Chapter 253 - The Guest Room Is the Most Suitable
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  Even if Shen Yong wanted to reconcile with his child, he still had to reprimand the child and point out the child’s shortcomings to establish his authority as a father.

  Shen Sisi lowered her head in anger and replied softly, “Yes, Daddy, I know I was wrong. My room……” she closed her eyes fiercely, her heart hurt so much that it was almost numb. “I’ll just give it up.” Even if she got the room back after Shen Hanxing had used it, she would not want it anymore.

  “That’s Daddy’s good daughter.” Shen Yong finally revealed a smile, he said with satisfaction, “Haven’t you always wanted to change the style of your room? After your sister leaves, you should also redecorate your room. You can make it into whatever you want, okay?”

  “Thank you, Daddy,” Shen Sisi forced a smile and nodded obediently.

  “I don’t have any objections to giving up Sisi’s room to Hanxing.” Seeing that Shen Yong had calmed down, Qiao Wei frowned and said in a worried manner, “It’s just that…… Hanxing might not bring Mr. Ji to spend the night at our house, right?”

  Hearing this, Shen Yong’s expression instantly froze. How could he not know that he had completely ignored Shen Hanxing previously and hurt Shen Hanxing? It was impossible for him to cajole her back so easily. But……

  “Regardless of whether he is staying or not, I have to make preparations first.” Shen Yong calculated inwardly. Even if Shen Hanxing would not be staying in the room, he would still have to let her bring Ji Yan upstairs to take a look. In any case, Shen Yong had to show his good attitude towards her. Shen Hanxing had come to look for him a few times in the past. This proved that Shen Hanxing still wanted him as her father. As long as he had a good attitude, he would be able to coax her back.

  “You’re right.” Qiao Wei nodded slowly. Then, she helplessly said, “It’s just that I still feel a little uneasy. Of course, it’s not that I, as a stepmother, have any bad intentions. It’s just that Hanxing, this child, doesn’t have a good personality. She loves to hold grudges. I’m afraid that not only will she not think well of you as her father, but she will also gossip in front of Mr. Ji…… After all, some people are cold-hearted and heartless. No matter how hard I try to melt that cold heart, it’s impossible.”

  After Qiao Wei finished speaking, she seemed to have noticed that she had made a slip of the tongue so she lightly slapped her mouth twice. Then, she said, “Aiya, look at what I’m saying. After all, you’re Hanxing’s biological father and she’s the eldest daughter of the Shen family. Why would she do something to harm the Shen family!” She acted as though she unintentionally said these words without thinking. However, Shen Yong furrowed his brows deeply, and a deep thought flashed across his eyes.

  Qiao Wei’s description made Shen Yong involuntarily think of Shen Hanxing’s mother. The two of them had clearly fought together and started from nothing until they were worth over a million and even tens of millions. He had only made a mistake that every man would make, he only found another woman outside. However, Shen Hanxing’s mother refused to forgive him no matter what. In the end, her depressed self died not long after giving birth to Shen Hanxing. During that period, no matter how Shen Yong apologized, Shen Hanxing’s mother refused to see him. This was also the reason why he married Qiao Wei in a fit of anger less than seven days after Shen Hanxing’s mother died.

  ‘Shen Hanxing’s personality was very similar to her mother’s. If……’ Shen Yong’s face instantly darkened, and ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. If that was really the case, Shen Hanxing marrying into the Ji family would not bring him any benefits. Instead, it would bring him a lot of trouble.

  “Forget it. She’s just coming home to eat and stay for a couple of days. There’s no need to go through so much trouble.” Shen Yong frowned, he said distractedly, “When the time comes, just clean up a guest room. She’s a daughter who is married now. How can she be bigger than a father like me?”

  A smug smile flashed across Qiao Wei’s eyes. She pretended to be surprised and said, “No need for Sisi to give up the room? Won’t it be a little unacceptable?”

  “What’s unacceptable about it!” Shen Yong was very worried, his tone was also not good as he said, “Who does she think she is? Isn’t she just going back to her maiden home? Does she still need us to provide for her? Don’t worry about it. When the time comes, clean up the guest room. As the old saying goes, the daughter who marries out is no longer part of the family. It’s just right for her to stay in the guest room!”

  “Okay, then I’ll listen to you.” Qiao Wei acted as if Shen Yong was in charge of everything. She nodded obediently and said, “Then I’ll go home and get someone to prepare the room.”

  “I still have some matters to attend to at the company.” After saying that, Shen Yong got into the car and drove away.

  They had already informed the chauffeur at home to pick them up, so Qiao Wei and Shen Sisi didn’t have any thoughts about Shen Yong driving away on his own. They stood at the school gate and waited for the chauffeur to come over.

  Shen Sisi looked at her mother with a face full of admiration. She held Qiao Wei’s hand and praised, “Mommy, you’re the best! With just a few words, you made Daddy change his mind.”