Chapter 1158 - Excitement, Surprise
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  Feng Jiuxiao did not even raise his head to know who it was. Jin Cheng had been a little diligent today. Feng Jiuxiao asked in a cold voice, “Have you settled the things I asked you to do?”

  “I’m already handling it.” Jin Cheng walked straight over and sat down in front of the study table. He crossed his legs and sized Feng Jiuxiao up. When Qin Shu was dressed as a man, she was indeed looked a little bit like Brother Jiu. He had forgotten to mention that in the morning. Brother Jiu actually didn’t notice it himself?

  Feng Jiuxiao waited for Jin Cheng to open his mouth. After waiting for a while, Jin Cheng didn’t speak at all. However, Feng Jiuxiao noticed that Jin Cheng sizing him up. They had grown up together since young and they knew each other very well.

  He raised his eyes to look at deputy jin and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Jin Cheng also felt that he had looked at her for a little too long. “Brother Jiu, didn’t you notice that Qin Shu looks a little similar to you? The way she looked in men’s clothing when she was younger, there’s a 40% similarity. I noticed it when I first met her.”

  Feng Jiuxiao’s eyes paused. He suddenly remembered the reason why Situ Qianhui stared at Qin Shu when she first saw her. Could it be because she looked a little similar to him?

  “What do you want to say?”

  Jin Cheng said, “I just want to tell you that Ling’er might have hated you for lying back then. Besides, Ling’er and Qin Hai are just a couple in name, which means that she didn’t marry Qin Hai because she loves him. Although she hates you, the person she loves is still you.”

  Jin Cheng actually didn’t know about love. He said that he loved Ling’er. If it weren’t for Brother Jiu and Ling’er, he wouldn’t have said such words.

  Feng Jiuxiao stopped signing and looked up at Jin Cheng with a rare look. “You mean, Qin Shu is not Qin Hai’s daughter?”

  Jin Cheng was shocked and explained, “Didn’t I say this morning? I mean, she is not Qin Hai’s daughter.”

  Feng Jiuxiao said, “Then why didn’t you say so earlier?”

  Jin Cheng said unhappily, “I said it. You were the one who insisted that Qin Shu was not Qin Hai’s daughter. I thought Qin Shu was Ling’er and another man’s……” Fu Tingyu replied

  Before Jin Cheng could finish his sentence, Feng Jiuxiao interrupted him, “Shut up.”

  Jin Cheng was afraid that Feng Jiuxiao would be angry, and his words were interrupted. He subconsciously shrank his neck and asked, “What do you mean, Brother Jiu?”

  Feng Jiuxiao’s heart was filled with indescribable excitement. This was no less than a pleasant surprise to him.

  Qin Shu was his daughter, and Ling’er did not fall in love with anyone else!

  After so many years, why didn’t he think that Ling’er might be lying to him?

  He had always believed her words without a doubt.

  After the excitement, he slowly calmed down his agitated emotions.

  He asked, “How did you know about these things?”

  “Qin Shu told me. She also found out from her stepmother that she was not Qin Hai’s daughter, so she did a paternity test and it turned out that she was not Qin Hai’s daughter. After that……”

  Feng Jiuxiao asked, “What happened after that?”

  Jin Cheng replied, “You should know. Qin Shu went to Miao Xin and guessed that Ling’er went with you. There were also some clues. She guessed that she might be your daughter. Then, she saw the color of your eyes, so she probably confirmed it.”

  Feng Jiuxiao could not help but clench the pen in his hand and asked, “You’re saying that Qin Shu’s eyes are also amber color?”

  “She said it herself. You and Ling’er are the same, both inherited from the family. It might be because after she went to Miao Xin, she found out that Ling’er was from Miao Xin, so she found out about the color of her eyes.” Jin Cheng guessed.

  Feng Jiuxiao thought about it carefully and it was indeed possible. Because of the portrait he drew, Ling’er’s eyes were blue. Qin Shu did not inherit Ling’er’s eyes but inherited his ember eyes.

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  No wonder when he taught Qin Shu martial arts, he always felt that it was easy to get along with this little girl.

  Blood was thicker than water, and it was not wrong at all.

  “Can you say the main point next time?”

  Feng Jiuxiao put down the pen in his hand, threw down the sentence, stood up and walked out.

  Jin Cheng looked at Feng Jiuxiao’s departing figure with an aggrieved expression. Wasn’t he talking about the main point?

  Qin Shu was his daughter, wasn’t that the main point

  He had already told Feng Jiuxiao. However, not only Feng Jiuxiao did not thank him, but he also even blamed him.

  The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt.

  He stood up and followed her out……

  Qin Shu had just received a call from Fu Tingyu. He said that he was delayed by something and would only be able to come over two days later.

  Xiao Jiu had long woken up and ran out to play with Boss.

  Ling’er was making a small dress for Boss. Xiao Jiu had requested for it.

  It was a small skirt with blue and white plaid. It was a very refreshing style.

  Ye Luo did not tell Xiao Jiu Boss’s gender.

  She spent some time reading the books that her mommy usually read. Suddenly, she realized that after Mommy had changed, even the style of reading had changed. It was all prose, youth literature, poetry collections, and so on.

  When Feng Jiuxiao walked in, he saw Qin Shu sitting on the swing. Like Ling’er, she often had nothing to do. She would sit on the swing with a book and read quietly.

  It also reminded him of when he was at the Qi Mountain. Her small figure followed behind him and said that there was no one to play with her on the mountain. It was too boring.

  So, he sent a message saying that he wanted to take in a few talented Jia’s disciples.

  But taking in disciples required time.

  At that time, she was not afraid of him at the beginning.

  Then she pointed at the tree in the courtyard and said, “Master, make me a swing. I won’t disturb your reading time.”

  At that time, he didn’t have time to read. It was just a pile of official business that needed to be dealt with.

  She asked, and he agreed. He helped her make a swing, and indeed, she didn’t bother him for a week.

  But a week later, she followed behind him again.

  “Master, I want to eat cake, potato chips, Coke……”

  It wasn’t until Han Xiao and Hua Wuyan went up the mountain that she diverted her attention.

  Xiao Jiu just happened to run back from outside. When she saw him, she went up and shouted, “Grandpa, are you very free now?”

  Feng Jiu looked down at Xiao Jiu. She thought of the first time he called Ling’er ‘Grandma’ because she knew that Ling’er was his grandma. That was why she called him that.

  This time, he suddenly changed the way he called him ‘Grandpa’. It turned out that it was also because he knew that Qin Shu was his daughter, so he changed the way he called her.

  He knew better than anyone how smart Xiao Jiu was. His talent was even better than Fu Tingyu’s, and he learned martial arts very quickly.

  He asked, “I’m not free. Do you want anything?”

  Xiao Jiu raised her little face and thought for a moment, then said, “I have something to say to you.”

  When Feng Jiuxiao heard that, he squatted down in front of Xiao Jiu. Even though he was squatting, the two of them still had some distance between their eyes.

  “What do you want to say?”

  Xiao Jiu said, “Grandpa, you said that you wanted Mommy to call you Daddy today because you and Grandma are married. But Mommy is your daughter. I heard Daddy and Mommy talk about it. Moreover, Mommy’s original color eyes are amber color. I’ve seen them before.”

  Xiao Jiu was afraid that Feng Jiuxiao would not believe him, so he added another sentence.

  Feng Jiuxiao finally knew why Qin Shu had such a reaction during lunch.

  “I know now.”

  Xiao Jiu asked, “Are you happy?”