Chapter 252 - Even If She Died, She Would Not Be Willing to Do So
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  Her wet dress was still stuck to her leg. She could even smell the faint smell of urine on her body. She had shed too many tears today, and her eyes were a little dry. Her face was especially tense in the cold wind. She had been through so much humiliation today, and she did not know how to face her classmates tomorrow. Her biological father did not even comfort her and even forced her to give up her room!

  “I’m not willing, even if I die, I will not do it!” Shen Sisi screamed, “You’re not my father, I don’t have a father like you!”

  Anger bubbled from the bottom of Shen Yong’s heart.


  He suddenly raised his hand and slapped Shen Sisi.

  He said menacingly, “B*stard, you dare to talk back to me?!”

  Shen Yong was furious. He glared at Shen Sisi and berated her, “I spent so much money to raise you, you shouldn’t go against me!”

  “You hit me? You hit me because of Shen Hanxing?!” Shen Sisi covered her face in disbelief. Compared to the pain in her heart, the pain on her face was not worth mentioning. It was the first time that she felt so clearly how terrifying Shen Hanxing was. Shen Hanxing seemed to be silently taking away everything that she had bit by bit. She was even taking away Shen Sisi’s glorious future.

  No, it shouldn’t be like this! When did all of this start to change?

  Shen Sisi’s face was full of tears. She clenched her hands in vain, it was as though something she couldn’t hold on to was slowly leaving her.

  “Sisi, what’s wrong with you? How can you talk to your father like this?” Qiao Wei was anxious. She hurriedly grabbed Shen Sisi and gave her a look. She said, “What did Mommy teach you? Daddy worked hard to raise you up. You should be filial to your him, not talk back to him, understand? Hurry up and apologize to your father!”

  “I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong!” Shen Sisi cried hysterically, “What did I do wrong? I just don’t want to give up the room to Shen Hanxing. Am I wrong? That room was originally mine!”

  “You don’t know how to repent!” Initially, Shen Yong still felt some regret after beating up his daughter whom he had loved dearly for many years. However, when he saw Shen Sisi’s expression, the anger in his heart grew even more. He cursed, “What do you mean by ‘yours’? What didn’t I give you? Even your life was given to you by me! If I didn’t want to care about you, you would have already gone to sleep on the streets!”

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  When she heard Shen Yong’s unrestrained scolding, Qiao Wei’s eyes flashed with a hint of forbearance. On the surface, she still held Shen Sisi’s hand gently and advised, “Sisi, you can’t do this. Quickly apologize to your father.” Her expression was serious, and there was a hint of warning in her eyes. She desperately gave Shen Sisi a look.

  “Mom……” Shen Sisi was too wronged. What right did Shen Hanxing have? Shen Hanxing talked back to her elders once and even hit her and her mother. Not only did her father not break off relations with Shen Hanxing, he even coaxed her to go home and even wanted to prepare the best room for her. And Shen Sisi just didn’t want to give up her own room, yet her father hit her……

  “Sisi, think about what Mommy taught you.” Qiao Wei firmly held Shen Sisi’s hand and said softly, “Listen to me. Quickly apologize to your father.”

  Shen Yong’s assets were all his pre-marital assets. Qiao Wei and Shen Sisi were able to live their current lifestyle because of Shen Yong. If they wanted to live well and obtain the assets under Shen Yong’s name, they had to endure it.

  Thinking of Qiao Wei’s usual teachings, Shen Sisi bit her lip and lowered her head to cover her eyes full of reluctance. Then, she softly said, “I’m sorry, Daddy. I was too impulsive just now. I just liked my room too much because……” she sobbed, there was a hint of sobs in her voice. “Because Daddy and Mommy helped me slowly renovate that room. It was filled with gifts that Daddy gave to me. I just couldn’t bear to give it up to someone else……” she began to cry in a low voice, there was a hint of grievance in her voice. Without the terrifying hysteria and madness that she exhibited earlier, she looked especially pitiful as she cried silently.

  Seeing this, the anger in Shen Yong’s heart also dissipated a little. It was rare for him to feel a little guilty. He had not controlled his temper properly just now and had even hit Shen Sisi……

  Shen Yong sighed softly. He frowned and said, “You can buy the things in there again. Moreover, I only want you to move out of that room temporarily. It’s not like I’m not returning it to you. Why are you throwing a tantrum about this? It’s going to be your 20th birthday in a few months. You’re already an adult, yet you’re still throwing a tantrum here. Are you acting like an ignorant child?”

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