Chapter 109: I will respect you, love you and listen to you in the following days, just like what I
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  Seeing that, Chen Mo shook his head. He suddenly felt that sometimes fate was not so reliable. Efforts might be the most important thing in a relationship. If a person fell in love with someone, he should let his beloved know his feeling instead of keeping silent. Because he just stood behind his beloved quietly, he would only see his beloved gradually going away. Everyone should run their relationships seriously, because once two people missed each other, their relationship would stop forever.

  Bai Yi noticed Chen Mo stand there, shaking his head. He just planned to walk to him and ask him when he will pay back the money. If Chen Mo was not able to pay back the money, then he would ask him to pay the interest first. At this moment, Lan Moli who was in charge of information suddenly got close to him saying with a smile on his face, "New information was sent now. Are you free to listen to it, my Lord?"

  Lan Moli wore a light yellow female dress and behaved so effeminately. A gust of fragrant wind came along with him, which made Bai Yi felt sick. He quickly took one step backwards and warned, "Stand normally before you speak!"

  Lan Moli pinched the handkerchief with his fingers and uttered in a bashful way, "Gu Yunjin sent his people to damage the devil palace. All the Devil Lord’s former subordinates have been killed and the devil realm will be divided into two parts soon. I’m afraid that we will be encroached sooner or later if we kept staying here alone. So did we need to inform our Pavilion Master and ask him if we need to take part in?"

  It was definitely a serious topic but it sounded so abnormal when Lan Moli spoke it out.

  Bai Yi waved his hand and replied coldly, "You can go to ask him if you want. I will send someone to bury your body."

  Lan Moli’s body trembled a bit. He stopped disgusting him on purpose and walked away with his skirt in his hands. It was obvious that their Pavilion Master was so happy now. If he dared to ruin his day, he would definitely be severely punished even though he was not killed in the end. Lan Moli believed that he was as weak as a girl, so he wouldn’t head for death.

  When he got out of the door, Lan Moli happened to walked past Chen Mo. He suddenly stopped stepping forward, quickly raised Chen Mo’s chin. Then he winked and asked in an ambiguous tone, "Little brother, would you like go to have a drink with me?"

  Chen Mo’s lips moved and he directly refused, "No!"

  "Wow, why are you so cold……"

  "Get out of here!" Bai Yi pushed Lan Moli away with one palm and said to Chen Mo, "Just beat him if he makes trouble again next time. You don’t need to be too polite."

  A smile appeared on Chen Mo’s face. Then he said gently, "He just made a joke to me. You don’t need to be so serious."

  Bai Yi nodded and replied, "You are right. But when will you pay back my money? If you don’t do that, you have to sigh the body contract."

  Chen Mo got speechless.

  He was just a young master who only desired to enjoy simple and free life. He had no idea how to deal with such a man who was proficient in calculation and earning money. They was no doubt that the vice master of devil realm was smart. Chen Mo didn’t know when he got into such a great debt. And as the interest accumulated, it seemed that there was no end at all even though he had given so much money to his creditor. Chen Mo was so confused about what to do next.

  Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen in his arms and took him back to the Yanyang Palace. Mu Chen had no chance to refuse when he was put on the seat beside a table. Gu Yunjue gave him a jade cup. The pleasant smell of the wine made Mu Chen paused for a while, then he averted his eyes to Gu Yunjue.

  "Cross-cupped wine," said Gu Yunjue with a smile. Then he poked at Mu Chen’s nose with the top of his finger which had touched the wine. He couldn’t help doing that as he saw Mu Chen staying still.

  Mu Chen’s ears had gotten red after hearing his words. He cast a glance at Gu Yunjue’s eyes which looked so aggressive. Then he subconsciously averted his eyes from him.

  The Yanyang Palace had been rearranged. Mu Chen looked up and found that all the things here were auspicious red. Behind the bead curtain was the bed, and the red bed cover looked extremely ambiguous under the light of moon lamp. Mu Chen felt like his eyes were hurt by the strong color. He quickly withdraw his eyesight but he looked into Gu Yunjue’s eyes again.

  Mu Chen’s fingers which were holding the wine cup trembled. He simply had a kind of thought that Gu Yunjue had been saving his strength for many days and he would exert all his strength after drinking the wine. Mu Chen felt so nervous as he had realized that he couldn’t control Gu Yunjue now.

  "Well." Seeing that Mu Chen kept hesitating, Gu Yunjue discontentedly held his hand and drank it down with one draught. Mu Chen opened his eyes wide. Before he could ask any questions, Gu Yunjue quickly got close to his chin, which made his body bend back subconsciously and made his neck into a beautiful radian. Mu Chen’s mind was still blank when Gu Yunjue approached him and kissed him with a strong smell of spirit. Then the wine flowed into his mouth and quickly fell down through his throat, which made Mu Chen feel burning.

  "Master, you are to slow, it would be faster in this way." Gu Yunjue raised his head and saw a drop of wine passed Mu Chen’s chin as well as his white neck, and finally got to his clavicle. The red robe covered his body and his white skin had turned to be a bit pink now. Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and his lust eventually got out of control. He held Mu Chen’s head and then kissed him.

  In such a gesture, Mu Chen could only held Gu Yunjue’s shoulder. As Gu Yunjue kissed him more fiercely, even his bone joints got white. His body got hotter and hotter and he couldn’t control it at all. His cold eyes were gradually filled with lust and his red robe made him look more gorgeous.

  Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen’s belt with his hand. He did it himself so he certainly knew how to untie it easily. As he drew the belt, Mu Chen’s clothes scattered in a sudden. The white underwear as well as his trembling body then appeared. Gu Yunjue smiled and touched Mu Chen’s nose. Then he picked him up and put him down on the bed next second.

