Chapter 178 - Berserk Dai Li!
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  Leon’s words should have been sarcastic. Qin Yu had never been there. Without an investigation, he had no right to speak. Therefore, he did not know what kind of chaos Leon was talking about.

  “Then you should make him more chaotic and cooperate with Eric.”

  Leon hung up the call. It seemed that it was impossible for him to cooperate with Eric.

  “Who are they?”

  “By the standards of ordinary people, they are all bad people.”

  “Why do you have bad people as your subordinates?”

  “I am after talent. I don’t care if they are good or bad. I look at whether they have the ability or are useful to me. That’s the most important thing.”

  “Bad people will kill people.”

  “If he kills one, I’ll let him save ten or a hundred more.”

  Yoshida Shoyo shook his head. “I don’t like your theory.”

  “It doesn’t matter. Our ideas don’t have to be unified. You just need to do what I need you to do.”

  “What will you ask me to do?”

  “We’ll talk about it after we find your host. I want to see how Dai Li broke through the threshold so easily.”

  In Sun Yushu’s research institute, the person being studied was Dai Li. She was lying on the operating table while Sun Yushu and Lan Ran were carrying out some experiments on her with a scalpel.

  “What progress have you made?”

  “Her recovery ability is extremely astonishing. Not only can she recover from her cell tissue, but she can also recover from her muscle tissue and even her bones.”

  As she spoke, Sun Yushu showed Qin Yu a severed finger, while Dai Li’s hand was completely unharmed.

  Such a monster-like recovery ability made Sun Yushu and Lan Ran extremely excited.

  “It’s comparable to the self-healing ability of the first generation.”

  “This ability is very rare. We should study it carefully.”

  “Dai Li can wait. How’s the research on the new material coming along?”

  “There’s no close combat for the time being. Perhaps we can find inspiration from Dai Li.”

  Sun Yushu and Lan Ran removed the tissue that they needed. Dai Li came down from the operating table. The whites of her eyes were a little red, and she looked a little unnatural,

  “Godfather, did you come here specifically to look for me?”

  “No, I’m looking for Lan Xiaoran. Lan Ran, let Xiaoran come out.”

  Dai Li snorted. “Man, so you like this type.”

  This woman seemed to have fallen into a marriage curse. She was constantly thinking about marriage, so much so that Qin Yu had forgotten that her combat ability was abnormally terrifying.

  Lan Ran let Lan Xiaoran out, and Qin Yu pulled her outside.

  “Brother, what’s the matter?”

  “Nothing. I pulled you out as a shield.”

  “Is it because of sister Dai Li?”

  “Yes and no. The environment inside is a little oppressive. When Lan Ran controls the body, you can also see things outside through your eyes, right? How does it feel to you?”

  Lan Xiaoran said, “I thought I would be afraid, but I’m not. I find it very interesting.

  “The soul, self-healing, these strange things actually exist in my world. It’s so colorful!”

  This child was also a little obsessed……

  Dai Li was dragged away by Qin Yu from Sun Yushu’s research institute and returned to the training room at the base.

  Liu Mingshi and the Six Sword Slaves were training the Eight Petites. When they saw Qin Yu come over, they all stopped their training and waited for Qin Yu’s instructions.

  “Liu Mingshi, who trains the Eight Petites Better?”

  Liu Mingshi shouted, “Qian Sha.”

  A tall man walked out. Qin Yu waved his hand at Dai Li. “Look at your strength.”

  “How can I beat him?”

  “I believe you can.”

  Dai Li had no choice but to walk up to Qian Sha. He was nearly 1.9 meters while she was less than 1.7 meters. The difference was very obvious.

  Judging from his size, Qian Sha was more than enough to beat three Dai Li.

  Liu Mingshi was also a little worried. “Godfather, although Qian Sha can’t be compared to any of the Six Sword Slaves for the time being, his strength is not something a woman can do……”

  Liu Mingshi’s words were rather tactful. Qin Yu did not respond.

  The battle began. Qian Sha took the initiative to attack, but before he could make a move, he realized that Dai Li had disappeared.

  Not only Qian Sha, but Liu Mingshi and the others who were watching were also extremely shocked. They had seen a ghost-like speed.

  Then came the instant kill. Dai Li also left traces of defeating Qian Sha on his body. A piece of meat on Qian Sha’s body was bitten off by Dai Li. She chewed it twice in front of everyone and then swallowed it.

  “So delicious.”

  Liu Mingshi’s voice was a little shaky. “Godfather, who is she?”

  “You can think of her as a monster.”

  Qian Sha lay on the ground and wailed in fear. The fear in his heart overcame the pain in his body. This woman, she ate humans, she really ate humans!

  “What a beautiful sound, you have aroused my appetite.”

  Dai Li’s eyes had turned completely red, and some red blood vessels had burst out around her eyes.

  She suddenly laid her hands on Qian Sha’s body. The Six Sword Slaves and the Eight Petites hurried to stop her, but as soon as they pounced on her, they found that Dai Li had disappeared.

  Liu Mingshi shouted, “She’s up there.”

  The group of people looked up and saw Dai Li spread her hands as if she was hovering in the air.

  “I’m coming.”

  Her hands seemed to have turned into claws, and Dai Li pounced on the Six Sword Slaves and the Eight Petites.

  Seeing that something was about to happen, Liu Mingshi did not receive Qin Yu’s order and did not dare to act rashly.

  Qin Yu immediately activated Youlan’s godfather mode and stepped forward to kick Dai Li away.

  Dai Li, who had been kicked away by Qin Yu, crawled out from the smoke. Her red eyes did not lose their color.

  “Godfather, please let me do it.”

  Qin Yu retreated while Liu Mingshi took a deep breath.

  This was a battle between the SS levels. Liu Mingshi had completely matched Zhao Gao’s template. Although Dai Li had not completely matched it, the combat strength of this template was higher than Zhao Gao’s, and it also had very strange abilities.

  From the current situation, Dai Li was still better.

  The Six Sword Slaves helped Qian Sha, who was scared silly, to Qin Yu’s side. Qin Yu glanced at him and waved at the Six Sword Slaves. “Arrange for someone to send him to Sun Yushu. Sun Yushu will treat him.”

  Qian Sha was sent away, and the battle between Liu Mingshi and Dai Li was decided.

  The winner was Liu Mingshi. Although Dai Li was powerful in her rampage, she had lost her rationality. The experienced Liu Mingshi seized the opportunity and suppressed her in one fell swoop!

  Qin Yu stepped forward and clapped his hands. Then, he tapped on Dai Li’s neck, which was struggling non-stop, and Dai Li fainted.

  “Godfather, what is she doing?”

  “She hasn’t fully grasped this power and will enter a berserk state. I still need to train her.”

  Liu Mingshi looked at his hands, both of which were trembling. He had personally come into contact with Dai Li, so he knew how strong her power was.

  Even in the Dawn Sect, there were not many people who could suppress her. The Godfather was actually strengthening her. In that case, in the future, other than the godfather, who else could suppress her when she went berserk?

  An SSS level? Liu Mingshi felt that it was also difficult.