Chapter 1153 - You’re Dead If You Hurt Her
writer:Young Master Yunsi      update:2022-08-09 20:27
  Qin Shu took her laptop slowly and found that Feng Jiuxiao was staring at her. She looked up at him and asked, “Master, do you have something to say?”

  Feng Jiuxiao said, “You’re very smart. You’re just like Ling’er.”

  His gaze fell on Qin Shu’s eyes. She looked more like a woman in women’s clothing.

  “Of course. Do you wish a daughter doesn’t look like her mother but her daddy instead?” Qin Shu replied casually with a smile and looked at the computer screen in front of her.

  Feng Jiuxiao looked at Qin Shu who was dressed as a man. He had seen Qin Hai before, but she did not look like Qin Hai.

  Seeing that she was looking at the computer, he turned his head back to look at the sofa. Xiao Jiu was chatting with Ling’er, and the scene was very heartwarming……

  When Jin Cheng went to the Situ residence again, he was not alone. Instead, he brought more than a hundred people with him. All of them were wearing uniforms, and their martial art strength was also top-notch.

  With so many people coming at once, the security guards would definitely inform young miss and ask the security guards to stop them. However, they were even faster. Before the security guards could do anything, they were quickly stopped by them.

  More than a hundred people entered the villa with a great momentum.

  After entering, they managed to control all those who resisted.

  Jin Cheng walked straight in and personally went to capture Situ Qianhui. Ten bodyguards followed behind him.

  His footsteps were extremely fast and breezy. This was a sign of his anger.

  When Jin Cheng arrived at the living room, Situ Qianhui was sitting at the dining table and eating her breakfast elegantly.

  She stopped eating her breakfast when she heard the chaotic footsteps. When she turned around, she saw Jin Cheng. He had already walked into the living room, followed by quite a number of people.

  Situ Qianhui furrowed her brows and there was obvious anger in her voice. “Jin Cheng, why did you bring so many people into my house so early in the morning?”

  Jin Cheng stared at Situ Qianhui. If not for the evidence, he would never have imagined that she was the one who kidnapped Ling’er and Xiao Jiu. She was also the one who bullied Ling’er, causing Xiao Jiu to almost lose his life.

  He had always thought that she was pampered, but he did not expect her to be a ruthless woman.

  He said coldly, “I’m here to arrest you.”

  As soon as Jin Cheng finished speaking, the ten men behind Fu Tingyu swarmed forward.

  Situ Qianhui threw the chopsticks in her hand angrily and stood up abruptly. She pointed at them and said, “Do you dare to arrest me?”

  After saying that, she looked at Jin Cheng and said angrily, “What right do you have to arrest me?”

  Jin Cheng sneered and said, “Don’t you know why I’m arresting you? I told you yesterday that Brother Jiu was very angry this time. The consequences are also something you can’t bear.”

  Situ Qianhui was stunned for a moment, but she immediately reacted and retorted, “I didn’t kidnap her. What evidence do you have to prove that I kidnapped her?”

  “Evidence?” Jin Cheng sneered again. “There will be evidence. You’ll be convinced.”

  After that, he ordered, “Arrest her.”

  As soon as Jin Cheng finished speaking, the bodyguards rushed forward again. Even though Situ Qianhui’s martial art strength was not low, she was still no match for ten top-tier martial artist.

  After a short while, Situ Qianhui was subdued.

  Situ Qianhui refused to give up and shouted, “I want to see Brother Jiu. Brother Jiu won’t believe that I kidnapped her. I want to see him.”

  Jin Cheng said, “He will see you. Take care of yourself.”

  “Brother Jiu won’t believe what you say. He won’t.” Situ Qianhui shook her head desperately. She didn’t believe that ninth brother would treat her like that.

  After Situ Qianhui was taken away, she was directly locked up in the interrogation room of the President’s manor.

