Chapter 5175: The Sectmaster’s Confidence
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  “Lord Sectmaster, I saw that you haven’t returned yet and was worried that you wouldn’t make it in time for the negotiation. Fortunately, Yue Ling got acquainted with a master who possesses great capabilities, so I told her to invite him over,” Yue Ling’s master explained.

  “A master who possesses great capabilities? How hilarious. How formidable can the people who reside in this backward place be? Where’s the master you speak of? Why don’t I see him anywhere? It can’t be that he has run away after seeing us?” the two masters mocked.

  The face of Yue Ling’s master turned awkward whereas Yue Ling frowned in displeasure. However, she couldn’t say anything because these two masters were invited here by the sectmaster.

  “Is that person not here yet? Why don’t I see him around?” the World Spiritist Techniques Sect’s sectmaster asked.

  “Lord Sectmaster, my benefactor is already here, but it isn’t convenient for him to show himself due to some reasons,” Yue Ling explained.

  “Not convenient to show himself? Hah, he must have been snooping around so much that he dares not to show himself. Are you sure he isn’t a fraud?” the two masters sneered.

  They turned to the World Spiritist Techniques Sect’s sectmaster and said, “Nameless Sect’s sectmaster, your elder and disciple don’t seem to be too intelligent.”

  “You’re saying that I’m a fraud because I don’t show myself? Know your own place. The likes of you aren’t qualified to meet me,” Chu Feng sneered.

  He had already checked the two masters and confirmed that they were at rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation, which meant that their spirit power was at the same level as his. Even without their help, he could deal with the Nine Level Pavilion all on his own. Thus, he didn’t mind offending the two of them.

  “What arrogant words. Do you know who we are?”

  The faces of the two masters turned cold. They didn’t think that there would be someone here who dared disrespect them.

  “You want to give it a go?” Chu Feng replied.

  “You’re challenging us? Hah, who do you think you are to challenge us? You aren’t worth our time!” the two masters scoffed.

  It was not that they were afraid of Chu Feng but that they saw it as an insult to cross blows with him. The two of them were from a higher realm, which was no wonder why they looked down on the natives of this realm. In their view, everyone here was no different from ants.

  “Nameless Sect’s sectmaster, what do you mean by this? Why did you invite the two of us here if you already have another helper? You should know that it’s beneath us to ally ourselves with such trash. You can tell us straight if you don’t need our help; we’ll leave right away. However, you are the one who went against our promise, so we won’t refund your deposit. Instead, you have to compensate us,” one of the masters said.

  He was exerting pressure on the sectmaster.

  “Masters, please don’t misunderstand! I was unaware of this matter.”

  The Nameless Sect’s sectmaster sweated profusely upon hearing that they were about to leave. He turned to Yue Ling and her master, and his subservient face immediately flared with rage.

  “Yue Ling, Fang Tong, look at what you have done! Hurry up and leave with whomever you have brought here. You need not interfere with this matter anymore.”

  Yue Ling was infuriated to hear those words, but she wasn’t in a good position to say anything to the sectmaster. Thus, she sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng and apologized to him.

  On the other hand, the face of Yue Ling’s master paled in fright.

  It was one thing for their sectmaster to berate them, but to his horror, he was treating Chu Feng the same way too. Clearly, their sectmaster had no idea who he was trifling with.

  Chu Feng was someone who dared to even kill the Situ World Spiritist Clansmen!

  “Lord Sectmaster, we’ll leave right now, but you shouldn’t say anything else. The person Yue Ling invited is not to be trifled with. He’s not a figure we can afford to offend,” Yue Ling’s master reminded the sectmaster via voice transmission.

  He couldn’t explain everything in depth in order to keep Chu Feng’s identity confidential.

  “Fang Tong, are you looking down on our Nameless Sect here? I know that our Nameless Sect has fallen into decline, or else the Nine Levels Pavilion wouldn’t dare to climb over our head. However, now that I have the two masters here with me, no one will dare to mess with us anymore. The three of you should quickly leave,” the sectmaster replied out loud, completely disregarding the reminder from Yue Ling’s master.

  The others could immediately tell that Yue Ling’s master had sent a reminder to the sectmaster, only for the latter to berate him.

  “I’m really sorry, benefactor. I shouldn’t have called you here,” Yue Ling apologized profusely.

  Her voice was a little choked-up, and she even started sobbing.

  “Silly girl, what does this have to do with you? I came here not for the World Spiritist Techniques Sect but you. It doesn’t matter to me what others say. Of course, the only reason your sectmaster is still alive right now is on your account too. As for those two so-called masters, heh…”

  Chu Feng had always looked down on those who oppressed the weak. Those two masters looked down on everyone else just because they were from a Lower Realm.

  He was only turning a blind eye to their transgression now on Yue Ling’s account, but he would teach them a lesson once everything was over.

  “Hoh, what’s going on with the Nameless Sect? Are you having an internal conflict?” a voice suddenly sounded from afar.

  A grand army consisting of a million blue-robed cultivators flew over. They were from the Nine Levels Pavilion.

  At the forefront of the army was an elder riding a war chariot. He had a fierce appearance, and he openly flaunted his rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivation as if he was worried that others wouldn’t know how powerful he was.

  He was the Nine Levels Pavilion’s sectmaster, as well as the person who spoke earlier.

  There were also other elders on the war chariot. They were all fairly powerful, with the weakest of them being at Martial Exalted level. Their robes indicated that they were from other powers.

  Chu Feng noticed that the faces of World Spiritist Techniques Sect’s sectmaster and Yue Ling’s master darkened upon seeing the elders from the other powers riding on the same war chariot as the Nine Levels Pavilion’s war chariot.

  Most likely, they were from the witnessing powers.

  As witnesses, they were supposed to take a neutral position, but the fact that they had come with the Nine Levels Pavilion showed that they were colluding with each other. This wasn’t going to be a fair negotiation at all.

  “They have been bribed by the Nine Levels Pavilion. Hmph, good thing I came prepared, or else I would be done in by them,” the World Spiritist Techniques Sect’s sectmaster murmured.

  He knew that others could hear his words even though he was speaking in a soft voice, but he did it on purpose to let them know that he wasn’t afraid even if they were colluding with each other. He was confident that the two masters he had hired would be able to deal with them.