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Yan Xi, a medical prodigy who obtained a doctorate at the age of 22, never expected to end up transmigrating into a novel. Her husband was the female lead’s fourth brother, Gu Shen. He was a bigshot in the business world who had suffered from disability from a young age and could only move in a wheelchair. However, he was a handsome man full of schemes. Yan Xi became the cannon fodder wife of a bigshot in the business world. Her first love, Zhang Ming, had stabbed her husband’s subordinate with a knife. To force Gu Shen to release Zhang Ming, she had unhesitatingly to stab herself to threaten Gu Shen. Eventually, Gu Shen released the man and gave her a large sum of money. She took this money and eloped with Zhang Ming. After that, Zhang Ming planned for a car accident that ended her life as they hit the road, which allowed Zhang Ming to conveniently take her money and run far away. When she transmigrated over, Yan Xi found out that she had just stabbed herself with a knife and was in the critical stage of deciding her future fate! Therefore, when Gu Shen threw her the divorce agreement, Yan Xi decisively refused. “Hubby, I won’t divorce you.” Gu Shen was surprised by her change. “Have you thought it through? I’ve left you some real estate and cash. It’s enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.” Yan Xi revealed a confident smile. “I’ve thought it through. Zhang Ming stabbed your men with a knife. You should hand this matter over to the law. I won’t interfere anymore.” The surprise that Yan Xi’s change brought to Gu Shen did not end there. After that, she tore off the mask of her hypocritical best friend and calmly dealt with her scheming family members. She personally treated Gu Shen’s chronic illness for many years. Bit by bit, she managed to shock everyone around her who was once prejudiced against her.
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Chapter 216: Quantum Storm

  After Gu Shen woke up from the surgery, he knew that Yan Xi’s hands were almost crippled, so he sent someone to investigate it. In the end, it turned out that Gu Sheng was the one behind it! 

  Gu Shen’s eyes were cold. “If you knew this would happen, why did you do it? The police caught the gang that hurt Yan Xi. This time, no one can help you!” 

  “Help me… Please help me. I am your uncle, am I not?” 

  “Humph!” Gu Shen looked at him expressionlessly and ordered Gu Yi, ..











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