Chapter 108: I will respect you, love you and listen to you in the following days, just like what I
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  The ghost cultivator was a hard process. It meant that a ghost should came back to the three divisions of the world from the ghost realm which was situated in the crevice of the three divisions. It was totally against the rule of the six paths of reincarnation. As soon as it was sensed by the god, punishment would definitely come soon. That was why people called it barrier crossing.

  Only after passing the barrier and the god failed to destroy the person’s life could the person survive in the world. The Devil Queen had been hiding in the ring for a long time and now she finally showed up. The thunder disaster was created naturally as the god had sensed her existence.

  The thunder clouds gathered above them and it didn’t take a long time for them to cover the whole sky. Everything was plunged into darkness. The dark purple lightning looked more like a huge dragon which was breathing heavily. Great sound was made as the lighting passed through the sky and it was obviously dangerous. Anyone trying to change the target of the disaster would double its destructive force according to the person whose spirit level was the highest. The Devil Lord was at his period of barrier crossing. He knew that his body was too weak to suffer the damage, so he kept looking for new bodies. But now he was lost in astonishment as the sky had become rather unusual. No one could get a chance to hide in front of the thunder disaster since life was so weak in such a condition. As for the Devil Lord, he just had an ordinary body so he would definitely die.

  "What an evil woman you are!" the Devil Lord stopped as he found the thunder wind closer and closer to his head. He then began realizing that there was no way for him to escape now.

  Hearing his words, the Devil Queen cast a glance at the Devil Lord with scorn. She even bothered to refute him.

  Giant bolts of electricity shot down from the sky. The Devil Lord tried to summon some magic weapons to resist but his devil consciousness was tightly entangled by the Devil Queen. He saw another thunder coming towards him but he had to suffer it.

  Gu Yunjin, who was hiding in a distance, slowly closed his eyes and tightly clenched his fists. There were so many ways to revenge but his mother chose the most miserable way. Now she was destroyed with his father. They could never come to the world again as their souls had completely disappeared.

  Everything was burned down and lied in ruins. As the high mountains were damaged by the thunder and no breath of those two people could be found, Gu Yunjin took out a contact stone and announced in a low tone, "Destroy the devil palace!"

  People in the Ronggu Mountain saw the clouds of the disaster too. At this moment, Mu Chen and Gu Yunjue had put on their wedding dresses. They stood in the air and overlooked the palace that the disaster just happened.

  "Is there any friar who was crossing his barrier?" questioned Mu Chen curiously.

  "Gu Yunjue slightly smiled and replied, "Maybe. There might be someone who lives in these mountains and has no interest in knowing things that happen in the outside world. That also makes sense."

  "But why did you have such an expression in your eyes just now?" Mu Chen didn’t believe his words. He grasped the red robe on his body, warning Gu Yunjue that he would take it off and refuse to marry him if he didn’t gave him a reasonable answer.

  "Well……" Gu Yunjue reluctantly got close to Mu Chen and said in a small tone, "I just learn a lesson. Principle is always principle. No matter how powerful a spirit is, it couldn’t change its principle."

  Mu Chen wondered his words in his mind for a while but he still couldn’t got his idea clearly.

  Gu Yunjue didn’t want Mu Chen to think too much in his mind. He got close to Mu Chen and held him by his waist. Pulling Mu Chen into his arms, he covered Mu Chen’s face with his sleeve and said in a domineering voice, "No one else can see your face!"

  Mu Chen got speechless, knitting his eyebrows. He never thought that Gu Yunjue could be so childish!

  Ronggu Mountain was a secret place in other people’s eyes. It was situated at the south of the devil realm and its financial capability was incomparable. They always hoped that they could got a chance to make friends with Gu Yunjue. As soon as they knew that his wedding ceremony was going to be held, all of them sent their regards and gathered at Ronggu Mountain to attend the ceremony.

  Mu Chen had said that he wanted to keep it simple. So Gu Yunjue took some measures to avoid the guests from interrupting him. Before the beginning of the matching ceremony, orders had been announced in advance that only close relatives and friends could came in and the others were supposed to stay outside.

  The guest had no objection as they didn’t really want to know what Gu Yunjue looked like or who was the man that made a match with him.

  All people presented here were subordinates of Gu Yunjue and Mu Chen had seen many of them before. They had concluded a contact a long time ago but they hadn’t bow to the heaven and the earth to pray for blessing. They just wanted to complete the process this time. But Mu Chen didn’t have any special feeling. Actually, it was just an ordinary day for him.

  Mu Chen’s sleeve was seized when he took several steps forward. As he turned around, he found that the person stood beside him behaved like a shy girl. Gu Yunjue looked so cute now, which made Mu Chen felt pretty comfortable in his heart. He seized Gu Yunjue’s hand in turn and winked asking, "What’s wrong?"