  With the cover of the red bed curtains, the space suddenly got smaller. Mu Chen had to pay all his attention to the man in front of him. Gu Yunjue’s eyes showed that he was so possessive about him. Mu Chen didn’t feel annoyed at the eyesight. Instead, he was even a bit pleased for that.

  When Gu Yunjue looked at the others, he would put a smile on his face. However, he was just indifferent in his heart. He would be like this only when he stared at him. Mu Chen pursed his lips and held Gu Yunjue’s pretty face. Then he kissed his lips slightly like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

  The simple action was just like a courage that made Gu Yunjue’s breath get hotter. He lowered his head and kissed him again as if he was kissing a precious treasure that he had tried hard to get. He was so gentle that he never imagined he could be like this one day.

  Gu Yunjue caught the top of Mu Chen’s Dongue and gently bit it. He stared at Mu Chen’s expression obsessively and slightly made a laugh with his nasal cavity.

  Mu Chen felt that his ears got numb because of the laugh. He quickly withdrew his Dongue to avoid the touch. He hadn’t thought that Gu Yunjue would follow him again and kissed him more fiercely. He kept kissing him and didn’t want to release him at all. He touched every space of his mouth with the familiar temperature, teasing Mu Chen’s nerve with great carnal desire.

  "Uh……" Mu Chen moaned in a small voice subconsciously. It was more like a groan which was made because he couldn’t stand the tease any more. Gu Yunjue quickened his pace after hearing the voice.

  After being tossing like this, Mu Chen had got a bit powerless. His underwear was loose, and his white chest was exposed. Under the delicate clavicle was a beautiful red bean, which stood straightly in the air. Gu Yunjue touched it and pinched it with the top of his fingers again and again. And Mu Chen began trembling because of what he did.

  "Don’t……don’t be naughty." Mu Chen shyly seized the hand which was moving on his chest. He cast a stern glance at Gu Yunjue but it was not powerful at all as his eyes were filled with lust. Instead, the glance looked more like an entice, which aroused all lust in Gu Yunjue’s heart.

  Gu Yunjue didn’t suppress his lust anymore. He directly tore down Mu Chen’s underwear and threw it aside. The sudden coldness made Mu Chen tremble. Then he saw a flash of spirit, after which Gu Yunjue’s clothes disappeared in a sudden. As the strong chest got close and they touched each other with their bodies, they got so thirsty to the warmth from each other. The strong happiness made Gu Yunjue sign in his heart.

  Gu Yunjue smiled and touched Mu Chen’s nose, smiled and asked, "Master, You just said ’naughty’. What do you refer to?"

  Mu Chen opened his mouth. But before he said anything, the big hand which was holding his waist moved downward and then the thing under his waist was suddenly held. "Is it this place?" asked Gu Yunjue with a grin on his face.

  Mu Chen pursed his lips, hesitated for a while and then pinched Gu Yunjue on his waist.

  Gu Yunjue was not fat at all and his body line was surprisingly beautiful. The tense muscles weren’t hard but they felt pretty comfortable. Mu Chen believed he should touch him back as he was touched by Gu Yunjue to keep his authority as a master. Otherwise Gu Yunjue might look him down.

  The muscle on Gu Yunjue’s waist got tense in a sudden. The fire in his eyes gradually got bigger and bigger. Gu Yunjue got close to Mu Chen and kissed him on his lips. At the same time, a red pill appeared in Gu Yunjue’s hand. He then quickly put it into the most attractive place of Mu Chen.

  The superior pill melt as soon as get into Mu Chen’s body, after which the place got quickly warm and wet. Mu Chen cried in surprise, holding Gu Yunjue’s shoulders. Before he could make a reaction had Gu Yunjue made half his way.

  "Ah……" All words were interrupted by the sudden pain. Mu Chen cried once because of the pain. Then he coyly bit Gu Yunjue on his lips, narrowing his eyebrows deeply. He couldn’t help paying all his attention to the place where they connected with each other. It got a bit hurt as well as numbing. It was so hot and it seemed that he was going to melt for it. Furthermore, he could even feel Gu Yunjue’s meridians slightly jumping in his body.

  "Does it hurt?" Gu Yunjue suppressed his movement. Though he had already got out of breath, he still restrained his desire. He licked the blood at the corner of his mouth, and then got close to Mu Chen’s pale lips and kissed him. "It’s always like this. Relax and look at me."

  Mu Chen opened his eyes which were filled with anger. When Gu Yunjue did that before, he would spend more time on foreplay and did it more carefully. But he was so hurried now!

  Noticing the blood at the corner of Gu Yunjue’s mouth, Mu Chen slowly winked. Since he felt that he had slowly adapted to the intrusion. He slowly raised his chin and bit the same place on Gu Yunjue’s lips which had been bit before. It was until he tasted the smell of blood that he released Gu Yunjue’s lips.

  "You……"Gu Yunjue gasped in shock. He couldn’t stand it anymore, moving forward and sticking in the deepest place. He tightly held Mu Chen’s hands, entwining his fingers with his, as if nothing could separate them. Gu Yunjue gradually quickened the movement of his waist. Gu Yunjue could see that the person under him lying on the bright red bed sheet and his beautiful eyes got a bit wet with sexual passion. Mu Chen are sensitive to his movement and trembled with it. Sometimes his expression would get blank, which made Gu Yunjue’s lust get stronger.

  Their ambiguous breath gradually intertwined with each other. Two perfect bodies were connected by the most original desire on the bright-coloured bed. They didn’t cultivate together. Instead, they simply feel their loves towards each other and kept doing it.