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DATING THE STRONGEST BOSS   Author:xiao.bai.lian
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The entire world bullies you, hates you, and isolates you, but your world has light because of him. I hate this world! But I love you!】 Xiao Chen is an ordinary person, but the world he lives in is never ordinary. Various bizarre deaths and spiritual events happen around him. One after another, countless passersby look at him with pity, as if they’re looking at a dead person. Early passerby: I remember that this Xiao Chen died really tragically, and when he died… blablablabla, and… blablablabla. Passerby in the middle: ? Why is Xiao Chen still not dead??? Late passerby: WHAT? Why is the Boss in a relationship with Xiao Chen??? Xiao Chen: ???? #Why do people next to me look at me like they’re looking at a dead person?# #Why is my back and waist sore when I wake up in the morning? Furthermore, why are there red marks on my neck?# #What do I do if I’m trapped by a ghost? Seeking help online, urgent!
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Chapter 94 - Bixian

  Late at night. 

  It was silent. Moonlight from outside the window entered the room, casting a faint halo, barely making the surrounding area visible. 

  At the hospital. 

  It was so quiet that it seemed that, in the next second, a corpse would crawl out of the morgue to take someone’s life. 

  The shadow slowly attached itself to Xiao Chen’s body, a little forward. The yin energy on his body was very dense. He carefully stroked Xiao Chen’s face. 












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