapter 68: Chapter 68- Silly from sleeping too much
Chapter 69: Chapter 69- So cruel
Chapter 70: Chapter 70- Can only find things to do alone
Chapter 71: Chapter 71- Cousin where are you
Chapter 73: Chapter 73- I am not weak
Chapter 74: Chapter 74- Cultural exchange
Chapter 75: Chapter 75- Different from what I thought
Chapter 76: Chapter 76- Lin Fan is so scheming
Chapter 77: Chapter 77- Cousin is so cruel
Chapter 78: Chapter 78- How did you raise such a daughter
Chapter 80: Chapter 80- Expert, true expert
Chapter 81: Chapter 81- I have violent tendencies
Chapter 82: Chapter 82- Is it so easy to call me Father
Chapter 83: Chapter 83- Father do you think I’m dumb
Chapter 84: Chapter 84- Fake
Chapter 85: Chapter 85- Done just like that
Chapter 85: Chapter 85- Done just like that
Chapter 86: Chapter 86- The devil
Chapter 87: Chapter 87- Stop acting, let’s be honest
Chapter 88: Chapter 88- Do you know how pain it is
Chapter 89: Chapter 89- I am perverted
Chapter 90: Chapter 90- I am serious now
Chapter 91: Chapter 91- Corpses, where did the corpses go
Chapter 92: Chapter 92- This person is too sick in the head
Chapter 93: Chapter 93- I didn’t do anything
Chapter 94: Chapter 94- How is there such an unkind person
Chapter 95: Chapter 95- Huge jump in strength
Chapter 96: Chapter 96- This isn’t the Yongqi in my heart
Chapter 97: Chapter 97- Sugar coated bullet
Chapter 99: Chapter 99- East forest
Chapter 100: Chapter 100- I am the boss
Chapter 101: Chapter 101- Seems like something huge occured
Chapter 102: Chapter 102- We just want to eat
Chapter 103: Chapter 103- This is a good idea
Chapter 104: Chapter 104- Different from what I thought
Chapter 105: Chapter 105- Look, what did I say
Chapter 106: Chapter 106- What. Damn
Chapter 107: Chapter 107- This is a test
Chapter 108: Chapter 108- Tragic
Chapter 109: Chapter 109- Its settled
Chapter 112: Chapter 112- This is a talent
Chapter 113: Chapter 113- That makes sense
Chapter 114: Chapter 114- Investment is dangerous
Chapter 115: Chapter 115- I also want to be low profile
Chapter 116: Chapter 116- Dumb but strong
Chapter 117: Chapter 117- Help, stop playing
Chapter 119: Chapter 119- What a vicious plot
Chapter 120: Chapter 120- Can’t you have some morals
Chapter 121: Chapter 121- Wolf Brigade wiped out
Chapter 122: Chapter 122- No matter what I am your uncle
Chapter 123: Chapter 123- Have I ever been high profile
Chapter 124: Chapter 124- Time to kill Old Master Chen
Chapter 125: Chapter 125- I am a person of principles
Chapter 126: Chapter 126- 2 legs 1 jump and he fainted
Chapter 127: Chapter 127- Ah, I am so sad
Chapter 128: Chapter 128- He still underestimated me
Chapter 129: Chapter 129- I, Li Cong am not like the rest
Chapter 130: Chapter 130- Entire race was wiped out
Chapter 132: Chapter 132- Everyone hid so deeply
Chapter 134: Chapter 134- What kind of Sect is this
Chapter 135: Chapter 135- Wow so fragrant
Chapter 136: Chapter 136- It was best to live
Chapter 137: Chapter 137- You all cannot see the blade
Chapter 138: Chapter 138- You are already really strong
Chapter 139: Chapter 139- Feeling good
Chapter 140: Chapter 140- I Zhang Tianxian am so strong
Chapter 141: Chapter 141- Your mystery makes me curious
Chapter 142: Chapter 142- We Yin Demons are pitiful
Chapter 143: Chapter 143- You young people
Chapter 144: Chapter 144- Were we wrong
Chapter 146: Chapter 146- I know. He went to a whorehouse.
