Chapter 176 - End of Apprenticeship!
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  Zhao Fanggang and Liu Mingshi, who were watching, thought that the sparring between Qin Yu and the Eight Petites would be an exciting battle.

  They were wrong. The battle ended very quickly.

  Qin Yu only attacked eight times. All eight of them fell to the ground, unconscious.

  “This level is far from enough. Liu Mingshi, bring them back for training.”

  Liu Mingshi was a little ashamed, so he asked his men to take the Eight Petites back.

  Zhao Fanggang’s blood boiled as he watched. “Godfather, I also want to test the gap between us now.”

  Qin Yu waved his hand, and Zhao Fanggang flexed his muscles and bones. He threw a swift and fierce punch, but this punch that could knock a wall askew was easily grabbed by Qin Yu. Then, with a light turn, Zhao Fanggang was twisted into the air by this force, after two turns, he fell to the ground.

  Zhao Fanggang grabbed him, his eyes shining. “The Godfather is the godfather. He’s so powerful that I can’t look up at him.”

  “Forget the flattery, it sounds too mushy to me.”

  Needless to say, the outcome of the two drug dealers was not something Qin Yu needed to worry about.

  What Qin Yu needed to worry about now was the person in front of him, the behind-the-scenes boss of the Peace Hotel, Gaston.

  “How should I deal with the matter of you ambushing me? Give me a good idea.”

  “Let me go, I can give you money.”

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  “You’re so funny. Tell me how much money you have, maybe I can consider it.”

  “How about 100 million? 200 million, my money really isn’t that much.”

  “I don’t feel your sincerity, Mr. Gaston. I’m not interested in money. Look, I’ve never touched money before.”

  “But I’m very interested in one of your things. Do you know what it is?”

  “What is it?”

  “Your Peace Hotel.”

  “You want my Peace Hotel? That’s absolutely impossible. My family ran it for several generations before it was built. I won’t give it to you.”

  Qin Yu stood up and spread out his hands. “My persuasion isn’t enough. Then I can only change someone else to talk to you. Zhang Meiling isn’t here, so I’ll have to trouble you with this matter. Sun Yushu.”

  Sun Yushu walked in with the needles in his hands.

  “What’s that?”

  “I’ve developed a new type of drug based on the so-called drugs in this world. It lasts a long time and is easy to become addicted to. It’s very suitable for interrogation.”

  As a person from the dark world, Jaston knew that he could touch anything, but he absolutely could not touch drugs. He widened his eyes and wanted to resist, but his entire body was tied up and he could not resist.

  “Wait, Godfather, let me go. If you change something, I will definitely get it for you.”

  “The Freemasons are against you, and the Club of Rome is against you. The reward this time is their money. I can tell you some information about them.”

  “No need. They are just a few defeated opponents. I don’t need their information to kill them.”

  “I still have more. I still have many women that I can give to you. I can call them to accompany you. They’re world models and International Superstars.”

  “I don’t lack anything in this aspect either.”

  Gaston cried. He did not want to get addicted to drugs, but the Peace Hotel was the foundation of his foundation. If Qin Yu took it away, he would be nothing. He did not want to get addicted to drugs, nor did he want to lose the Peace Hotel.

  “You see, life is so helpless. You always have to answer a question that you don’t like.

  “The difference is what kind of pain you choose. As the winner, I suggest that survival is the most important. Only then will you have the chance to turn the tables and defeat me in the future.

  “Otherwise, if you get addicted to drugs now, you won’t feel good if you don’t die in the future.”

  “Think about what I said. I’ll ask you again in an hour. I hope you can give me an answer that I’m satisfied with.”

  “I really like your tricks. I didn’t expect you to really scare Gaston.”

  “Godfather, I’ve really developed a new type of drug. Why don’t you find someone to try it on?”

  Qin Yu was a little further away from Sun Yushu. He thought that Sun Yushu was just joking, but he did not expect him to really develop it. This was a little scary.

  “This thing must not be spread outside.”

  “Godfather, don’t worry. The manufacturing cost of this thing is very high. Even a multimillionaire would not be able to bear the manufacturing cost.”

  “That’s good. Let’s wait and see. We’ll wait for the answer from Gaston in an hour.”

  While waiting, Qin Yu gave Dai Li a lesson. Dai Li’s progress was very fast. After a period of guidance, he was also close to the threshold of 80%. Just like Qin Wenchang, they were both at 79%, this was something that they needed to figure out on their own.

  Although it was just a little, Qin Wenchang had been stuck here for a long time. Dai Li did not know how long it would take.

  “Dai Li, you know her body. You need to study it well. It will be your research direction in the future.”

  “Is there anything special?”

  Qin Yu took a knife and cut Dai Li’s palm.

  There was blood flowing out of her hand, but it quickly stopped. It was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

  “What a powerful recovery ability. This is indeed a research direction. Miss Dai Li, are you willing to be studied by me? The process might be a little painful.”

  Dai Li looked at Qin Yu. “I’d rather you study me.”

  “I’m just an amateur, so I won’t get involved in the matters of your profession.”

  An hour later, Qin Yu arrived at the room where Gaston was imprisoned.

  “Have you decided? Drug Addiction or Peace Hotel?”

  Gaston exhaled like a deflated balloon.

  “I’m willing to give up Peace Hotel, but I hope you can let me keep some of my wealth.”

  “Of course, I’ve said it before. I’m not interested in money. I don’t want Peace Hotel for the sake of making money.

  I want your information and resources. If you don’t mind, you can still be in charge of the Peace Hotel.”

  Gaston seemed to have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. “Really? I can really continue to be in charge of the Peace Hotel?”

  “Of course.”

  “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

  Gaston was so touched that he was about to cry, but Qin Yu’s face was still cold.

  I took away your family business and let you do what you did in the past, but you are thanking me. This is the world of the strong. The strong represent the rules, but they also represent morality……

  Gaston was let go, but Zhao Fanggang was still a little worried.

  “Godfather, do you really think that he will work for you in Peace Hotel?”

  “This is not a problem that I have to worry about, but a problem that he has to worry about. If he is not honest, and causes me to lose some information, what he will lose is not only his business, but also his life.”

  “Godfather is mighty!”

  “Don’t be mighty. Help me find some people to come here and enter the Peace Hotel with Gaston. Change all the security of the Peace Hotel. Do not interfere in the daily management, only observe the guests coming and going.”

  Zhao Fanggang nodded and went to handle the matter.

  Qin Yu snapped his fingers at Orton, “Something came up……”

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