Chapter 628 - You Might Hurt a Little
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  Jian Qi did not say anything. She kept her eyes closed and covered her stomach as if she was upset.

  Tang Jinyu looked at her pale lips. She seemed to be in pain.

  His frown deepened as he reached out to carry her.

  Qi Mo couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. She was so skilled!

  In fact, Jian Qi could still endure the pain in her stomach. After all, it was nothing compared to being injured by bullets!

  It was rare for him to hug her like that. How could she open her eyes so foolishly?

  Tang Jinyu carried her and ran out of the bus station anxiously.

  Qi Mo followed him calmly.

  When the three of them arrived at the hospital, Tang Jinyu carried her and quickly went to the emergency room. He ordered Qi Mo, “Go and register. Hurry!”

  Qi Mo was speechless.

  Since when did he become an errand boy?

  Although he complained, Qi Mo cooperated and walked toward the registration area.

  After placing her on the bed, the doctor started his checkup. Tang Jinyu left the room.

  The moment the door was closed, Jian Qi opened her eyes and looked at the doctor.

  “What’s wrong?” The doctor asked gently.

  “I’m full. I ran too fast just now. It hurts!” Jian Qi said calmly as she looked at the closed door.

  The doctor pressed her stomach gently and asked if she was in pain.

  Jian Qi was confused. Wasn’t Tang Jinyu too fast?

  She had just gotten into the car when that person found her!

  It was strange!

  It was as if he knew where she was!

  Jian Qi thought about it and took out her phone.

  Before she could check it, she saw a mini locator attached to the camera!

  Jian Qi was speechless.

  When did he put it there? Why didn’t she know?

  Jian Qi admired Tang Jinyu’s ability.

  When the doctor saw that Jian Qi was daydreaming, he asked again, “Does it hurt here?”

  Jian Qi switched off her phone. Then, she took off the locator and put it on the bed. She looked at the doctor strangely and said softly, “It might hurt a little……”

  The doctor frowned. Was this girl in pain?

  He was about to ask if she had a fever and give her a thermometer when he saw Jian Qi sitting up. Then, she reached out and hit him.

  The doctor rolled his eyes and fell onto the bed.

  Jian Qi jumped off the bed and put the doctor on the bed. Then, she pulled the blanket over him and walked toward the window.

  On the second floor, Jian Qi opened the window and jumped down. She landed on the ground quickly.

  Without looking back, she ran away and hailed a taxi.

  Tang Jinyu waited for a long time. Qi Mo had already walked over with the report. When he saw Tang Jinyu standing there, he asked curiously, “Aren’t you done?”

  Tang Jinyu quickly reacted.

  He was worried!

  Tang Jinyu suddenly thought of something. He knocked on the door, but there was no sound.

  In the end, he lifted his leg and kicked the door open.

  Tang Jinyu walked over and lifted the blanket.

  It was the doctor!

  He put his hand under the doctor’s nose to make sure that he was only unconscious.

  Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened. He took out his phone. The location was still in the room.