Chapter 179 - Prison Break!
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  “Where is this?”

  “Oh, you’re awake. This is a room in the base. I’ve made a room for you. If you want, you can stay here in the future.”

  Dai Li sat up and suddenly clenched her teeth, pulling out a light red thread.

  “What’s this?”

  “It should be the thread from clothing. You ate a few mouthfuls of Qian Sha’s flesh just now. It was probably stuck in your teeth at that time.”

  Dai Li was greatly shocked. “I ate Qian Sha? Who Is Qian Sha?”

  “Qian Sha is one of my subordinates. You didn’t kill him. You only ate a few mouthfuls of his flesh. It seems like you don’t remember this.”

  Dai Li shook her head. Suddenly, a frightened expression appeared on her face. “Will I become a human-eating zombie in the future?”

  “Based on the current situation, it is very likely. However, we will think of a way. When you are in a berserk state, your combat strength is still within my control.”

  “This power is too terrifying. I don’t want it.”

  Qin Yu shrugged. “It’s too late now. This power is already yours.”

  “Also, congratulations on being on par with AA level Liu Mingshi. You already have AA-level combat power now.”

  Looking at Dai Li’s expression, it was obvious that she did not want it. In the past, she ate human flesh for scientific research, but now she actually ate it because she wanted to. This wasn’t her original intention.

  “I…… I don’t want it.”

  Dai Li looked pitiful. Qin Yu comforted her:

  “I’m thinking of a solution. You don’t have to worry. Actually, this isn’t a big deal. Really.”


  “If you don’t want to go home, you can rest here now.”

  Dai Li fell asleep. Qin Yu drove to Sun Yushu’s research institute alone.

  “Have you guys figured out Dai Li’s situation? What’s the situation?”

  “According to the information you provided, a second personality will appear in SS. Zhang Meiling has a Hannick personality in her body.”

  “In the same way, we initially speculated that Dai Li’s body had the personality of Shen Dai. However, according to our investigation, Shen Dai does not appear to be in an unconscious state of rampage.”

  “This happened to Dai Li. Moreover, we discovered that when Dai Li went berserk, she was completely unconscious and did not have a second personality.”

  “Cut the crap and come to a conclusion.”

  Lan Ran curled his lips.

  “What an impatient man. I’m afraid you won’t be able to accept it.”

  “There’s nothing that I can’t accept.”

  “Alright then. We came to the conclusion that Dai Li couldn’t control the power in her body, which led to her going berserk. And this kind of berserk is beyond her control.”

  “That’s it? What else?”

  “Every time she goes berserk, it will increase her desire to eat people. If she goes berserk too many times, she might lose her original consciousness and become a pure human-eating zombie.”

  This news really shocked Qin Yu. She had such powerful combat strength, but she would become a human-eating zombie who lost her self-consciousness?

  This news was indeed somewhat unacceptable to Qin Yu.

  “What solutions do you have?”

  “Currently, there are two solutions. The first is to suppress her ability to a controllable range. According to our calculations, suppressing her ability to A class is the most suitable.”

  Qin Yu shook his head. “An A-Class agent. She would be useless for me. What’s the second solution?”

  Sun Yushu and Lan Ran paused for a moment. Their expressions were conflicted and excited.

  “The plan might be a little dangerous, but it’s definitely worth a try.”


  “Raise her level.”

  “What do you mean?”

  Sun Yushu said excitedly, “According to our research, there are a few people in your SS that can be considered as SSS level.”

  “But why not? After our research, we came to the conclusion that it’s not that their strength is inferior to ours, but that there are some things that can not be synchronized.”

  “For example, Youlan’s various body data that far surpasses that of an ordinary person, and Shen Dai’s He Zi. These are things that are not allowed to exist in this world, so they are suppressed.”


  Lan Ran was keeping them guessing.

  “No buts, just tell me what you think.”

  “Although this world does not allow the existence of those things, we can think of a compromise and use soul power instead.”

  “Use soul power instead? Tell me about it.”

  Qin Yu’s interest was piqued, so he pulled a chair and sat down to listen.

  “The soul can increase a person’s strength, but what about using it on the original strength? It can display something close to the original strength. For example, my spiritual pressure, his chakra, Liu Mingshi’s innards, and Shen Dai’s He Zi.

  “And with the appearance of He Zi with Shen Dai, it’s very likely that her level will rise. The real Shen Dai will appear, so there won’t be a situation where she goes berserk.”

  Qin Yu had never thought of this idea before.

  Artificially raise the level of the template?

  This idea was a little crazy. Moreover, even if it had not started, Qin Yu knew that this method was very dangerous.

  However, Qin Yu was indeed very excited because it was very good. This idea was excellent.

  “You can try it. What do you need?”

  “Souls. A lot of souls.”

  “We also need Dai Li’s full cooperation.”

  “No problem. I’ll tell Dai Li when she wakes up.”

  After Qin Yu finished speaking, he realized that Sun Yushu and Lan Ran’s expressions were ambiguous.

  “Throw out the dirty thoughts in your heads. After Dai Li went berserk, she became mentally unstable. I’ll let her rest in the base.”

  Only then did the two dirty-minded people retract their dirty gazes……

  “Godfather, to complete this matter, we still need a large number of souls.”

  “Judging from your expressions, you should have something in mind. Just say it.”

  “According to our understanding of this world, the bad guys are mostly in prison. The good guys are mostly in temples or places of religion. Their beliefs are relatively pure.”

  Releasing prisoners or starting a campaign to exterminate the religious was as expected of the SSS. They really knew how to give people difficult problems.

  “Don’t think about the latter. We can still consider the former.”

  “Orton, look up the distribution of the prisons in Malang City.”

  “Malang has a total of 14 prisons, and they are distributed in……”

  Orton showed the distribution of the 14 prisons on Qin Yu’s phone. They were all in remote areas.

  “What do you think?”

  Qin Yu asked Sun Yushu and Lan Ran, but what he got was a rhetorical question from them.

  “What do you think? Releasing prisoners is your job, not ours. We’re in charge of researching it.”

  What they said was indeed not a problem, but their attitude made Qin Yu very dissatisfied……

  A prison break was a large-scale mission. Qin Yu had no experience, and neither did his subordinates.

  So, Qin Yu found a professional, the owner of the Peace Hotel, Gaston.

  “What did you say? A prison break? I’m not doing it.”

  “Give me a reason not to do it.”

  “That constitutes of breaking into a high-level department, Godfather. I’m just a small hotel owner. I can’t do such a big job. If you’re in a hurry, I can introduce some professionals to you.”