Chapter 1157 - Same Eye Color
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  As soon as Feng Jiuxiao’s voice fell, Qin Shu was momentarily stunned. Looking at her master’s handsome face, she thought to herself, “Did Master know?”

  She subconsciously glanced at Jin Cheng. Only he knew about this. Could it be that he told Master?

  Jin Cheng noticed Qin Shu’s gaze. In front of so many people, he couldn’t say anything.

  Ling’er heard what he said and looked up at Feng Jiuxiao and then at Qin Shu. She had a lot of doubts in her heart. Maybe she was old and didn’t want to think too much about it.

  As for how to address Feng Jiuxiao, she respected her daughter.

  At the same time, she also understood Ziqing’s intention.

  Feng Jiuxiao noticed that Qin Shu was in a daze and knew that it was difficult for her to adapt to the sudden change.

  He said, “Your Mommy and I are already married. You can call me daddy or father.”

  Qin Shu had always been in a state of nervousness and when she heard Feng Jiuxiao’s words. She heaved a sigh of relief but at the same time, she was also a little disappointed.

  She nodded her head to show that she had agreed.

  Feng Jiuxiao saw her nod and was not in a hurry to let her call him immediately to give her some time to get used to it.

  Ling’er saw that her daughter’s expression was a little strange and she shouted, “Stop talking and eat.”

  “Mm.” Feng Jiuxiao looked at Ling’er. He felt that ever since he found out that she was pregnant, he felt that she had become thinner.

  Ling’er noticed that Feng Jiuxiao’s gaze had been fixed on her. She gripped her chopsticks tightly and picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork tenderloin and placed it into his bowl. She said, “Why are you staring at me?”

  “You have to eat more. I feel like you’ve lost weight.” Feng Jiuxiao picked up the fish, chicken and ribs with his chopsticks and placed them into her bowl. The small bowl was soon filled to the brim.

  Ling’er said gently, “You don’t have to make a big deal out of it. Your appetite isn’t as good as it used to be when you were just pregnant. It’s normal for you to be thin. It will be better after a few months.”

  Feng Jiuxiao pondered for a moment and said, “Then we’ll do as you like.”

  Qin Shu was eating as she sized up the two people opposite her. Mommy and Master were getting along very well and were very loving.

  Because of this, she was more and more conflicted. She was conflicted about whether she should tell Mommy about her memory was erased by Master.

  What would happen if she really told her?

  If Mommy left Master in a fit of anger, if she hurt the child in her stomach because of emotional agitation……

  Qin Shu lowered her eyes and didn’t dare to think about it anymore. How much she hated a person? How much she loved a person.

  Mommy didn’t just abandon her identity for Master, but also her loved ones who doted on her.

  She could not enjoy her meal.

  After lunch, Ling’er had the habit of taking an afternoon nap. Feng Jiuxiao accompanied her to take an afternoon nap.

  Xiao Jiu also had the habit of taking an afternoon nap. Qin Shu let him go back to his room to take an afternoon nap.

  Xiao Jiu had always been very sensible. He yawned and went to take a nap.

  Qin Shu was sitting on the swing in the courtyard, holding a book that her mother read every day.

  She found out that it was a book of essays and poems.

  At this time, Jin Cheng walked over and sat down on the rattan chair opposite the swing. He looked at Qin Shu and thought about how Brother Jiu had asked her to call him father before dinner, but she didn’t say anything.

  “I asked Brother Jiu today about the possibility that you might be his daughter. He said that if you were his daughter, Ling’er would not marry anyone else. Could it be that your biological father is someone else?” He asked tentatively.

  Qin Shu slowly raised her head and looked at Jin Cheng. No wonder Master suddenly asked her to call him father, it was because Jin Cheng had talked to him.

  She did not explain or refute him. Instead, she simply said, “My eyes are originally amber-colored. They turned black because of the medicinal bath.”

  Jin Cheng was stunned for a moment. It took him a few seconds to digest the meaning of this sentence. Amber-colored eyes could only be inherited by the Long clan. However, it did not mean that every immediate relative of the Long clan had amber-colored eyes.

  However, those with amber eyes were most definitely a member of the Long clan.

  He knew that there was a medicine that could hide the color of the eyes.

  Jin Cheng was so excited that he could not sit still. “Then why didn’t you say so earlier? I’ve talked so much with Brother Jiu, but he still felt that Ling’er wouldn’t lie to him because Ling’er said that you weren’t his daughter.”

  Qin Shu said, “What I’m most concerned about now is not finding out Master is my father, but rather, I want my mommy to regain her memory. But I’m afraid of ruining the peaceful and happy time now. But if I don’t say it, it’ll be tantamount to lying. When my mommy regains her memories, she’ll realize that everyone around her is lying to her. The people she loves are lying to her, her friends are lying to her, and even her closest daughter is lying to her. How sad will she be?”

  “That can only make Ling’er forget about the past. You’ve seen it yourself. Brother Jiu is getting along very well with her, and Brother Jiu really loves her. Even if she marries another man, he won’t mind.” Fu Tingyu sighed. “It’s not a bad thing to keep getting along like this.” Jin Cheng said.

  Qin Shu said slowly, “My mother and Qin Hai are not actually wife and husband.”

  Jin Cheng was stunned again. According to what Qin Shu said, Ling’er only had Brother Jiu from the beginning to the end?

  He thought about it. How could a woman like Ling’er easily fall in love with another man? Fu Tingyu thought.

  Thinking back, Ling’er had also fallen in love with Brother Jiu. What she said was too realistic.

  She must have fallen in love with Brother Jiu at first sight.

  He had seen it with his own eyes at that time.

  He said, “Even if Ling’er’s memory hasn’t been erased, I’m guessing that Ling’er still loved Brother Jiu in the past. This is very similar to her personality.”

  Qin Shu felt that Jin Cheng and her focus was not on the same channel. He understood that if Mommy loved Master, she might not care about the so-called cheating.

  However, as a woman and as Mommy’s daughter, the focus was not about love, but on deception.

  This was probably the difference between a man’s mind and a woman’s mind, Fu Tingyu thought.

  Jin Cheng could not help but ask, “Why haven’t you been willing to tell Brother Jiu that you’re his daughter?”

  Qin Shu looked up at him and asked, “If it were you, what would you say?”

  “Me?” Jin Cheng thought about it carefully for a while and did not seem to find it easy to say that she was his daughter. It seemed too abrupt and reserved, unlike her personality.

  Qin Shu closed the book in her hand and said, “Suddenly telling Master that he’s my biological father was just like he suddenly asked me to call him ‘Daddy’, I just can’t say it out loud.”

  Jin Cheng said, “Brother Jiu will be very happy to know that you’re his daughter.”

  Qin Shu looked at Jin Cheng and smiled, silently agreeing.

  Jin Cheng felt that he had to be the one to say this. Qin Shu was Brother Jiu’s daughter, and now that she had another one, a family of four, it could be considered very perfect.

  Brother Jiu was currently accompanying Ling’er to take an afternoon nap. If he were to recklessly disturb her, he would definitely not have a good ending.

  Jin Cheng did not stay for long and stood up to leave.

  Seeing that he had left, Qin Shu then opened her book and continued to read.

  Three o’clock in the afternoon, study room

  Feng Jiuxiao was as usual handling official business at his desk, and no one dared to disturb him.

  Except for Jin Cheng.

  He first knocked on the door a few times politely and then directly pushed open the study room door and walked in.