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Villain Cultivator   Author:DamnPlotArmor
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If you can reincarnate or transmigrate into a cultivation novel world and you have a choice, would you be a protagonist, an antagonist, a side character, or a mob character? And what would you do if you are aware that you're a character in a cultivation novel? Mao Miaomiao, a 60-year-old retired professional MMA fighter got transmigrated into a mysterious cultivation world with modern technologies. He found himself in his youthful body, and he got a system as a bonus. Cliche, right? [Ding!] [You have received new quests] [Kill a native protagonist.] [Kill a reincarnated protagonist.] [Kill a transmigrated protagonist.] [Kill a regressed protagonist.] [Kill a time-traveled protagonist.] [Kill a resurrected protagonist.] From a mob character to a villain mob, from a villain mob to a villain boss, from a villain boss to a secret character, the system forced Mao Miaomiao to evolve ... and hunt every protagonist in this world.
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Chapter 631 – Mao Miaomiao VS Heavenly Dao Universe (3)

  Lilim had a headache.

  After confirming the kill, Lilim attempted to withdraw from this battlefield and go home. However, a massive fleet blocked her escape routes.

  The flagship of this fleet belonged to the alliance army of various noble clans and deities, known as the Divine Palace.

  A fleet of 50,000 renaissance-era-like wooden warships formed a half-circle formation in the void, surrounding Lilim Army and showing their broadside. They pointed their cannons at the arm..











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