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Bigoted Mr. Fu Lets Me Do Whatever I Want   Author:Young Master Yunsi
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“Are you still going to run away?” “No, not anymore.” He loved her to the point of paranoia, a compulsion that penetrated his bones and was impossible to cure. “Babe, you can only smile at me.” “Babe, I’ll get you everything you like.” After getting revived, Qin Shu’s eyes were as bright as snow and she had high intelligence. She held on to her handsome and rich husband, refusing to let go, devoting herself to protecting and pampering him. She worked hard to become stronger so that she could stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Before her revival, Qin Shu believed the words of her younger sister. She hated him, blamed him, and devised a thousand ways to run away from him. Yet, he loved her deeply, pampered her with all his heart, and allowed her to behave atrociously.
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Chapter 1158 - Excitement, Surprise

  Feng Jiuxiao did not even raise his head to know who it was. Jin Cheng had been a little diligent today. Feng Jiuxiao asked in a cold voice, “Have you settled the things I asked you to do?”

  “I’m already handling it.” Jin Cheng walked straight over and sat down in front of the study table. He crossed his legs and sized Feng Jiuxiao up. When Qin Shu was dressed as a man, she was indeed looked a little bit like Brother Jiu. He had forgotten to mention that in the morning. Brother Jiu ..











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