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Exorcism Through Climax With a Single Strike!   Author:Hirotaka Akagi
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— Climax exorcism. An obscene ability that forces forces anyone stricken by it to climax, regardless of whether they are living or dead. As a bonus, it also forces evil spirits and monsters to ascend to heaven. This is a world where evil spirits and monsters are everywhere and being an exorcist is a real job. Talented boys and girls with bright futures are trained at the “School for Exorcists”. Furuya Haruhisa is a boy cursed with the ability, climax exorcism, and is also the school dunce. Using the ability could lead to his own social death… But then, Haruhisa met her. Misaki Soya, a girl possessing a similarly cursed pair of eyes — demon eyes. And so begins the legend of how history’s worst exorcists came to be known as the strongest before anyone realized it. Their first official job results in a grand performance with a monster woman who runs away from boobs. — Nhoooooo!? A coquettish voice echoes throughout the neighborhood tonight. It is undoubtedly evidence of an ascension. Are those useless exorcists using their obscene abilities? Is ero going to save the world? A slightly ecchi exorcism performance!!
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Chapter 48: Mirage


  After receiving the phone call from Furuya Haruhisa thanking her for the shape-shifting talismans she gave him, Tachikawa Mei muttered the word in a low voice towards the phone which had disconnected. She put the phone in her pocket and immediately went inside a stall in the women’s restroom to get some time alone.

  "But how troublesome. I can’t believe that both the "hands" and the "eyes" managed to get together in one place and take down a sixth-rank monster."












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