Chapter 254 - The CEO’s Wife Is Here!
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  “Silly girl, you still have a lot to learn in the future.” Qiao Wei lovingly poked Shen Sisi’s forehead. She chuckled, “What did Mommy tell you? Crying and throwing tantrums would not solve the problem. The most powerful weapons we women have are our faces and our gentle and understanding personality. We don’t need to kill people ourselves, and we don’t need to fight for what we want.” She narrowed her eyes, her eyes were full of viciousness. She continued, “You have to learn well so that you can lead a better life in the future.”

  “I know, Mommy,” Shen Sisi nodded obediently. However, she could not help but pout unhappily, “But when I think of Shen Hanxing coming home, I feel disgusted. Mommy, you don’t know what she said in school. It’s to the point that I don’t know how to face anyone when I have to go back to school!”

  “What are you panicking for? It was just a moment of humiliation.” Qiao Wei’s heart was filled with hatred. She gritted her teeth and said, “Don’t worry, I will make sure that she can never enter our house again! Mommy will never allow her to take away anything that belongs to you!”

  “Mommy, you’re the best!” Shen Sisi couldn’t help but cheer.

  On one side, the mother and daughter pair had a warm atmosphere. On the other end, Ji Yan looked at Shen Hanxing, who was sitting beside him, with a big smile in his eyes. Shen Hanxing moved her body a little awkwardly and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me? Is there something dirty on my face?”

  “It’s my wife’s first day of school and she managed to get the teacher to call her guardian in an hour and twenty-four seconds.” Ji Yan raised his watch to take a look, he said seriously, “The time you took to have your guardian called in directly broke Ji Yang’s record. I should have someone frame a medal and put it in our living room for people to admire.”

  Shen Hanxing was extremely embarrassed. She didn’t want to! She went to school to study hard, but some people wanted to pick a fight with her.

  “Who asked them all to find trouble with me?” Shen Hanxing muttered, “If you want to laugh at me, then laugh at me. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”

  After she said that, the corners of Ji Yan’s lips curled up high. He didn’t hold back at all!

  Shen Hanxing snorted angrily and turned her head away, not looking at him.

  “My wife, don’t be angry.” Ji Yan held her hand and discussed softly, “Just treat it as if you’re leaving school early today to accompany me to work at the company, okay?”

  “Won’t I be disturbing you?” Shen Hanxing’s eyes lit up slightly. Although she wavered, she was still very rational. “This isn’t appropriate, right?” It had been so long, but she had never been to the Ji Corporation!

  Thus, the employees of the Ji Corporation were shocked to find that the CEO, who had always been expressionless, cold, distant, noble, and unapproachable to women, was holding the hand of a ridiculously beautiful woman in the company!

  The news of Mrs. Ji’s arrival instantly spread throughout the company. It was unknown who had secretly taken Shen Hanxing’s photo, and it went viral in every department.

  “Sob, sob, sob. And here I thought all the nice-looking photos of the CEO’s wife that were posted on the internet were fake and touched up. Now that I’ve seen her in person, I realize that our CEO’s wife is much more beautiful than those photos posted on the Internet!”

  “Ah, ah, ah, ah, no wonder our iceberg CEO fell into the hands of his wife. Who wouldn’t love such a beautiful woman!”

  “The CEO and his wife are a perfect match!”

  Just as the group of people in the company was lamenting how good-looking Shen Hanxing and Ji Yan were, someone suddenly coldly said, “Discussing all these during work hours…… Have you all finished your work?”

  The person who said this had a high ponytail and wore gold-rimmed glasses. She looked charming and attractive. As soon as she finished speaking, the people who had been bustling with discussion instantly quieted down. No one dared to speak anymore.

  “How disappointing.” The secretary of the Secretary’s Office couldn’t help but curl her lips. She lowered her voice and complained to her colleagues, “She’s so cold all day long. She doesn’t allow us to chat and if we drink a bit more water than usual and end up going to the washroom more often, she has to comment on that too. She’s so serious and upright. People who don’t know might think that she’s the one who started the company.”

  “Aiyo, maybe she really wants to turn the company into her family’s business?” Another person couldn’t help but laugh. He also lowered his voice and said, “Who doesn’t know her intentions towards the CEO?!”

  “Wang Wen is indeed good-looking, but our CEO doesn’t like her type.” The secretary pouted and said, “Mrs. Ji is much prettier than her. She is capable and kind. If I had to choose, I would choose Mrs. Ji, not Wang Wen!”


  At this moment, a stack of documents was thrown on the desk in front of the secretary.