Chapter 147: Chapter 147- Another successful business deal
Chapter 148: Chapter 148- Such bad acting
Chapter 149- Cheers. everyone is cheering
Chapter 150: Chapter 150- I am a hero
Chapter 151: Chapter 151- Weak bug
Chapter 152: Chapter 152- How courteous
Chapter 153: Chapter 153- Another painful lesson
Chapter 154: Chapter 154- More bad luck
Chapter 155: Chapter 155- Could you be more reasonable
Chapter 157: Chapter 157- Why not go rob
Chapter 158: Chapter 158- That’s impossible
Chapter 159- I will treat you like how you treat me
Chapter 160: Chapter 160- This is brotherhood
Chapter 161: Chapter 161- Feels good to be trusted
Chapter 163- You are finding free labour
Chapter 164- This person is not career-minded at all
Chapter 165: Chapter 165- Danger signs have broken out
Chapter 166: Chapter 166-Did you get it wrong
Chapter 167: Chapter 167- Burning the old nest
Chapter 168: Chapter 168- Are they bickering
Chapter 169- Sense of mystery from cultivation is amazing
Chapter 170: Chapter 170- Recently I became strong
Chapter 171: Chapter 171- For you, I will break
Chapter 172- Keep on killing keep on feeling good
Chapter 173- Marry the princess to me
Chapter 174- Battle for disciple
Chapter 175- Couldn’t bear to watch
Chapter 177: Chapter 177- Reality is like that
Chapter 178: Chapter 178- Nosy heart burning intensely
Chapter 179: Chapter 179- I Lin Fan am not such a person
Chapter 180: Chapter 180- Battle with no retreat
Chapter 181: Chapter 181- Can’t hold on
Chapter 182: Chapter 182- Climax
Chapter 183: Chapter 183- Grandson you are not bad
Chapter 184: Chapter 184- Kid you have balls
Chapter 185: Chapter 185- Can you consider my feelings
Chapter 186: Chapter 186- Little Grandmaster
Chapter 187: Chapter 187- Horse flipped
Chapter 188: Chapter 188 – Ah I fainted
Chapter 189: Chapter 189 – This thing feels amazing
Chapter 192: Chapter 192- you dont like my fatty meat
Chapter 194: Chapter 194- I became stronger
Chapter 195: Chapter 195- You all left too quickly
Chapter 196: Chapter 196- You can’t even break my defence
Chapter 197: Chapter 197-Father is good
Chapter 198: Chapter 198 – Your smell, your voice
Chapter 199: Chapter 199- Stop causing problems for cousin
Chapter 200: Chapter 200- experts only need one person
Chapter 201: An Expert Holds Up An Entire Power
Chapter 202: Your Killing Intent Is Too Heavy
Chapter 203: Bridge Builder
Chapter 204: I Remember You Went To The Brothel
Chapter 205: Don’t hesitate, I Will Buy It
Chapter 206: Today, Young Master Zhao, Will Treat
Chapter 207: What I Want Is Loyalty
Chapter 208: I Hope You Can Remember Me
Chapter 209: Cousin Made Huge Profits
Chapter 210: My Daughter Is So Charming
Chapter 211: This Doesn’t Sound Right
Chapter 212: Back To Wang Family
Chapter 213: Take A Good Look
Chapter 214: I Told You, Something Is Going To Happen
Chapter 215: Don’t Chop Him, You Can Chop The Rest
Chapter 216: How Is My Will So Easy To Squash
Chapter 217: Death Looms
Chapter 218: I Will Beat You To Death
Chapter 219: Am I Going To Meet Trouble Here?
Chapter 220: I Forgot His Name
Chapter 223: He Really Hated It
Chapter 224: He Is Really Similar
Chapter 225: What If He Wants To Rape?
Chapter 226: One Against A Country
Chapter 227: I Am Very Petty
Chapter 228: Who Is Acting Cool?
