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Guide to raise my cutie husbands   Author:fairytail72
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Yu Dong , a cultivator from the zombie apocalypse transmigrated over to another world after she died fighting a mob of zombies - the moment she opened her eyes , someone told her that her wife was giving birth - Yu Dong was stunned , she hurriedly reached to touch her chest , to check whether or not she was still a woman - the two perky mounds told her she was - instantly she looked at her bottom , she wanted to check whether or not she was a ‘ real woman ,’ but before she could - she was hauled to where her wife was giving birth - and what she saw made her want to pass out again - Because her wife was a man ! And she didn’t have just one wife but three ! Yu Dong looked at the man who was groaning on the bed and nearly blacked out- whatever at least she didn’t have to chop zombies for living , right ?
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Chapter 430 Brainwash

    Fang Chi rolled his eyes, he has heard the same speech all over again and again, and now it was to the point that he could remember everything that she has told him.  But that wasn't what the real reason was though, the real one was that —— she missed them so much that she was afraid that she might end up calling them back in case she started writing letters to them, so Yu Dong was simply ignoring the entire thing and acting like she was doing for their good when the truth was she was ..











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