  Gu Yunjue moved his hand, smiled to Mu Chen with narrowed eyes replying, "I’m a bit nervous."

  "Mu Chen turned his head and glanced at his apprentice who was taller than him now. Then he raised his chin and then said in a domineering tone, "I’m here with you. Don’t be afraid." Mu Chen felt so proud of himself at the moment. After today, everyone would know that his little apprentice belonged to him. He raised Gu Yunjue up and he was his in the end. No one could take him away.

  Gu Yunjue’s eyes were filled with happiness and he submissively uttered, "Master, you are the kindest in the world!"

  "Of course!" Mu Chen gave a response and walked past the red carpet, holding Gu Yunjue’s hand. As they arrived, Mu Chen’s gaze swept rapidly around at the audience hall with a powerful atmosphere around him. His stupid apprentice would feel afraid sometimes and he still needed to rely on his master at that moment. It was just a simple ceremony. There was nothing to be afraid at all!

  Chen Mo, who was standing nearby, touched his forehead when he saw Mu Chen approaching. He really wanted to kick Mu Chen for his stupid behaviour. This silly guy behaved like he was taking a wife. He was in devil realm now and he was the one who was taken. Why did Mu Chen acted so cooperatively? Was he afraid that someone hadn’t known how much he wanted to get married with Gu Yunjue?

  These people around them felt surprised about their relationship as they saw the condition. They were really not sure about who was actually the bridegroom now.

  This kind of thought made people stare at them with a kind of subtle eyes. Meanwhile, a sharp eyesight went through the crowd. It was full of murderous atmosphere. All people felt like they were going to be hurt by a knife. There was no doubt that this eyesight was much more dangerous than that of Mu Chen’s.

  Being aware the danger in Gu Yunjue’s eyes, those people who had the feeling immediately lowered their head and dared not have any other distracting thoughts.

  They simply thought that this might be the so called spice of life. Then it suddenly occurred to them that maybe those immortals just like this kind of things. But wasn’t it better to be as direct as people in devil realm? Anyway, people always said that these immortals were proud, so that also made sense.

  The ceremony finished soon.

  Mu Chen held Gu Yunjue’s hand and gradually fell into a trance. It was a totally different feeling to make companions in public, compared with making a contrast themselves.

  Mu Chen was not a person who enjoyed bustling occasions. But now things seemed to be different. The smiling faces and congratulations made him have a feeling of security in a short time. What was the supreme god? It was nothing. Only people were truly existing in the world.

  They didn’t need the principle of the world to witness their marriage. Only these congratulations could let him get the feeling of safety.

  From now on the man who was standing by his side would belong to him only. They would live together and die together. Nothing could separate them no matter it was immortal, devil or even god. All people here witness the whole process.

  "Qingxing……" The affectionate voice made Mu Chen get out from his thought. He then found that his palm had been covered with sweat. Mu Chen didn’t want to think about the reason. He raised his eyebrows and corrected Gu Yunjue saying, "Call me master!"

  He would let Gu Yunjue have the thought that he would have an equal position with him after he became his companion. Master should always be the master and apprentice could only be apprentice. As his apprentice, Gu Yunjue should follow his words all the time. And it couldn’t be changed even so many years had passed.

  "Qingxing," Gu Yunjue called him again. Fixing his eyes on the corner of Mu Chen’s gentle eyes, Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen’s face with his hands and then kissed his eyes. His slow voice gradually got more affectionate. Ever sentence that he said went deep into Mu Chen’s heart. "I will respect you, love you and listen to you in the following days, just like what I do now. I will never betray you and your words are the principle of my life."

  "Mu Chen opened his eyes wide and his face glowed with shyness in a sudden. How could Gu Yunjue say such shameless words in public? He had never taught him to say these barefaced words!

  "You……" Mu Chen paused for a while. Seeing the serious eyes stopped him from saying anything harsh. His mind got totally blank and knew nothing about how to respond. Eventually, he gazed at the expecting eyes of Gu Yunjue and replied, "Call me master!"

  These cold three words directly broke the ambiguous atmosphere and Gu Yunjue couldn’t help burst out laughing. He already knew that he should never hope that Mu Chen would get moved and happily hold him tightly. His little master was really excellent at making awkward silence.

  As he finished his words, Mu Chen also felt he was really a bit disappointing, so he decided to say something to comfort his little apprentice’s broken heart. He patted on Gu Yunjue’s head and slightly added, "That all depends on how you act towards me."

  Gu Yunjue’s face got bright. He quickly held Mu Chen’s waist tightly and kissed him. Before Mu Chen could make a reaction, Gu Yunjue had taken him away.

  Jing Ting, who was standing at the perimeter, tried going forward to say something to them. But he quickly found that they had gone away. He knitted his eyebrows and then stopped. Finally, he didn’t say anything, turning around and leaving the hall.