Chapter 230: Maybe He Was Bragging
Chapter 231: Talk So Much For Nothing
Chapter 233: Ex… expert
Chapter 234: Came For Nothing, Nearly Got Into Danger
Chapter 235: Am I Too Handsome?
Chapter 236: Where Is My Horse?
Chapter 237: Just More Of A Sense Of Beauty
Chapter 238: Swelling, Swelling
Chapter 239: Grandson Zhao
Chapter 241: This Is Too Terrifying
Chapter 242: You City Matter
Chapter 243: These People Aren’t Human
Chapter 244: My Hand Is Tired From Hitting
Chapter 246: If You Have Balls, Don’t Let Us Kill You
Chapter 247: Identity Exposed, How Embarrassing
Chapter 248: Don’t You Think You Are Beautiful
Chapter 249: You Look The Best
Chapter 250: On This Day, Nine Bug Gang Was No More
Chapter 251: You Should Have Listened To Me
Chapter 252: I Really Want To Become An Expert
Chapter 253: This Is True Happiness
Chapter 254: The Whole City Is Filled With Actors
Chapter 255: Wow What A Treasure
Chapter 256: Wipe Out The Whole Family
Chapter 257: Enemy Of An Enemy Is My Friend
Chapter 258: A Bug Climbed Out Of A Hole
Chapter 259: Slowly Getting Closer To The Truth
Chapter 260: I am here, I am In A Rush
Chapter 261: 2nd Generation
Chapter 262: Young Man Fleeing For Life
Chapter 263: Teacher Chen Will Bring You To Fly
Chapter 264: As Expected, Mocking A Group Is The Only Way
Chapter 265: Why So Few?
Chapter 266: Going Against The Agreement
Chapter 267: Everyone Wants Me To Die
Chapter 268: Great Increase In Strength
Chapter 269: This Is Awkward
Chapter 270: Dimension Research Is Such A Headache
Chapter 271: So Awkward
Chapter 272: How Can You All Be So Arrogant?
Chapter 273: Why Not Give A Title?
Chapter 274: Who Dares To Block?
Chapter 275: Sorry, I Was Stunned
Chapter 276: They Died Because They Were Righteous
Chapter 277: I Did Not Say I Am Not Cruel
Chapter 278: Like A Pervert
Chapter 279: One Day I Will Return
Chapter 280: Kid, There Is Someone Behind You
Chapter 281: Who Is This Person?
Chapter 282: We Are Begging For Mercy
Chapter 283: Girls Are Really Bold
Chapter 284: It Doesn’t Look Simple
Chapter 285: Our Intelligence Is Enough To Crush Them
Chapter 286: No, It Must Be An Illusion
Chapter 287: Killing A Genius When He Is A Baby
Chapter 288: Look At Me, Do I Look Like A Bad Person?
Chapter 289: I Am Not Afraid To Die
Chapter 290: I Won’t Let Rubbish Dirty You
Chapter 291: This Battle Will Be Intense
Chapter 292: A Mysterious Valley
Chapter 293: A Serious Comprehension
Chapter 294: Really Know How To Imagine
Chapter 295: Who Can Compare With Me In This World?
Chapter 296: I Saw Through Your Plan
Chapter 297: People Nowadays
Chapter 298: I Understand Too Little
Chapter 299: A Bunch of Weak Fellows
Chapter 300: Don’t Insult Me
Chapter 301:
Chapter 302: Where Did the Animal Go?
Chapter 303: Time For Something Special
Chapter 304: Blood Demon Reversal Technique
Chapter 305: What Does This Have To Do With Me?