  After doing all this, Jin Cheng stood outside the interrogation room and lit a cigarette for himself. He took a deep puff, and white smoke flowed out from the corner of his mouth, making his vision blurred.

  Situ Qianhui’s angry cries could be heard from the interrogation room.

  “You can’t keep me here. I didn’t kidnap her. I was wronged.”

  “I want to see Brother Jiu. Brother Jiu won’t let you keep me here.”

  “Jin, I know you’re outside. Let me out now!”

  He still remembered the scene of them playing together when they were young.

  Why did the person who grew up with him become like this?

  Jin Cheng could not stand Qianhui’s cries, and he stepped out of the interrogation room.

  Today was also the day Ling’er was discharged from the hospital. Xiao Jiu also insisted on being discharged. He said that the hospital’s disinfectant was too strong and wanted to go home.

  Therefore, both of them had to go through the discharge procedures together.

  Qin Shu and Xiao Jiu also moved into the President’s manor.

  Ye Luo and Boss also moved in.

  After settling them down, Feng Jiuxiao saw that Ling’er’s complexion was still fine. He then instructed the female servants to prepare some tonic soup for Ling’er to drink.

  Feng Jiuxiao, “You rest first.”

  “Mm, you go and do your own thing.” Ling’er nodded her head gently. Fu Tingyu had been personally taking care of her for the past two to three days. He had piled up were many things that he needed to handle. He must be very busy.

  “Mm.” Feng Jiuxiao stared at Ling’er for quite a while before he stood up and left.

  Jin Cheng also walked over at this moment. When he saw Feng Jiuxiao coming out of the room, he quickly went up to him and said, “Brother Jiu, Qianhui is insisting on seeing you.”

  At this moment, Feng Jiuxiao’s eyes were ice cold, and his voice was ice cold without any fluctuations. “I happen to have something to tell her as well.”

  Feng Jiuxiao’s long and slender legs moved evenly as he walked towards the interrogation room.

  Jin Cheng followed unhurriedly. He raised his head to look at Brother Jiu and thought of Qianhui. He asked tentatively, “Brother Jiu, now that we are basically certain that it was done by Qianhui, how do you plan to deal with her?”

  Feng Jiuxiao said coldly, “Those who dared to hurt Ling’er and Xiao Jiu deserve to die.”

  With that, he strode into the interrogation room.

  Jin Cheng stopped in his tracks and looked at Brother Jiu’s straight back. In fact, he knew that Brother Jiu was serious. Even if the person who hurt Ling’er was a blood relative, Brother Jiu would not let them off easily.

  The staff guarding the interrogation room opened the door and Feng Jiuxiao walked in.

  The interrogation room was closed, and the light was very dim. It was illuminated by the lights on the roof.

  There was only a table and two chairs inside.

  Situ Qianhui was sitting on one of the chairs when she heard the door open. She looked up at the door and saw Feng Jiuxiao walking in from outside. She shouted anxiously, “Brother Jiu, you finally came to see me. I was wronged.”

  As she said that, Situ Qianhui started to cry in grievance, she sobbed and continued to say, “Brother Jiu, how could I do such a thing? I know that I’m a little arrogant, but I have never had such thoughts. I know that Sister-in-law does not like me and knows that you and I were almost married, but you can’t frame me.”

  As Situ Qianhui spoke, she cried even more aggrievedly.

  Feng Jiuxiao stood in front of the table but did not sit down on the chair. He looked down at Situ Qianhui.

  “I have never told Ling’er about our past.” He spoke.

  “Maybe, maybe the female servants in the garden accidentally said it. I am a woman and I understand women. Sister-in-law will definitely hold a grudge if she knows about this.”

  Situ Qianhui suddenly raised her head as she spoke and looked at Feng Jiuxiao with tears in her eyes. “Brother Jiu, we grew up together. Don’t you believe me?”

  Feng Jiuxiao said, “Unless you had provoked Ling’er, she won’t even bother with it.”

  Situ Qianhui was stunned.