Chapter 1154 - You Are Not Worthy
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  Feng Jiuxiao continued to say, “Let your entire clan be punished together with your crime.”

  When Situ Qianhui heard that her entire clan was being punished together, her legs went weak. She said with a trembling voice, “Brother Jiu, I was really wronged. You have to investigate thoroughly before you give an order. I really did not do such a thing. Brother Jiu, you have to believe me.”

  Feng Jiuxiao looked at the people he had grown up with. When he thought about everything that Ling’er had gone through, Xiao Jiu had almost lost his life due to his internal injuries. The rage in his eyes was like a storm that was going to wipe off everything.

  “Shut your mouth. Killing your entire clan will not offset the pain that Ling’er has suffered. I will help her to get it back bit by bit.”

  Situ Qianhui knew that Feng Jiuxiao was furious this time and she also knew that he must have the evidence against her. Otherwise, he would not be so angry.

  “Brother Jiu, why are you helping a foreign woman and treat me rudely? My family has been supporting you before you inherit the presidency. How can you repay kindness with enmity? Why are you making the people who support you feel disappointed?”

  Feng Jiuxiao looked down at her condescendingly. “Do you think that without the support of the Situ family, I can’t sit in this position?”

  The man’s gaze was like an ice blade, causing Situ Qianhui to feel her entire body go cold, as if she was in an ice cellar. She could not help but shiver. She hurriedly explained, “Brother Jiu, I did not mean that. I beg you, just punish me. Do not implicate my family. I beg you, Brother Jiu.”

  Feng Jiuxiao ignored Fu Tingyu’s pleas, his voice cold with a hint of ruthlessness, “If you dare to hurt my people, you should have thought of the consequences.”

  “Brother Jiu, do you really not care at all about the friendship we had when we grew up together? We grew up together and experienced so many happy things together. I am still the wife that uncle appointed for you. Moreover, she is not seriously injured……”

  Situ Qianhui had not finished speaking when she heard a “pa” sound, as if she could still hear the sound of her teeth breaking.

  Feng Jiuxiao was so angry that he slapped Situ Qianhui. Even if she had extremely high martial art strength, she would not be able to withstand it.

  Situ Qianhui’s face was slanted, and five fingerprints appeared on her fair cheeks. It was clearly visible, and blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth. On her fair jaw, it looked even more bright red.

  Feng Jiuxiao took out a packet of disinfectant wipes from his pocket and took out a piece. He elegantly wiped his right hand. His clear and cold eyes looked at Situ Qianhui. “You are not allowed to mention her name. You blaspheme her.”

  Situ Qianhui was awakened by this slap. No matter how much she begged, Feng Jiuxiao would not let her family off.

  She looked at Feng Jiuxiao with hatred, she laughed out loud. “Hahahahaha!!! Our years-long relationship can’t compare to a woman? Even if my family don’t have any merits, we had made some contributions, right? You are so cold-blooded and heartless. You will definitely arouse public anger.”

  Feng Jiuxiao said, “Situ Lei and the others have accepted bribes and used their power for personal gain. I will expose them to the public one by one. How can there be public anger?”

  Only then did situ Qianhui know that Feng Jiuxiao had already set his eyes on the Situ clan. This time, he was just using this as a pretext to make a show. How ruthless.

  “Feng Jiuxiao, how can you be so heartless? Even if my family has committed a mistake, we should not be punished harshly.”

  Feng Jiuxiao, “You have to ask yourself that.”

  Situ Qianhui’s eyes were dark, but then revealed a vicious look. That woman was the reason for her miserable state now. If she had known earlier, she would have killed her at Camel Mountain.

  Feng Jiuxiao retracted his gaze and did not look at her anymore. He turned around and left.

  He had originally come here today to ask what had happened. Why had they grown up together?

  After seeing her, he knew that there was no need to ask.

  When Situ Qianhui saw Feng Jiuxiao was going to leave, she thought about how her family would also be sentenced. She did not give up and pleaded, “Brother Jiu, please don’t be so cruel. Please, let my family go……”

  Feng Jiuxiao ignored situ Qianhui’s pleas and walked straight out. The guards closed the door.

  Jin Cheng had more or less heard it from outside. When he saw Feng Jiuxiao come out, he called out, “Brother Jiu.”

  Feng Jiuxiao knew what he was going to say, and he said coldly, “I have already made up my mind. I can turn a blind eye to other things, but this matter, there is no room for maneuver.”

  After he finished speaking, he walked away.

  Jin Cheng watched Feng Jiuxiao leave and did not say anything. He turned his head to look at the interrogation room. No one had expected that such a situation would happen, much less that this matter would be blown up.

  Ling’er was Brother Jiu’s reverse scale. Qianhui had no choice but to lay her hands on Ling’er.

  The Situ family had been detained and convicted overnight. No one had expected this.

  With the relationship between the Situ family and the Feng family, even if they were at fault, it did not have to go to this extent.

  Situ Qianhui was the president’s fiancée. It was a well-known matter.

  Now that she was being arrested, it was even more out of everyone’s expectations.

  However, the incriminating evidence released made everyone to understand why the president would make such a big move.

  In less than two days, everything was settled and there was no turning back.

  Ling’er had never paid attention to this matter. Because someone was handling this matter, her attention was on her unborn baby. Also, reuniting with her long-lost daughter, and her grandson was also recovering very quickly, these were the happiest things for her.

  Xiao Jiu stared at Ling’er’s stomach for a long time before he asked, “Grandma, I heard from Mommy that you have a baby in your stomach. Is that true?”

  Ling’er smiled and replied, “Of course it’s true.”

  Xiao Jiu heard this and stared at her stomach curiously. “When he’s born, should I call him Uncle?”

  Hearing this, Ling’er could not help but laugh. “Yes, it could also be Auntie.”

  Qin Shu sat at the side and watched. Wen Xin had always been looking forward to such a heartwarming scene.

  Now, her mother had a child in her stomach that belonged to her mother and her master. She knew that this was what master had always been looking forward to.

  Yesterday, Jin Cheng had come to ask her if she had told Master that she was his daughter.

  She didn’t know what was going on with her either. She just could not tell her master about it.

  So, she kept delaying it.

  At this moment, in the study

  After dealing with the Situ family, the aftermath works also needed to be done well. Especially with so many vacant positions, it also needed to be carefully selected.

  Feng Jiuxiao sat in front of the desk, handling official business.

  Jin Cheng knocked on the door first and then walked in. He saw Brother Jiu was busy at the desk. He came this time mainly because of Qin Shu’s matter.

  He asked Qin Shu yesterday and she had not mentioned this matter to Brother Jiu. He was afraid that if it dragged on, Qin Shu would bring Xiao Jiu back to the country and this matter might not be revealed.

  “Brother Jiu.” Jin Cheng called out and walked to the desk. He pulled a chair over and sat down.

  Feng Jiuxiao looked down at the draft in his hand and asked without raising his head, “What’s the matter?”

  “This time, I really have something very important to tell you.”