Chapter 306: Time for Sword Head to Act Cool
Chapter 307: This Place…
Chapter 308: Do Not Malign Me
Chapter 309: No, I don’t Want To Be Dirtied
Chapter 310: New Stage of Bug Transformation
Chapter 311: This Might Be The Fastest Way
Chapter 312: Darkness Domain
Chapter 313: I Did Not Come Here To Cause Trouble
Chapter 314: Happened For A Reason
Chapter 315: Chapter 315- This feels great
Chapter 316: This Person Is Not Simple
Chapter 317: Ascended Zhou Dafu
Chapter 318: Don’t Hit The Wrong Person
Chapter 319: Senior, Your Words Are a Little Hurtful
Chapter 320: You Have To Be Confident
Chapter 321: Have Been Noticed, Have Been Noticed
Chapter 322: Want to Return to You City
Chapter 323: What Is This?
Chapter 324: Dad, I Am Back. Battle of You City
Chapter 325: Battle Stops, Dissing Does Not
Chapter 326: Unfilial Kid, Shut Up
Chapter 327: I Have To Disgust Them
Chapter 328: Nickname Night Soil Weapon
Chapter 329: I Only Sent Some Night Soil
Chapter 330: This Is To Create A Demon
Chapter 331: This Way Is A Bit Wild
Chapter 333: Another Round Of Shamelessness
Chapter 335: It Exploded, It Exploded
Chapter 336: Enjoying Life
Chapter 337: All want to kill me
Chapter 338: Easy To Make One Break Down
Chapter 339: Gang Xiong’s Death Is So Tragic
Chapter 340: All Of This Was Because It Was Too Disgusting
Chapter 341: Terrifying, Terrifying
Chapter 342: Domain
Chapter 343: Don’t Dispirit Me Like That
Chapter 344: I Am Very Similar To You, Monster Emperor
Chapter 346: How Annoying
Chapter 347: This Is A Little Vicious
Chapter 348: Run, Run
Chapter 349: Am I Going To Die?
Chapter 350: This Battle Is A Little Dangerous
Chapter 351: Nervous, Emotional, Afraid
Chapter 352: I Will Commit Suicide
Chapter 353: But I Am The Strongest
Chapter 354: Unreasonable
Chapter 355: Because Of One Pighead
Chapter 356: Like A Monster Is About To Appear
Chapter 357: Second Form
Chapter 358: You Dare To Take The Move? Damn You, Liar
Chapter 359: We Have Already Lost
Chapter 360: I’ve Seen A Ghost
Chapter 361: We Are All Kids
Chapter 362: A Tough Victory
Chapter 363: Leaving
Chapter 364: All Your Fault, All Your Fault
Chapter 365: Back To Martial Path Mountain, Moving Homes
Chapter 367: Wah, You Are Too Much
Chapter 368: Imperial Dynasty Destroyed
Chapter 369: Danger Does Not Exist
Chapter 370: He Is Acting Cool A Little Too Much
Chapter 371: Do You Want To Play With Me?
Chapter 372: These Scenes Let Me Comprehend Something
Chapter 373: How Amazing?
Chapter 374: You Are Really Smart
Chapter 375: Pointless Working With You All
Chapter 376: Low Profile Cultivation
Chapter 377: No One Dares To Jump Out
Chapter 378: I, Lin Fan, Must Have A Servant
Chapter 379: Then, Just Try
Chapter 380: I Am Telling You That This Is Good
Chapter 381: Hello, Chief God Lin
Chapter 382: People Who Believe In Me Will Become Immortal
Chapter 383: How Did You End Up Like That?
Chapter 384: What Kind Of Person Am I?
Chapter 385: I Want To Run Now
Chapter 386: Monster Emperor Loves To Work Together
Chapter 387: Let’s Go Take A Look
Chapter 388: Is Life More Important Than Face?
Chapter 389: You Want To Rebel
Chapter 390: I Was Afraid Wind Would Blow In
Chapter 391: Is It Too Late To Pray Now?
Chapter 392: Senior, Am I Good Enough?
Chapter 393: Chopped Down Right Away
Chapter 394: We Bumped Into The Mouth Of The Gun
Chapter 395: This Thing Is So Heavy
Chapter 396: Are These People Even Human?
Chapter 397: How Do We Even Fight This?
