Chapter 175 - The Secret Department’s reasoning!
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  Wu Jinbao was now a double agent, but he still listened to Qin Yu’s orders because the Secret Department had broken his heart. He could throw his life away, but he could not throw his life away for no reason, because he was still a human being.

  The news was passed to the Secret Department.

  The leaders of the secret department looked at the news sent by Wu Jinbao and fell into silence.

  “He said that godfather is a good person? Who is willing to explain this matter?”

  Someone was willing to explain, but they could not understand the reason. Why?

  In the eyes of the Secret Department, the godfather of the Dawn Sect was the leader of a terrorist organization. For a terrorist organization to be a good person was too strange.

  “Chen Zhi, you have been following up on the matter of the Dawn Sect. What do you think?”

  Chen Zhi stood up. “I think we should first find out why godfather happened to be at the Malang Hotel. Our operation is a secret and godfather shouldn’t know about it.”

  “Are you saying that there are spies from the Dawn Sect in our department?”

  “It’s not impossible. Our infiltration of the Dawn Sect is limited to Wu Jinbao alone, and Wu Jinbao’s current position is also unstable. Therefore, I suggest that we conduct an investigation inside and outside the department to determine the purity of the organization.”

  “Commander Chen is making a big deal out of nothing. The only people who know about this operation are the few people present, as well as the leaders of the troops. Even the commander on the spot would not know until he gets there.”

  “Are you trying to say that there’s a traitor among us?”

  Chen Zhi looked around and shook her head. “Just in case.”

  Another leader snorted.

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  “Alright, let’s not fight amongst ourselves. We can do an internal investigation. Also, find out the reason why godfather appeared at Malang Hotel and why he helped us take down the drug lord.”

  After the meeting, Chen Zhi returned to her office.

  On her desk was the information of five people. They were spies that the secret department had previously trained to infiltrate the Dawn Sect because of Fang Jingshuo.

  However, after such a long time, the godfather did not look for them and the undercover plan was scrapped. Now, the five men had officially entered the secret department and were working as extras.

  Chen Zhi swept the information of the five men to the side and took out the confessions of the drug lords and drug dealers.

  Perhaps they were angered by the Godfather and told him everything that had happened in the restaurant.

  According to their confession, they could feel that the Godfather was also confused about what happened at that time. She did not expect such a thing to happen.

  Could it really be a pure coincidence?

  But this was too much of a coincidence. Chen Zhi did not believe that there would be such a coincidence.

  Soon, Chen Zhi turned her attention to the previous battle.

  According to the remains of the dead bodies left behind, they were all assassins in the dark and were somewhat famous in the assassin circle.

  Why did all these people die outside the Malang Hotel? Were they killing each other? Or what?

  “Xiao Li, help me check. What are the activities of the assassins recently?”

  “Boss, did you forget? Some time ago, someone offered up a bounty for the Dawn Sect. The Godfather and his men were among them.”

  Chen Zhi suddenly understood. “I know why the Godfather appeared at the Malang Hotel.”

  “Everyone, please take a look. This is the bounty for every member of the Dawn Sect. According to our investigation, we found that the source is very complicated. There are Freemasons, the Club of Rome, and so on.”

  “Because of this reward, the members of dawn are all in danger. Based on the current information, we can guess.”

  “In order to eliminate this danger, the godfather spread the news that he was at the Malang Hotel and attracted many assassins. They surrounded and annihilated him. This is the reason why we heard about the gunfight.”

  “But he didn’t expect that there was a group of drug dealers who were trading in the hotel.”

  “According to the location of the corpses lying on the ground in the hotel, there were also the confessions of two drug lords.

  “Godfather first won their trust and made them think that they were working together against us. However, godfather stabbed them in the back and gave them to us.”

  After Chen Zhi finished her introduction, the higher-ups looked at each other and nodded. This was the most reasonable explanation at the moment.

  However, there was one point that Chen Zhi could not give an explanation for. That was why the Godfather suddenly changed his attitude and helped them take down the drug dealers.

  According to the situation at the time, rescuing the drug dealers was the most beneficial to him.

  Regarding this question, Chen Zhi shook her head. “I can’t guess the reason for the Godfather’s behavior. Could it be that he hates drugs?

  “If that’s the reason, we might be able to find out the Godfather’s origins if we follow this source.”

  “If the Godfather helped us because he hates drugs, then how are we going to investigate?”

  “There’s no such thing as hate for no reason. If the Godfather hates drugs, then he and the people around him must have come into contact with drugs. It’s very likely that the people around him came into contact with drugs and eventually led to a tragedy.”

  “But it’s unrealistic to investigate like this. There are close to two million drug users in the country. Most of these people’s relatives will end up in tragedy.”

  “Investigate them one by one. We simply don’t have enough people.”

  “Then that’s your problem. According to this conjecture, go and investigate.”

  “Is this the conclusion they came to? I developed a strong hatred for drugs because the people around me came into contact with my drugs?”

  In the Dawn Sect base, Qin Yu looked at the contents of the secret department’s conversation and was extremely speechless.

  This was Orton’s ability. As long as there were cameras, Qin Yu would be able to broadcast anything live through it throughout the country. He let Orton Hack into the secret department’s cameras and coincidentally found this meeting. He didn’t expect the result to be like this, it made him speechless.

  “Can’t they think that I’m just trying to do good? Nowadays, it’s too difficult to do good, what do you think?”

  Zhao Fanggang nodded. Liu Mingshi’s expression was a little helpless.

  Godfather, it seems like we’re not good people to begin with.

  However, Liu Mingshi did not dare to say these words out loud. If he did, he would be beaten up.

  Qin Yu turned off the live webcam.

  “Forget it. They can think whatever they want. Liu Mingshi, how’s the training for your new team going?”

  “Please check it out, Godfather.”

  Liu Mingshi waved his hand and eight people walked in from the door.

  “Godfather, please take a look. This is my newly trained assassin team, the Eight Petites.”

  “How strong are they?”

  “They are still in training. They will come in handy in the future.”

  Qin Yu took off his coat and threw it to Zhao Fanggang. “Let me see what they are capable of.”

  Liu Mingshi silently made way for them. Qin Yu waved at them. “No need to hold back. You must attack with the determination to kill me. Otherwise, you won’t be able to touch even my clothes.”