Chapter 1156 - Time to Change the Way to Call Him
writer:Young Master Yunsi      update:2022-08-09 20:27
  Jin Cheng saw that Feng Jiuxiao was not feeling well and hurriedly ran over. “Brother Jiu, what’s wrong?”

  When he walked to the front, he saw Feng Jiuxiao’s face and was shocked. “Brother Jiu, why do you look so pale?”

  Feng Jiuxiao shook his head. “I’m fine.”

  At that moment, not only was his face extremely pale, but his forehead was also covered with fine beads of cold sweat.

  When Jin Cheng held his hand, he realized that his hand was icy cold, and his heart was filled with cold sweat. He had never seen Brother Jiu like this. Brother Jiu seldom fell ill, and he had never been in such pain.

  It also let Jin Cheng know that Brother Jiu was very ill.

  “You look so pale, and you still say you’re fine. Let me help you back and get the doctor to take a look at you.”

  “No need. You’ll be fine after resting for a while.”

  Feng Jiuxiao pushed Jin Cheng away and held onto the tree trunk with one hand while the other held onto his chest tightly. He endured the piercing pain as he passed by.

  “Brother Jiu, you’re already in so much pain. You can’t be afraid of the doctor. You must see the doctor.”

  Jin Cheng did not care whether Feng Jiuxiao was willing or not. He held onto him once again and walked into the courtyard.

  Feng Jiuxiao then said, “It’s useless to see a doctor.”

  Seeing him so pouty, Jin Cheng could not help but feel a little anxious. “How can it be useless? Brother Jiu, I know that you have never been sick and do not like to see a doctor, but you are in so much pain.”

  “This is a Gu. A doctor can’t cure it.” Feng Jiuxiao said casually.

  “It’s a Gu?” Jin Cheng was stunned for a moment. He never thought that Brother Jiu was in so much pain because of the Gu.

  Jin Cheng had only heard of the poison and had never seen it before, but he had heard of its power.

  But Brother Jiu……

  “Brother Jiu, when did you get poisoned? How did you get poisoned for no reason?”

  Feng Jiuxiao did not answer him. He just silently endured the piercing pain and endured it.

  Jin Cheng saw that Feng Jiuxiao was so upset, so he could only take a step back and persuade him, “Brother Jiu, if you don’t want to go to the courtyard, then I will help you back to the study to rest.”

  Feng Jiuxiao then nodded in agreement.

  Jin Cheng helped Feng Jiuxiao back to the study room.

  In the study room, there was an internal resting room. The two spaces were separated by a huge screen.

  Behind the screen, there was a single rosewood.

  Jin Cheng helped Feng Jiuxiao lie down on the bed, then walked into the bathroom. He took out a clean towel, turned on the tap, wet it with running water, and walked out.

  “Brother Jiu, what kind of Gu is this, it’s so powerful?” Jin Cheng sat down on the side of the bed and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

  Feng Jiuxiao closed his eyes and did not answer Jin Cheng’s question. He just quietly waited for the pain to pass.

  This kind of bone-piercing pain would flare up once a month. It had been more than twenty years. No matter how painful it was, he was used to it.

  And this pain also reminded him from time to time how wrong he had been.

  Jin Cheng saw that Feng Jiu had closed his eyes and did not speak. He could only shake his head helplessly in his heart. He knew that Brother Jiu was not willing to talk about it.

  After about half an hour, the pain gradually subsided.

  Feng Jiuxiao’s expression also eased up a little.

  Jin Cheng then heaved a sigh of relief. “Brother Jiu, are you feeling better now?”

  “Mm.” Feng Jiuxiao replied indifferently. With one hand on the bed, she sat up slowly and tidied up her appearance elegantly.

  Jin Cheng sighed and said, “Brother Jiu, if you say that Qin Shu is not your daughter, then who is her……”

  Jin Cheng did not dare to continue speaking until this point. He felt that this sentence sounded strange no matter how he listened to it. Wasn’t it obvious that Ling’er was not only been with Qin Hai?