Chapter 398: You Only Have Three Days
Chapter 399: Time To Scare You
Chapter 400: All Of You Scram
Chapter 401: Princess Yongle
Chapter 402: One Realm A Month Is Too Slow
Chapter 403: Can Only Scare You First
Chapter 404: Arm In The Darkness
Chapter 405: I Have Surrounded Them
Chapter 407: You Have Been Abandoned
Chapter 408: You Are An Honest Person
Chapter 409: That Is Just So Tragic
Chapter 410: What Has He Gone Through?
Chapter 411: I, Zhang Xuan, Want To Be Your Close Friend
Chapter 412: Senior Lin Is Someone With Class
Chapter 414: Luckily, Lin Fan Is A Normal Person
Chapter 415: Why, Why Must I Be So Strong?
Chapter 416: Time For Me To Mock You
Chapter 417: I Did So On Purpose
Chapter 418: Betraying Sect So Fast
Chapter 419: Sad Child
Chapter 420: Relying On Looks
Chapter 421: Where Did My Wife Go?
Chapter 422: Are The Kids So Arrogant Now?
Chapter 423: I Thank You
Chapter 424: Wow, So Despicable
Chapter 425: He Will Overshadow The Crown Prince
Chapter 426: You Ran Just Like That
Chapter 427
Chapter 428: Moving The Sect Again
Chapter 429: I Am Getting Hunted Down
Chapter 430: Wah, That Is A Little Too Much
Chapter 431: Are All Of You So Vicious?
Chapter 432: Thank God
Chapter 433: The Facilities Are A Little High Class
Chapter 434: Really Came
Chapter 435: Whether You Die Is Not Important
Chapter 436: Monster Emperor’s Friend
Chapter 437: Someone Like You Wants To Beat Me
Chapter 438: Aiyo, That Sounds A Little Wrong
Chapter 439: Solving It Alone
Chapter 440: Wow, You Are Serious
Chapter 441: I Am A Capable Person
Chapter 442: Kneeling Down And Shouting Daddy
Chapter 443: Big Brother, Let Me Follow You
Chapter 444: I Won’t Be Bullied In The Future
Chapter 445: You Failed To Defend
Chapter 446: I Told You To Be Careful
Chapter 447: Why Don’t You Believe Me?
Chapter 449: Unable To Keep Calm
Chapter 450: Starting To Snatch Territory
Chapter 451: Nearly Kissed My Feet
Chapter 452: Why Don’t We Rest And Let Your Son Attack?
Chapter 453: Unresolvable Conflict
Chapter 454: Evil God Is The Cutest And Most Handsome
Chapter 455: This Doesn’t Make Sense
Chapter 456: Phenomenons Descended
Chapter 457: You Will Return
Chapter 458: One Look And I Know That Is A Pig
Chapter 459: We Are Protected By A God
Chapter 460: Senior, Take Me In
Chapter 461: Really Eaten By Me
Chapter 462: Why Is There Someone Who Tries To Act So Cool?
Chapter 463: You Wait
Chapter 464: Evil Alliance, Daddy Is Here
Chapter 465: Why Do You Like To Act Cool So Much?
Chapter 466: Maybe I Am Jealous
Chapter 467: Go, Go To Your Sect To Play
Chapter 468: There Is Something With Your Brain
Chapter 469: You Are Just Too Arrogant
Chapter 470: I Am Just Playing With You
Chapter 471: If The Heavens Give You One More Chance
Chapter 472: How Did This Happen?
Chapter 473: Save Me… Save Me
Chapter 474: You Are A Little Cruel
Chapter 475: Dry And Boring
Chapter 476: Back To You City
Chapter 477: Feeling Sad Because Of Death
Chapter 478: Fighting To Prove Yourself
Chapter 479: Time To Let Me Perform
Chapter 480: Wa, Little Sword God
Chapter 481: Please Wait A Moment
Chapter 482: Two Melancholic Old Men
Chapter 483: I am done, I Can’t Do This Anymore
Chapter 484: Enough People, Start The Battle
Chapter 485: Chief’s God Protection Is Here
Chapter 486: Another Ignorant Person
Chapter 488: Wow, How Piercing To The Eyes
Chapter 489: Sect Leader Lin, You Really Are Amazing
Chapter 490: Cherish The Chance
Chapter 491: Damn, Who Are You Sending Me To?
