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Reincarnation: I Have Always Been Rich   Author:Ai Guo
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“Qu Meng’er was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her father had tampered with her brakes and ended her life in a car accident. Little did Qu Meng’er expect that her death would make her reborn. When she reopened her eyes, she had become a little bundle, a little bundle born in the 70s that had been discarded after someone wrongly took her away. Qu Meng’er, the abandoned baby, was adopted by the Chen couple. Qu Meng’er also changed her name to Chen Meng’er. Therefore, Chen Meng’er started to live her life anew. She wanted to see what kinds of changes Chen Meng’er would bring to the poverty-stricken Chen family with her personal spatial dimensions, memories and knowledge from her previous life. She also wanted to know how she would be when she came face to face with the members of the Qu family who wanted her to return home.
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Chapter 554

  In the resuscitation room, Dr. Lin and his assistants were completely stunned by the scene in front of them. What was going on?

  Besides, other than Dr. Lin, no one else in the resuscitation room had seen Chen Meng’er, nor did they know her identity. Some people wanted to open their mouths to stop her, but when they saw Chen Meng’er’s killing intent, they shivered and did not dare to say anything. When they saw Hall Master Skinny who came in, they didn’t dare to say anything.












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