Chapter 256 - I Don’t Want to Know
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  Wang Wen looked at Ji Yan with faint admiration in her eyes. She took the initiative to step forward and volunteered, “CEO Ji, I can handle such a small matter. Don’t worry, I will definitely cut the fruit properly.”

  Wang Wen’s excessive enthusiasm finally attracted Shen Hanxing’s attention. She was originally focused on preparing for the entrance examinations tomorrow, but this woman……

  “I can do it myself.” Ji Yan avoided her hand without hesitation and said in a deep voice, “Step back.”

  As she was explicitly rejected, Wang Wen could only bite her lips and step back.

  Ji Yan set up a fruit plate and brewed tea. He personally brought it to Shen Hanxing’s hand. “My wife, eat and drink this first.” His expression was gentle as he patiently instructed, “After I finish my work, I’ll bring you down to eat.”

  Shen Hanxing nodded. At this moment, she clearly felt a sharp gaze on her hand, as if she had done something extremely evil.

  Shen Hanxing met the gaze and looked over. Wang Wen did not avoid it and looked at Shen Hanxing with hostility in her eyes. Shen Hanxing paused for a moment as interest flashed in her eyes. She deliberately held Ji Yan’s hand and said in a reluctant manner, “Then don’t be busy for too long.”

  Shen Hanxing was not old, to begin with, and now that she was wearing Si Cheng High School’s uniform, she looked even more youthful. She raised her beautiful face, and her eyes glistened. Her voice was warm, clear, and sweet, exuding an unquenchable sweetness. She acted coquettishly like a child.

  Ji Yan’s adam’s apple bobbed. He raised his hand to loosen his tie and replied softly, “Okay.”

  Wang Wen was a typical strong woman. When it came to work, she became sharp and steady. It was precisely because of this that Ji Yan promoted her to the position of the secretary-general and worked together with her for many years. The two of them worked together long enough to have a tacit understanding.

  After she finished dealing with work matters, Wang Wen did not stay long. “CEO Ji, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to work.” Other than revealing some emotions when she first entered the room, Wang Wen looked the same as usual.

  Ji Yan raised his hand and said, “Wait a moment, I forgot to introduce you. This is my wife……”

  “CEO Ji,” Wang Wen interrupted Ji Yan without hesitation. She said expressionlessly, “I entered the Ji Corporation to show my worth. I’m here to work, not here to get to know others.” After she finished speaking, she glanced at the high school textbook in Shen Hanxing’s hands. Her eyes revealed a hint of contempt. She continued, “I think my work here is done. May I leave now?”

  Ji Yan’s gaze suddenly turned cold.

  Shen Hanxing was his wife. He did not like others to look down on her or even ignore her. However, Wang Wen did not back down. She stood straight and looked at Ji Yan, expressing her attitude.

  “Mr. Ji, this secretary-general of yours has quite a personality.” Shen Hanxing could not help but chuckle. Everyone had their own personality. Shen Hanxing was not unreasonable enough to ask everyone to like her. Wang Wen was much better than those socialites who only knew how to rely on men to survive. She could still argue with her boss whom she adored.

  Thinking of this, Shen Hanxing waved her hand. She said, “I’m here to read a book. I don’t want to affect your work. Secretary-general Wang is right. She’s here to work in the company, not to greet me. She doesn’t need to know me.”

  Wang Wen looked at Shen Hanxing in surprise, as if she hadn’t expected Shen Hanxing to say such a thing. However, she didn’t say anything. After receiving Ji Yan’s nod, she left.

  Shen Hanxing didn’t take this small interlude to heart. However, when she came out of the bathroom and saw the serious figure waiting not far away, she raised her eyebrows.

  “Mrs. Ji,” Wang Wen looked at her expressionlessly. “Would you mind having a chat?”

  Shen Hanxing smiled, “I thought you didn’t like to waste your working time. After all, you are a very principled person, Secretary-general Wang.”

  Wang Wen raised her watch to take a look and said, “The lunchtime for the Ji Corporation is 11:30. It’s now 11:25. I’ll make up for the five minutes I’ve wasted by going to work five minutes earlier in the afternoon.”

  This woman was really rigid.

  Shen Hanxing shrugged and took the initiative to take her to a quiet corner. She asked, “Tell me, what does Secretary-general Wang want to talk to me about?”

  “Mrs. Ji, you’re CEO Ji’s wife. I have to say something.” Wang Wen adjusted the glasses on her nose. Then, she said with some dissatisfaction, “A person like CEO Ji has to do great things. Do you know what kind of legend he has created in the business world? Do you know how great CEO Ji is?”