Chapter 492: Maybe This Is Fate
Chapter 493: I Won’t Run Anymore
Chapter 494: Killing One Right Away
Chapter 495: Easy For The Young To Accept Defeat
Chapter 496: You Didn’t Cherish Your Chance
Chapter 497: The Development Is A Little Unexpected
Chapter 498: Don’t You Have Any Idea?
Chapter 499: Who Knows What Will Happen?
Chapter 500: I Feel That Something Is Off
Chapter 501: Why Don’t We Work Together?
Chapter 502: Let’s Go And Wipe Them Out
Chapter 503: How Can You Do That?
Chapter 504: Would Anyone Believe What Happened To Me?
Chapter 505: That’s A Little Too Much
Chapter 506: What Is Your Relationship?
Chapter 507: The Alliance Makes A Move
Chapter 508: Free And Casual Life
Chapter 509: Someone Wants To Kill Me
Chapter 510: Four Alliances Working Together
Chapter 511: Why So Troublesome?
Chapter 512: Why Do That?
Chapter 513: Father, You Look Good When You’re Scared
Chapter 514: I Am Going To Be Honest With All Of You
Chapter 515: I Will Walk Upside Down
Chapter 516: Father, You Still Haven’t Forgotten
Chapter 517: Damn, Makes One Feel Helpless
Chapter 518: I Am The Most Direct
Chapter 519: This Is Really Terrifying
Chapter 520: This Thing Is Just Too Terrifying
Chapter 521: You Can Do It, You Definitely Can.
Chapter 522: Probably Dead
Chapter 523: This Seems...
Chapter 524: I Miss The Past
Chapter 525: Shaking Alliance Headquarters
Chapter 526: Gaze, Do You Understand The Gaze?
Chapter 527: You Blocked The Wind
Chapter 528: Can You Stop Fighting?
Chapter 529: You Won’t Be Lonely
Chapter 530: That’s Right, Very Stylish
Chapter 531: Dispute
Chapter 532: Why Don’t You Give Face?
Chapter 533: We Are Not Stupid
Chapter 534: Can You Not Do That?
Chapter 535: Sick And Tired Of Playing
Chapter 536: Excellent People Are So Popular
Chapter 537: I Don’t Like To Act
Chapter 538: All This Is The Future
Chapter 539: Dry And Boring
Chapter 540: I Came To Mock All Of You
Chapter 541: Wait Til I’m Out Of Secluded Meditation
Chapter 542: Damn You
Chapter 543: Eh Eh, We Can Run Over Them
Chapter 544: This Is My Greatest Gift For All Of You
Chapter 546: This Is Your Honor
Chapter 548: You Are Quite Weak
Chapter 549: Leave With No Regrets
Chapter 550: Why Hit Me?
Chapter 551: Different Sheng Rufo
Chapter 552: Let Everything Go With The Wind
Chapter 553: I Left Quickly With Everything
Chapter 554: Where Is He? He’s Gone
Chapter 555: Boring, Really Boring
Chapter 556: Shock! Shock!
Chapter 557: He Is Evil
Chapter 558: Haiz, All Of Us Got Sick Playing
Chapter 559: Beginning And End
Chapter 561: How Frustrating
Chapter 562: Hesitating To Run Or Not To Run
Chapter 563: You Really Came To Snatch People
Chapter 564: No, I Understand Him
Chapter 565: I Will Hand The Commander Position To You
Chapter 566: I’m Trembling In Fear
Chapter 567: End
Chapter 569: Alliance, Lets Begin
Chapter 570: Alliance In Chaos
Chapter 572: Forced To The Corner
Chapter 573: 5 Seconds, Just 5 Seconds
Chapter 574: So Vicious, Don’t Even Want Their Lives
Chapter 575: No Killing Of The Envoy
Chapter 576: Would A Person Even Say Such Things?
