Chapter 255 - Admit Our Luck Is Bad
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  Wang Wen was wearing a suit and pencil skirt. She stood in front of the two of them coldly, her eyes stern and filled with killing intent.

  The secretary was shocked and stood up trembling. She stammered, “Secretary…… Secretary Wang.”

  “If you have the time to gossip, why don’t you have the time to finish your proposal? Look at what you have written? There are so many loopholes and errors everywhere. If your resume didn’t say that you graduated from a famous university in the country, I would have thought that you came from some mountain valley and an illiterate who can’t read!” Wang Wen’s expression was stern. Her red lips were like a machine gun, continuously reprimanding, directly scolding the young secretary to the point that she almost cried on the spot.

  “I, I’m sorry……” the young secretary sobbed and apologized, tears streaming down her face. “I’ll do it again right now.”

  “Sorry? You think just a word of apology is enough?” Wang Wen did not let the secretary go. She sneered, “Now you know how to cry? What did you do earlier? If you used your abilities to work, you wouldn’t have come up with such a terrible proposal! I can find a junior high school student who would be better than you, and you graduated from a famous university? Is this the standard of a prestigious university?! Hurry up and do it again!” She slammed the documents on the table, the eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses shone with a fierce light.

  After reprimanding the young secretary, Wang Wen glanced at the people in the Secretary’s Office. Her red lips opened slightly and she coldly said, “If you have time to gossip here and discuss this and that, why don’t you do your job well? If you can’t even do your job well, how can you care about others? I’ve said it before, I’ve always been a merciless person. The next time I catch something like this, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

  The people in the Secretary’s Office all lowered their heads. In the huge office, only the young secretary’s uncontrollable sobs were heard.

  “Wang Wen.” At this moment, the office door was pushed open. Assistant Chen Liang stood outside the door and said, “Bring the report and go to the CEO’s Office for a bit.”

  “Okay.” Wang Wen gave a professional smile. After replying, she looked at the crowd coldly and left with the report. The crisp sound of high heels hitting the ground was getting further and further away. After confirming that Wang Wen had left, the atmosphere in the Secretary’s Office suddenly relaxed.

  “Okay, okay, Don’t cry anymore.” The colleague grabbed a tissue and handed it to the secretary. She comforted the young secretary with a sense of sadness, “Wang Wen is like this. She doesn’t show mercy when she speaks. Don’t take it to heart. Who asked us to be unlucky and accidentally bump into her?”

  “I’m telling the truth. Don’t tell me I can’t even tell the truth?” The secretary wiped her tears and grumbled, “What’s the point of throwing her flames of fury at us? CEO Ji won’t even look at her.”

  Ji Yan’s office was large and clean, exuding a strong vibe. The business-oriented decorations looked low-key and dignified, but they were even colder. Shen Hanxing was still wearing Si Cheng High School’s uniform. She was sitting on the sofa, looking charming and beautiful. The office was like a world of ice and snow, with sharp edges and corners. Suddenly, with her appearance in the office, a colorful flower bloomed. It looked out of place, but it was exceptionally harmonious.

  When Wang Wen pushed open the door and saw this scene, a dark light flashed in her eyes. Her gaze quickly swept past Shen Hanxing and landed on Ji Yan. “CEO Ji,” she greeted.

  When Wang Wen saw what Ji Yan was doing, she was so shocked that her mouth fell open. Ji Yan, who had always been professional and would not be affected by anything, had a gentle expression on his face while doing something that did not match his status. The sleeves of Ji Yan’s exquisite and expensive suit were casually rolled up to his elbow. He bent down and carefully cut the fruit on the table in the lounge while Shen Hanxing sat on the sofa with a book in her arms, she didn’t have the slightest intention of helping him.

  “CEO Ji, how can you do this type of thing?” Wang Wen couldn’t help but step forward and try to grab the fruit knife. “Let me help you.”

  Ji Yan’s hands had signed countless of contracts worth hundreds of millions, stirring up S City’s financial market. He was a mastermind and had the market under his control. His handsome and perfect face had appeared in various major financial magazines several times. Even international celebrities had been amazed by his looks and abilities. A person like Ji Yan should be high and mighty, sitting on a golden chair and casually taking control of the situation. He should not be on this narrow table, doing something like cutting fruits, which didn’t require much skill!

  This was simply an insult to Ji Yan and a waste of his ability!