Chapter 107: It is said that you should wear red veil while we are getting married.
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  Mu Chen always kept reserved and wore white clothes. His face was cold all the time so the cold atmosphere was pretty easy to feel around him. He was as refined and noble as the unusual immortal, which made people feel that he must be hard to approach. Now Mu Chen was wearing a light red robe. It was so gorgeous that even his white skin looked much rosier. His eyes was filled with tenderness. His eye ends were prolonged with eye-shadow, which looked so attractive.

  Gu Yunjue got lost in the great contrast. At the first sight he saw Mu Chen, he couldn’t avert his eyes anymore. He failed to hide his aggressiveness in his narrowed eyes. Rolling his Adam’s apple unconsciously, his eyes was full of desire.

  Mu Chen felt uncomfortable and shy at the beginning. And he couldn’t help blushing when he heard Gu Yunjue’s words. He angrily gave a punch on Gu Yunjue’s chest and turned around as he didn’t want to see his eyes any more. Gu Yunjue’s intention was so obvious and Mu Chen knew clearly that his mind was filled with dirty things.

  Gu Yunjue immediately got close to Mu Chen and held him by his waist. Then he stepped forward and got to the bed, pinning Mu Chen down easily. Gu Yunjue held Mu Chen so tightly, giving him no chance to escape.

  As the ambiguous breath touched his ear, the wet and warm kisses fell on Mu Chen’s neck too. Gu Yunjue did it slowly on purpose and Mu Chen tilted his head to avoid his mischief, warning, "Don’t play trick on me!"

  Gu Yunjue frowned and kissed Mu Chen’s neck deliberately. And then he said in a fit of pique, "Mater, Let’s cancel the matching ceremony. Staying with you is good enough for me."

  Mu Chen looked at him curiously. His bad apprentice was always afraid that there might be someone who didn’t know their relationship in the world. He kept looking forward to the day for so long. Why did he change his mind in such a short time?

  "No one could see you in such a way except me." Gu Yunjue discontentedly got close to Mu Chen’s delicate earlobe and bit it slightly.

  Mu Chen’s body got stiff and his earlobe got red immediately. What a bad apprentice!

  "Do you want to wear a red veil?" Gu Yunjue suddenly came up with an idea and suggested.

  "Get down!" Mu Chen angrily held Gu Yunjue by his shoulder and hit him down the bed. ’Wear a red veil? Did this bad guy want to prepare a fire basket for me to pass over? Is he really thinking he is marrying a woman?" wondered Mu Chen in his mind.

  "Master, you looked more beautiful when you get angry."

  Gu Yunjue, who was hit by Mu Chen, got close to Mu Chen again. He looked more inspired and gave Mu Chen no chance to refuse him. He held Mu Chen tightly and wouldn’t let him go. Then he seriously uttered. "I have to repress myself and wait the end of the matching ceremony. We will miss our fortunate time if I start."

  Mu Chen got speechless again. He really regretted that he didn’t kill this bad gut at the beginning.

  The Devil Lord had been hurt and he subconsciously fled in the direction of the western wild land.

  The meridians inside his body had been injured too. Two different spirits clashed in every direction. The devil spirit was broiling and the Devil Lord felt that his meridians was going to be burned to ashes. However, the immortal spirit was freezing and pure. They kept rushing in his body with the powerful spirit of the sword. It was really hard to suppress them with his own power.

  Three hours passed. The Devil Lord could feel that his spirit was losing. He couldn’t stop it no matter how many pills he took. The Devil Lord stopped and lied on a tree. His skinny body was so weak and his breath was not smooth too. It sounded more like the sound of an old bellow, which made the Devil Lord look like a candle flickering in the wind —— old and ailing. It seemed that he would stop breathing next second.

  His white hair had lost its luster and his white skin got loose too. No lord’s demeanor could be found now and he was just a weak old man who had got one foot in the grave.

  With a white light in his hand, the Devil Lord used his left spirit to take out a young man from the magic field that he carried with him. He ignored the frightened look of the young man, he put one hand on his head and absorbed his vitality. His breath got normal until he killed more than ten people. But his face was still pale and bloodless.

  Standing in the air waiting for the Devil Lord for so long, the Devil Queen stared at her former husband with dark eyes. She could felt no warmth but hatred now.

  When the Devil Lord was able to speak, the Devil Queen took shape and appeared in front of him.

  "Hundreds of years had passed. You terrible appearance really make me sick."

  Hearing the words, the Devil Lord looked up in surprise. His pupils shrank in a sudden and then he uttered unbelievably, "You are…… That’s, that’s impossible!"

  "I’m really surprised that you still remember me." The Devil Queen fell on the ground and took a few steps forward. The lower hem of her gown moved with the passing wind, making loud sound. With the thick atmosphere of death around her body, she looked like a ghost who was eager to get a person’s life, getting close to the Devil Lord.

  "That’s impossible! Your soul have been broken into pieces. You have no chance to recover!" The Devil Lord couldn’t believe his eyes. The woman in front of had been at his side for more than one thousand years. She was his wife and he could figure it out at the first sight. He knew her style, and if she didn’t find that he raised Gu Yunjin as a container and tried stopping him, he would not kill her.

  Now seeing that the woman who was killed by him emerged in front of him when he was so weak, the first thought of the Devil Lord was to run away!

  "Hah-aha……" No one could tell whether the laugh of the woman was happy or sad. As she saw that her former husband was like this, she laughed and ran after him. She held him by his neck and tightly entangled him.

  "It has been hundreds of years since when we met each other last time. Shouldn’t we have a talk first? Where are you going now?"