Chapter 177 - Eric: Godfather, Transfer the Money!
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  The sixteenth member was Dai Li. Qin Yu did nit expect her to break through the threshold so quickly. After all, Qin Wenchang had been stuck at 79% for a long time.

  “Sir, what can I do for You?”

  “Wait a moment.”

  Qin Yu closed his eyes and drew a new template.

  A scholarly face appeared in front of Qin Yu. His smile was very amiable, making people want to be close to him.

  This was the most amiable person in Qin Yu’s template. He must be a kind person.

  This kind person smiled at Qin Yu and said, “Hello, May I know where I am?”

  Self-awareness, SSS template.

  Currently, Qin Yu had SSS templates, Orochimaru, Joker, Lan Ran, and the Ruler.

  There was not a single kind person. Suddenly, an amiable person came. Qin Yu felt very comfortable.

  “Yoshida Shoyo, is that your name? It’s a little familiar.”

  “Hello, May I ask…… where is this?”

  The sudden change in tone made Qin Yu stunned. Where was the gentleman just now? Where did he go?

  When he looked again, Yoshida Shoyo was still there, but there was another person who looked like him beside him. The cold voice came from his mouth.

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  Why were there two people?

  No, not two. Qin Yu saw countless corpses behind the two people.

  These corpses all had a face. They were the same person. Why did they become like this? What exactly was this person?

  “You scared him.”

  Yoshida Shoyo’s voice was still very gentle. It was just a look, but it actually made Qin Yu feel a trace of coldness.

  What was going on? Why did two people appear? Which one of them was the template? Yoshida Shoyo? Or was it the name beside him, Utsuro?

  “I like this world very much. The people here yearn for peace.”

  Utsuro did not speak. He was looking around.

  “After I kill you, maybe I’ll know what’s going on.”

  The template wanted to kill someone?

  This was the first time Qin Yu had encountered such a thing, and it was also the first time he had encountered such an aggressive template. Even the Joker had never had such thoughts, but this new template did.

  Not only did he have it, he really did make a move.


  Two katana appeared in the hands of the two of them, and they collided with each other, making an ear-piercing sound.

  Qin Yu took a step back and watched this strange battle.

  Qin Yu realized that these two consciousnesses could be split from one person.

  Through the template, Qin Yu quickly found information about two people, or rather, one person.

  In the endless life of an immortal, two completely different consciousnesses were born.

  Yoshida Shoyo, who was a teacher, and Utsuro, who wanted to destroy the world and destroy himself.

  Human beings are born with the weakness of the living creature, everyone has an uncompromising heart of their own, for the road of life to bring pain, unfortunately we do not escape the means of pain.

  But, can not always be at the mercy of their own weakness to indulge in pain, we can face the weak themselves, to fight to change to bear pain, this is what those little samurai taught me.

  Humans are far more free than we think.

  The so-called samurai way is to restrain the weak self and make it step by step toward a strong self-will. It is to follow the self-aesthetic consciousness and constantly improve.

  So they who are unable to study diligently and try to be decent people, or you who come to challenge the school in order to become stronger, are excellent samurai in my opinion.

  This is the philosophy of Matsuo Yoshida, who has spent his whole life fighting to protect his students.

  However, Xu was different. He was born in destruction, and he died in destruction. In other words, he was synonymous with destruction.

  There was no need to say much about life and death. Qin Yu had chosen to live because he wanted to help Yoshida Shoyo.

  However, things were not as simple as Qin Yu had thought. Before he made his move, Yoshida Shoyo had already won.

  The long katana pierced through Utsuro’s heart, but Utsuro was not dead. He was still alive. There was not a hint of pain on his face, as if the stab in his chest was not his heart.

  “How can this be?”

  “I am an immortal, undying.”

  “We are not invincible. The dragon’s pulse can kill us, or at least wipe out your consciousness.”

  “But there is no dragon’s pulse in this world.”

  “Then I will seal you here forever.”

  “Wait, wait, I have something to say.”

  The two of them turned their heads at the same time, and Qin Yu said,

  “I don’t really want to participate in the grudges between the two of you, but since we’re already in another world, I think you should choose to try a new life. Don’t even think about destroying the world. If everyone here dies, there’s no point in living alone.”

  “As for you, brother, you can also understand the pain of the other you. The two of you are not opposites. You’re one, aren’t you?”

  Yoshida Shoyo and Utsuro looked at each other. Yoshida Songyang took out his katana and looked at Qin Yu, deep in thought.

  Suddenly, Qin Yu snapped his fingers and a cage fell from the sky, locking Utsuro inside. But this was not the end. Iron cages appeared one after another, like Russian nesting dolls, completely locking Utsuro inside the iron cage.


  “I am a more careful person. I will never allow unstable factors to come into play. Previously, there was a person called the Ruler who was also locked up by me for a period of time. I let him out because we reached an agreement.”

  “But this guy doesn’t look like he can reach an agreement with me. Moreover, the two of you are the same, so it’s best to use you instead.”

  “Do you want to understand this world?”

  Yoshida Shoyo thought for a moment. “I want to see it. This world looks much more peaceful.”

  “Exactly. Then come out with me and see the difference in this world.”

  The new template was out, and there was no suitable candidate for the time being. However, Qin Yu was not in a hurry. Although Yoshida Shoyo’s combat strength was abnormally shocking, he was not a person suitable for fighting. Utsuro was more suitable for fighting……, it was just that the guy was even crazier.

  “Sir, what did you want to do just now?”

  “Contact Eric and Leon. Ask them what they are doing now. It doesn’t matter if the matter is not done. Don’t allow any internal strife.”

  Eric took it first.

  “I’m very satisfied with Zhang Meiling.”

  “It’s good that you’re satisfied. As for manpower, I don’t have many people for you at the moment. You can recruit some yourself.”

  “I need money.”


  “I’ve already sent the money.”

  Next was Leon, who looked a little unhappy.

  “Is Europe not satisfying you?”

  “Very. This place is already full of chaos and disorder. What I want is a perfect, hypocritical world, and then expose the hypocrisy of the world.”

  “But this place is already in chaos. I don’t have much room to play around with.”