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Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks!   Author:You You Jiang Jiang!
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Su Xing traveled through ten years in time and secretly checked in for ten years at Tianquan Peak. He thought he could continue to develop, but he suddenly got three junior sisters. His first junior sister was seemingly the reincarnation of a female emperor who had fought bloody battles to the edge of the world in her previous life. Her second junior sister seemed to have royal blood as well, but due to unforeseen events in the dynasty, she had no choice but to leave her hometown and bear the hatred of her family and country. His third Junior Sister seemingly transformed from an ancient beast. Her origin was a mystery, and her bloodline was exceptionally powerful. Originally, he thought that as their senior brother, he could take care of his juniors, but instead, his powerful junior sisters had him covered everywhere. Three junior sisters, “Who dares to bully my senior brother?” Su Xing, “As the senior brother of three freakish junior sisters, I am under too much pressure!” When the Emperor Secret Realm appeared, his three junior sisters fell into danger at the same time. For the sake of his junior sisters, Su Xing decided to longer slack around. Coming out from seclusion, “Who dares to bully my junior sisters? I will destroy your orthodoxy!”
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Chapter 270End - Ascending to the Immortal World (end)

  EndlessFantasy Translation

  EndlessFantasy Translation

  “Shut up!”

  Demon Emperor Li Mengran snorted.

  Accompanied by a scream, Chen Youliang felt a huge force coming at him. He flew hundreds of meters away and crashed into a sand dune. It was unknown whether he was alive or dead.

  “Demon Emperor, I’m really disappointed in you.”

  “However, the gate of Hell has been summoned. It doesn’t make much difference whether you are here or not. hahaha!”












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