  “Is there a need to ask?” Feng Jiuxiao’s voice was clear and cold without much fluctuation, making it hard to tell if he was angry or not.

  Fu Tingyu was even more surprised and could not help but ask, “Brother Jiu, you knew?”

  Feng Jiuxiao did not want to bother with Fu Tingyu’s boring questions. After tidying up himself, he walked out of the study. After such a long delay, she did not know if she could catch up with Ling’er for lunch.

  Seeing Feng Jiuxiao leave without saying a word, Jin Cheng was annoyed by Feng Jiuxiao. Couldn’t he finish his words before leaving?

  Qin Shu had always suspected that Brother Jiu was her biological father. Now that Jin Cheng knew that Feng Jiuxiao was not her biological father, he naturally had to clarify things for Qin Shu.

  Jin Cheng quickly chased after Feng Jiuxiao. “Brother Jiu, don’t go. You haven’t told Qin Shu who her biological father is?”

  Feng Jiuxiao said coldly, “When can you be less talkative?”

  Jin Cheng explained, “I ask because I don’t understand what’s going on. I know that you feel uncomfortable mentioning this now……”

  Feng Jiuxiao suddenly stopped. Jin Cheng didn’t have time to brake and directly bumped into him. He took two steps back awkwardly. With a strong desire to live, he quickly comforted, “Brother Jiu, don’t be angry.”

  Feng Jiuxiao said, “Those are all things in the past. I wouldn’t have married her if I minded those things.”

  He did not care about these things. What he hated the most was that he let Ling’er down back then, which led to the current situation.

  Deputy Jin then let out a long sigh. “That’s good. Ling’er is such a gentle woman. If you let her down, I won’t let you off.”

  As soon as he finished speaking, he felt two unfriendly and cold gazes. He raised his head to look at the owner of the gaze and knew that Brother Jiu was very unhappy.

  He hurriedly explained, “Brother Jiu, don’t misunderstand. I really didn’t…… I’m treating Ling……” He realized that he had said the wrong thing and corrected him, “I treat Sister-in-law as my younger sister. It’s only right for me to protect her.”

  Feng Jiuxiao stared at him for a while before he coldly spat out a sentence that was full of threats, “It’s time for you to shift your focus. Can I still use you?”

  After he had said that, he retracted his gaze and continued walking.

  Jin Cheng sniffed and complained in his heart, what a strong sense of jealousy.

  He then continued to follow.

  When he caught up, Jin Cheng asked again, “Brother Jiu, now that Sister-in-law knows that Qin Shu is her daughter, she has not asked if Qin Shu is her and your daughter?”

  Feng Jiuxiao heard this and replied, “She knows. Our unborn child is our first child.”

  “How good would it be if Qin Shu was your daughter? Xiao Jiu would call you Grandpa every day, how happy.”

  Jin Cheng spoke and did not say anything else after that.

  Jin Cheng’s words seemed to have reminded Feng Jiuxiao. He and Ling’er had been married for several years and Qin Shu could be considered his daughter.

  It was time to change how he addressed them.

  When they walked into the courtyard, Ling’er, Qin Shu, and Xiao Jiu were just about to have lunch.

  “Grandpa, you’re here.” Xiao Jiu came up to greet him with a smile. He did not forget to greet Jin Cheng. “Uncle Jin, you’re here to freeload, right?”

  Jin Cheng smiled and carried Xiao Jiu up. “You saw through me. I’m here to freeload today.”

  Female servants saw that their master and Master Jin had come, so they added two sets of cutleries.

  Qin Shu looked at the three people who came to the table and her gaze fell on Feng Jiuxiao. She said gently, “Mommy and I thought that Master didn’t have time to come over for lunch.”

  Feng Jiuxiao looked at Qin Shu. Although he had not watched her grow up, he had been with her for a long time. He said, “You have to call me Daddy now.”