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My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godf   Author:Taunt Monster
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Ordinary salaryman Qin Yu had a proud and talented younger sister who was the rising star of the police detectives. He often felt inferior to his younger sister with her achievements. Gradually, he began to accept his fate… One day, he acquired the Godfather System, allowing him to obtain the templates of top villains one after another! Using the templates, he found suitable disciples and trained them. As such, terrifying giant-level figures popped up continuously in the underground world! [Wanted dead or alive. S rank terrorist: Joker. Reward: 10 billion] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Fake Psychologist. Reward: 500 million] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Martial Arts Maniac. Reward: 500 million] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Crazy Scientist. Reward: 500 million] Before he realized it, Qin Yu had his identity as the godfather of villains exposed by his younger sister! The entire world was shocked!
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Chapter 180 - Chen Zhi’s Operation!

  It would be easier if he had a professional. Qin Yu thought that Gaston would be able to hire a group of assassins for him.

  However, when he brought the information over, Qin Yu realized that Gaston had introduced him to a group of bandits.

  “What do you mean by this?”

  “Don’t worry. In the robbery industry, they are the professionals among the professionals. Their price is also fair. They are definitely the best candidates for you.”

  “Let me ask you, why a bunch..











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