Chapter 577: That’s A Bit Awkward
Chapter 578: Alliance Falls
Chapter 579: What Did You Say?
Chapter 580: Starting A Family
Chapter 581: Life Is Just Great
Chapter 582: Let’s Blow A Sect
Chapter 583: Why Don’t We Try?
Chapter 584: That’s Weird, Why’s There No Feeling?
Chapter 585: What’s Going On?
Chapter 586: This World Of Despair
Chapter 587: Are There Experts In This World?
Chapter 588: This Is My Territory
Chapter 589: Are you a god? No, I Am An Ordinary Person
Chapter 590: Fist Is Still Useful
Chapter 591: More Chaos
Chapter 592: Saint Hall
Chapter 593: Nurturing Troops To Use
Chapter 594: Hard To Do, A Little Dirty
Chapter 595: Catching Evil God
Chapter 596: Two Hardworking Old Men
Chapter 597: That’s Just So Weak
Chapter 598: A Bunch Of People Who Deserve To Die
Chapter 599: Fighting To The Death
Chapter 600: Tragic Lula
Chapter 601: Don’t Be Afraid, I’m Not A Bad Person
Chapter 602: Main Reason For All Getting Wiped
Chapter 603: Insect Valley’s Secret
Chapter 604: Beating Them Up
Chapter 605: Evil God Lula’s Psychological Injury
Chapter 606: What For? You Will Recover After Resting
Chapter 607: Beating Up One Another
Chapter 608: Old Ancestor Asks For Cooperation
Chapter 609: No One Will Believe You
Chapter 611: That’s A Little Too Much
Chapter 612: Old Ancestor, You Are Quite Unlucky
Chapter 613: Run Away
Chapter 614: Taking Revenge On Evil Gods
Chapter 615: Name Is Like Thunder To The Ears
Chapter 616: Problem With His Brain
Chapter 617: We Might Become Good Friends
Chapter 618: Too Much, That’s Too Much
Chapter 619: Actually, He Is A Decent Person
Chapter 620: Do You Know Where My Cousin Is?
Chapter 621: Worship Your God
Chapter 622: Wa, You Are Being Shameless
Chapter 624: Is The Food Not Good?
Chapter 625: Monster Emperor’s Desires
Chapter 626: Cousin, Stop
Chapter 627: Evil God Servant’s Tourist Site
Chapter 628: Damn Fellows
Chapter 629: Where Do I Know This Person From?
Chapter 630: Start To Swallow
Chapter 631: Finally Walk The Path Of A Foodie
Chapter 632: Life Is Tough
Chapter 633: Purest Change
Chapter 634: Isn’t This Someone Familiar?
Chapter 635: Complete Hand And Finger
Chapter 636: Sect Leader Lin, Save Us
Chapter 637: Your Weakness Makes Me Happy
Chapter 638: Look At How Nice They Are
Chapter 639: Homework Every Guy Needs To Do
Chapter 640: Can You Afford To Offend Me
Chapter 641: Too Tough
Chapter 642: Old Demon Wuwei Don’t Run
Chapter 643: You Know How I Passed It
Chapter 644: Jump Out Excitedly
Chapter 646: Time To Join In
Chapter 647: Find Him For Revenge
Chapter 648: You Sure You’re Right?
Chapter 649: Not An Evil God We Killed
Chapter 650: I Will Solve It For All Of You
Chapter 651: Rigt, I Am Lin Fan
Chapter 652: Uncontrollable Terrifying Monster
Chapter 653: Evil God Descends
Chapter 654: Don’t Be Too Nervous
Chapter 655: Too Small
Chapter 656: I Didn’t Kill Them
Chapter 657: Am I Strong?
Chapter 658: Can You Let Us Eat
Chapter 659: This Might Not Be Yours
Chapter 660: Life Goes On
Chapter 660: Life Goes On